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#RelationshipGoals are on point!!

Scream Team!!!!!!
There are so many awesome letters about #RelationshipGoals I can’t believe how you all came in full force. Ther are so many inspiring relationships here. I wish we could publish all the letters because reading about all your relationships was so warming (is that the right word) I just felt happy these past few days and anytime matt walked past me I hugged him. So as usual I couldn’t pick just one. There were also some people with similar stories and please don’t get mad at me if I picked another one over you. It might have been that I read theirs first or they said something like they were dressed as Shaun of the dead for Halloween and that is my favorite movie!

I am blown away by all the different types of relationships our fans have. I am so happy that you have someone in your life to lean on or that can lean on you. So thank you so much for sharing these kick ass emails with me. I wanted to email everyone back but with how Alan sent me these messages that would have been really hard to do. My solution was writing out your name and a message below. It probably wont make any sense to you just reading them through but I wanted to make sure I responded to everyone! With that being said the people I picked are not on this list. Alan is going to reach out to you and we will figure out how to get you the shirts and get to taking some photos. I really hope I can share some of their emails cause they are awesome. Shit I really wish I could share all of your emails. Thank you so much for being involved with this! You guys fucking kick ass!!!

Big hugs kim

Thomas Gorgen – Loved the take out part. Matt and I know that oh so well!

Steve West – Pizza King and Qween (yeah I went there) 4 eva!

Bri Kizmann – A man who sees to your cravings is a keeper. Matt knows this by the amount of Jelly Bellys he gets me!

A. Schiecker – I doubt he thought it was a ugly/dorky stage

Stephanie Harlan – I like the idea of working toward individual goals to then work toward couples goals. A man that understand “you do you” sounds very supportive!

Cameron McKee – Man 6 years, that is putting in some work! The harder the work the better the play is what I like to think!

Tobi Foley – I like that you guys are still kicking it even though it’s long distance.

Chris Whitmore – Man I would love if matt and I fought crime together… maybe that is a video idea!

Fletcher Haverkamp – Did you know matt’s brothers name is fletcher?

Jjoinir- You guys could meet at a show in the middle!

Zaac Young- I love the term Brothers by bond! You have to print it on a shirt for him!

Shannon Mulligan- Keanu Reeves? Really? I am more a Channing Tatum type of girl.

Brittany Sorensen – When you find someone to go antiquing with you know that person is a keeper…. Well as long as they don’t like the exact same stuff as you and then it could turn into our Cameras video right in the middle of the store!

Austin Darmstadter – I love you are holding her up. Also that this is probably duringt he time that I ask people to get on shoulders so I also like the fact that you held her up for me!

RaeChani Wilson – That is right you play on skates against grown ass men… I call that being a BOSS!

Jessica Aragon – The “in the pants. Wink wink” part had me laughing out loud on this plane!

Larry Maday – Your story reminded me of how matt and I started… He too was very shy.

Andy Roque – That is right the non boring ones are the ones who will entertain you forever!

Brad Lake – I like that you were each others rocks when each of you needed it. Together you are a boulder!

Gianna Davis – You should always say Fuck Yeah to wings and congrats on the baby! Play some matt and kim in the direction of that belly!

Taylor Marin – I am trying to focus on the letter but I have so many questions… What are air plant holders and can you really have a hedgehog as a pet??? I am going to be thinking about this for awhile.

Laura Brooks – Do you and grant deal with the same problem matt and I do. When in a crowd and we get parted I can see him looking for me and I have to yell down here. You and I are the same height and grant is a bit taller than matt.

Robin Murena – I love the only speaking French to airport security. I hope that one day I am behind you in the security line… that would make the security line entertaining! Oh and I am dying to know what the local police wanted with you!

Catherine Dalton – I need to see this kitten and pizza shirt! I am intrigued!

Christoper Marrero – I have good feelings about this relationship… cause the first time I saw matt on campus I said I was going to fuck the shit out of him!

Nick Dempsey – My main question is do you listen to those records that you bought to impress her?

Lena Genovese – Is your babys name really Hells Bells? Also maybe you need to get a babysitter and have a parents night out! My goal is to get you drunk and make you party!!

Joe Barbuto – I bet your mom is a smart lady!

Adam Bell – Keep those family dance parties going! I wanna see a dance off to matt and kim! I bet the 2 year old has some sick moves!

Bridget Lynch – Always keep a guy who can bake… ALWAYS!

Cristina Casey – Have a kick ass honeymoon!!!!

