• Holiday Extravaganza

Holiday Extravaganza

Scream Team! 

If you’ve been with us in the past, you know what time of year it is….if you are new to the Scream Team well let me welcome you to the “Holiday Extravaganza” (That’s right HOLIDAY Extravaganza… suck it Trump!)  In the past we’ve done things with holiday lists and charities. This year I was thinking about what to do and reminiscing on holidays I had as a kid.  Being a child of divorced parents sometimes makes holidays stressful. Jumping back and forth between parents and it gets even more stressful when the parents aren’t getting along. Somehow my parents made the holidays enjoyable and not stressful. Every Xmas eve we would head to my dad’s. My brother and i would watch The Christmas Story, put out some cookies and milk and freak out with excitement anxiously waiting for (in our eyes) THE BIG DAY! 

Throughout my childhood Christmas morning started for my brother and I around 4am. I would awake to my brother David, who was always super giddy and full of energy, plopping a giant stocking on me. See Santa aka the fat man aka my dad (I know I know you are thinking Kim did you just call your dad “the fat man”? Yes! Yes I did. As I say from stage I am an honest bitch and my dad needs to go on a diet. So I am publicly going to blast him here! You can feel free to publicly blast my dad too! He needs to lose weight and this is for his own good!) 

So yes the fat man would hang stockings on our bedroom door. Inside these giant stockings were many tiny wrapped packages. We had a guessing game to figure out what each wrapped package was. He would always put in the regular stuff like Chapstick, candy, gum, and batteries. These were easy to guess. My favorite things were the  crazy artsy toys. I still don’t know where he found this stuff. David and I would open everything and play with our toys till we were allowed to wake my dad up. Usually around 6am. Then we would show him all the cool stuff we got in our stocking and he would act surprised!  

I think this is the one thing I miss the most during the holidays. As my brother and I got older…like late 20’s, we stopped doing stockings. We still spend Xmas at my dad’s house and I have an amazing day with my family so I can’t complain. So this year I want to share with you the excitement I felt as a kid and give you a giant stocking filled with many tiny wrapped packages! 

I’m also going to make it easy for you to be in the mix to get a stocking. Here’s how:

1) You should be signed up for the Scream Team. If you aren’t then go to  www.mattandkimmusic.com/matt-and-kim-scream-team/the-scream-team/

But I shouldn’t have to say that cause everyone is already part of the Scream Team…. right!

2) Create a DubSmash www.dubsmash.com to one of our songs. We’ve uploaded lots of our songs onto DubSmash and have a Matt and Kim Soundboard with them all in there.  Just do a search for #ScreamTeam.

3) Spread the video around via your social media accounts and include the hashtag #ScreamTeam — this is how we will search for the videos. 

4) We’ll randomly hook a bunch of you up with my special stockings.

Make sure you get your video up on or BEFORE December 12th. We’ll pick winners and the stockings will arrive in time for Xmas.

Hope you have a kick ass holiday!! 

Big hugs Kim