Stacy McClelland – I like that you both had the goal to do better things and be better people than those around you. It is also to push to the other side when you have someone by your side with the same goals!

Sarah Dellett – I have a few sayings… those that dance together stay together. Those that crowd surf together stay together… and now because of your photo…. Those that moon together stay together.

Crysta Avila – Hell Yeah Fuck the rest! I back that!

Nikka Keivanfar – I like to think that all it took was an ass grab! Also keep a man who understands and supports coffee obsession (matt does too).

Meagan Cecilia – Sometimes you just need to find someone who will drag you in Kicking and Screaming! (I bet anyone else reading this is confused and slightly disturbed by this statement!)

Kali W – How crazy are you guys going to get at the Chicago show?

Jasmine Hernandez – I love that you guys bonded over us!

Quincey Gonzalez – That is so crazy that you were in the same class in high school and then you were went to the same college and ended up living in the same dorm. Well I do guess sometimes that year before college people really figure themselves out. I am happy you guys found each other. I call that shit fate and also easy access since his room was so close!

Shawnee Hill – I don’t think 6 months is quick to move in together. Sometimes you just know. Matt and I moved in together after 3 months of dating!

Lindy Vaught – I love the photo of you guys laughing together. Matt cracks me up all the time… I will say – and he will agree – he is funnier in the morning.

Elvis – I remember meeting you guys after the show in LA! I am so stoked you guys are still dating. Better see your asses next time we are in LA.

Catalina Montanez – I know you guys are good together cause if you can do that much work to a house – while living in it – and you haven’t killed each other yet then you are in it for the long haul!

Naomi Morgan – Hold up…. Do you really roll in glitter?????

Morgan Durfee – I just picture you guys old with hearing aides and still not being able to hear each other… oh yes the downfall of life at shows. Hey at least you will both need everything turned up super loud. Also I love the photo!!!!

Christine – I started getting sad when I you guys when to different places but I am happy you were brought back together.

Ashley Johnson- Isn’t crazy how often you can end up wearing the same thing as someone! Matt and I never realize it till its too late!

Cherish Lynn – It is so amazing that even though you were going through hard times your thoughts were to help Daniel out.

Eric Krane – Always stay true to the “never go to be angry”!

Courtney Kuhn – Have a kick ass wedding!!!

Platt Zolov – Fuck yeah! Congrats on 13 years together!!

Katie Woods – I love that you are going on a van trip. When matt and I first started touring many many years ago it was just the two of us in our green astro van. Have an amazing trip.

Daniel Gaglio – Should we do a #KimsDatingService for you?

Lexi rose – Wait do you guys still have those best friends? Also love the How I Met Your Mother reference! One of our favorite shows.

Britney Brickman – What was Alex’s call on bangs? Matt keeps some photos for me that he will bring out every time – and it is often – I think I should cut bangs.

Dahlia Ferrera – Of course friends count. It is just about having that special person and I am happy you have your “best friend” I put “best friend” cause you never told me her name!

Sara – Your wedding sounded awesome! So many great idea! I also loved your thoughts about every relationship being unique. I am definitely getting that after reading so many awesome letters! It makes you remember that there is awesome stuff out there in a world that seems to be having a lot of shitty stuff popping off lately!

Belen – I am dying to know what your Brooklyn Pizza spot is? Also hold up… FBI? So your man is a total bad ass.

Jessica Ross – I love that this started with purple hair accountant with a nose ring and then you went to you being a gingey IT analyst. Are you sure this isn’t the pilot to a sitcom? Id watch it!

Geoff Collins – Ducks are much cooler than chickens. We have chickens that live behind us and those fuckers are constantly waking me up. Oh and yes Chickens in brookyn.

Adam McCombes – I am so happy Alli is getting you out of your shell!

Maggie White – Your own goals is a thing to master first. Matt and I would never be where we are with each other if I met him 5 years earlier than I did. 5 years earlier I was a fucking shit show!

Valerie Zamora – Having someone who is optimistic is huge… add rocking bod to that and you have hit it big! I hope you told him that you said rocking bod. I bet that will make his day!

Laura Hoyer – In the hot dog photo it looks like you guys are eating a little man together!

Marco Crispin – Awww You wrote a poem about her! It took me years to get matt to write a song about me!

Rich – I love that we are apart of so many things you guys have done. I mean it is kind of like we are in a foursome! I am now on a mission to make a shirt your size!

Russell Chee – This has been a crazy experience. I am hearing so many awesome stories. Also we get to do this because of our fans… they are also part of Matt and kim. I know its fucking cheesy but it is true!

Jesse Villalbos – What area do you live in? I bet it is one of the 3 states in the US that we have yet to play.

Trish Harriosn – Damn girl 105? I am thinking 82. I made matt promise if we don’t die together then I get to die first.

Lauren Popp –Have an awesome wedding and I just know you are going to have an awesome honeymoon. Don’t forget spacers!

Jocelyn Newell – You met when you were 11 years old? That is crazy. I need to see a picture from then to now.

David Howe – I don’t think it is crazy… sometimes you just know!

Caitlin Rausch – I love your painting ways…. Very much like matt and i. I am always rushing to get an idea down and he will comb over it forever. But it is perfect for us. I speed him up and he slows me down.

Samantha – One of matt and I’s first dates was a trip to staten island on the ferry and then just randomly hoping on buses to see where we would end up. Mind you this is pre cell phones with maps. We need to re do that date again.

Jean – I love how you ended it with even if she infuriates me sometimes. That is real talk!

Sarah Eyk – Ok that is seriously crazy! Do you think if you didn’t go on that climb you guys would of met?

Brad Sinko – I like that she wakes you up to us. Matt always sleeps in and if I am downstairs I put music on the bedroom Sonos really loud. While I can’t see his reaction it amuses me a lot!!

Jenny Welshons – Do you ever let him sleep in? Damn girl how do you get him to wake up so early. I still haven’t figured that out with matt!

Gabriella Sarvis – I do agree if you are going to argue about something it’s got to be sandwiches. Don’t fuck around with sandwiches!!

Vic Chan – HOLD UP! 10-50 times in a session? No fucking way!

Will Johnson – That is amazing that you ran into her at another festival. I love when music brings people together.

Jazmine Ly – Oh I know you guys are going to make that long distance work. Just think about how you are going to meet in the middle when we play a show somewhere!

Brinnley Spencer – I love the idea of the pen pal thing. I really wanted to figure out a way to do it through Scream Team. I thought how awesome would it be if other scream team members connect. You must tell me how it worked out. Also relationship goals don’t have to be about people dating…. Its that person in your life who is your ride or die and helps make you a better person! Sounds like you found yours!

Luke Weber – Did you ever tell her you were going to take the offer of the ticket back?

Paola – I love that you guys are taking turns supporting each other. Matt and I did that before the band. When he graduated and couldn’t find a job right away I was like don’t worry…. I got this. Then when I wanted to work more on art and cut hours back at my job he was like. Its my turn now!

Vanessa Holman – Please give Brian a high five for me. I am sure that his job has to be hard and emotional and it is so amazing that he is there to treat those kids with care and respect. Also are you keeping true to sharing the remote?

Norman McKenney – That is amazing that you can sent this for your friends. Also it’s a good thing you like Jolisa cause you can fuck with friends who have been friends since the 8th grade!

Marisol Diaz – Hell yeah for getting into that pool on your bday!

Kathie Runkle – Ummm yes I would love to take you up on the Club RIsque offer! Can I ride that pole?

Beth Lindly – I want to know…. Were you bummed or happy with how Lost ended? Also did you tell Patrick you thought he looked like charile?

Nadia Taranda – Did they end up sending you the photo? If not ill kick their butt. I kind of think I remember who I had take the photo but then again I was wine drunk…

Mason J Magagna – Ok why did I not have a teacher like Dylan? Now I am very curious how many penis references are in Romeo and Juliet. Keep up the long distance!

Wendy DeMambro – The being able to celebrate the victories and deal with the shit together while at work is a huge thing! I love that when matt and I have a great show we are doing it together and yes sometimes there are not great shows…. We once had a show in London where honestly everything kept breaking. We barely made it through. The next day we just wandered London being totally bummed out… but we were bummed out together which made it a bit more easy to swallow.

Megan Katherine – How did you and Shelby go to elementary school but never talk?

Michelle Page – That is so awesome that Nate can calm you down when thing get hot! Whenever I am stressed I just smell matt and it seems to make me relax.

Tess Jordan – How did you not include a photo of you in a mascot uniform? Is that what you call it? I mean I guess it is considered a uniform. Also way to start off with the photo of the dogs. You know how to win me over! Oh and stand up comedians… obviously our friend Hannibal Burress. Also check out Demetri Martin!

Tim Deu – But do you like Natalie Portman or is that just who she is giving you permission to knock boots with?

Katie Brusker – A man that gets you out of TJ is a keeper. Also you guys should run in that race that we are playing in vegas!

Truman Duncan – Marvin is awesome!!! Can we hang out with him?

Samantha Mewis – See I think it is amazing that you guys can still have a strong relationship being so far apart. I bet that is a lot more work than matt and I always being together.

Gabe – I agree… when it doesn’t feel like work it means its something special! That also goes with anything in life.

Dawn Jones – That did get very heavy. I hope you are feeling happier and remember all the great times you had with your aunt. Keeping those memories active keeps that persons spirit around!

Jenny Yu – Have you and Christy crowd surfed together? If this hasn’t happened you need to wait to do it at one of our concerts!

Kristina Hemphill – That friend is the King or Queen of wing manning! That is amazing. Was it because you were nervous or did they just know you’d be a match? Mindy Fedas – I love the crane idea and that you guys are doing it together. Will you make me one?

EricaHausak – I like the part about the very loud and very distinct laughs. Matt calls mine “the squeaky wheel”!

Ella Reed – You know you are truly comfortable around someone when you can fart in front of them.

Brittany Anger – I can’t believe that you diagnosed yourself and had to bring that to the doctors. You have gone through so much at such a young age! What a fucking fighter you are!

Nikki Giffin- Have you sent the friends who convinced you otherwise a edible arrangement. Imagine if you didn’t follow through and just remained friends???

Andrew Alvarez – I am dying to know what “Mr Foolish” means?

Loren – That is amazing that you and Trisha took on the responsibility of your sister and brother. Such a awesome thing!!

Jolisa Tokar – Those dogs are so adorable…. Ireally hope that is your Christmas card!

Colleen O’Connor – Those shoebox NYC apartments really make or break a relationship right? Matt and I had an 8 foot wide railroad apartment for 8 years on Grand Street. Now we are in a much bigger spot and I miss the days of our office desks being the same desk!

Steve Pshenishny – can you send me a video of the intro at the dinner party? You guys got to drop it low for me!!

Jamie Dorman – I don’t find it weird at all.

Chelsey Swats – I back you on venomous snakes!

Ryanne Slavens – That is amazing that you went back to school and Matty Ice (yeah I had to) is supporting you. You have to do what you love!!

Rachel Crew – Always be adventurous!!!

Paul Sharp – OH man you need to cross streams next! Get her a “pee mate” Yes that is a real thing!

Christine Polito – In full secrecy I say CONGRATS and yes it needs to happen!!

Jarrod McGrath – HOLD UP…. You put on a rage playlist to do THAT??? Interesting….

Connor Matrka – I bet the after photos were just as hot!

Shoobs – The locking of enemies in the bathroom does crack me up!

Aarone – We have friends Andrew & Andrew… you need to look them up.

Kacey Perinelli – So true about the part you were meant to meet in order to complement each other. I like that outlook!

Robert Frey – Everyone needs to take on the phrase “I may not agree with you but I love you!”

Shelby Mongan – Tell Christopher we have something in common… the living muppet !

Kaitlin Peterson – You know its going to last when you can make that 8 hour distance work!

Alta Fox – I am so curious what your neighbors think. From Miley to Velociraptors!

Leann – From hate to love is an accomplishment…. But why did you both hate each other?

David – I am imagining your “moves” are a total dance off battle between you and a jerk at a party! How could Danielle not fall for that. … again this is what I imagine. Your moves could be totally different!

Anthony Buccella – I definitely think it was crowd surfing during our set at firefly that was what made you guys become a couple! DEFINITELY!

Alaetra Graves – Got to love the drummers!!!

Katie Reis – Tell josh that some of the first matt and kim songs were written on a ukulele.

Brendan Hayes – I need to teach him how to booty shake before we can get him on the crowd doing it. I’ll make it happen before we are in SF again!

Ashley DeFeo- How good are these wings that you drive two hours for them… which I guess means 4 hours total!

Alyssa Dowouis – Isn’t it crazy that sometimes it takes a horrible thing to happen to realize what a rock you have!

Devan Zegar – I call matt by his last name all the time too!

Sydney Lopez – I love the fact that your 5’1” self is kicking his ass in basketball… even if he is letting you win!

Vanessa Hogan – My question is did he buy you the tequila?

Douglas Higley – We are going to be in florida in November!

Dylan Russ – Wait you are scared of heights? Was this adventure your idea?

William Kreutzer – There should be a dating site that is all about being able to quote movies to each other. Half of matt and I’s jokes to each other are quoting movies or tv shows!

Sheryl McNeill – I didn’t get the May 4th thing right away… but weird fact… matt has never seen Star Wars. I think this year we are going to pop his cherry. The question is does he watch them in order they were released or new ones first?

Alexa LaParka – RIP Parks & Rec! I miss that show.

Amanda Walters – Fuck I am trying to remember where that show was.

Mercedes Marino – Oh man have a kick ass vacation in Peru! Tag me in one of your photos!

Kelly Leonard – I love that you attached the PS I adopted a dog! on that email and let me tell you Buddy is fucking adorable. I love that you guys look so stoked and he is just chillin!

Emily Elley – Girl I give you so much credit! Matt and I are traveling about 75% of the year and while that is hard on you I couldn’t imagine if one of us was home while the other one was on the road! Oh and is it karaoke guns and roses and is the shirtless dude in the back singing???

Michele – Thanks for saying you always read my emails. Sometimes our manager wants us to email more but I never want to bombard the scream team with emails.

Chris Stroh – So stoked you listened to us through the marathon. We will always have your back!

Mallory Mifflin – Obviously she said yes right… I mean who can turn down a heart shaped pizza!

Steve Kramer – I totally get it! Matt grew up around 3 cow pastures and I grew up in section 8 housing! The first time he took me to where he grew up I thought… Fuck if we weren’t dating I swear you were bringing me out here to kill me! We recorded our second album there and for excitement we had to drive a half hour to the grocery store… I went a little crazy!

Michelle – Six Years! It is about time you made that official.

Victoria – Sometimes you just need to find that person to point out the awesome things about you! Sounds like you found him!

Leah Levy – Ha ha ha Degrading a surface! I might need to convince matt to do this!

Kara Allard – I totally agree with the silly and serious… Yeah as you get older life becomes well more adult but you need to find that person who will make sure its fun!

Jordan Toon – What I realized in life is you can’t make everyone happy. You can try but I feel its imposible. With that being said I do think it is extremely important to be happy and I think you and kyler have made the right choice. Also I’m sorry I have to say this…always wear a helmet!!!

Kelsey Mchugh – That is so awesome you guys have rescued that many pets together!

Alex Constas – Ha ha ha! You have to watch the knees!

Rachel Bearinger – How did you not include a photo of the matching denim vests?

Karli Cooper – That is so crazy that you live on the same street! Total easy hangs!

Haley Sorensen – So my question is do you now play the games together or are you in separate spots even though you live in the same town?

Lynden Grothe – So now that he broke the brocade does this mean you jump on the couch with him to daylight or do you just keep it to the It’s Alright video? HA!

Nina DeSell – Aww this is so awesome! I am so excited for you on this next step of an empty house! You know its time to spice it up or at least walk around without pants on!

George Martinez – That is crazy that you guys had such a connection and interaction before actually meeting!

Claudia Green – You have to love a guy that stops to help a grandma!

Courtney Chittick – I am so happy you didn’t leave Snoop Dogg behind and I love that you call him snoop dogg. If we ever stop touring as much as we do we are going to get a dog and call her Shawty!

Jesse Terry – Ha! I like your idea of not stalking. Hey she should be stoked you are determined! Also love the couch photo… Nicolette looks like a boss!!!

Jessi Buehman – Sometimes you need to get that guy out of his antisocial shell. I did it with matt…. Can you believe matt use to be super shy!

Minnie – There are couples out there with similar stories and it bums me out that anyone would have to hide a relationship… sometimes I can’t understand why the world is so ass backwards. But I do feel like in times things will change and everyone excepting. That being said… you have to do things on your time and can’t rush it. In time you guys will be back together… I can feel it!!

Rae-Anne Spencer – Death by laughter is the best way to go! If you did make it to the Richmond show that was the first show I have ever made it through without saying anything … hmmm… vulgar. Hand gestures don’t count!

Blair Tuider – Ninjas? My brother had a ninja club as a kid and would never let me join… instead he kicked my ass but I think all that ass kicking made me tough!

Vanessa Anaya – It is really hard to find a sweet pair of oxfords. Now if I can only teach matt how to search out good shoe!

Rachel Shortt – Congrats!! You know I am dying to know how you asked her!!

McKenna Loop – So excited you are teaching her to skate! Matt and I use to skate together… I say use to cause now with the band we are both terrified that we are going to hurt ourselves and not be able to tour. You guys have to skate for us!

Alec Hanmer – Team Canada – That one cracked me up!

Elizabeth – I got you girl!!We will keep it quiet!

Ottilie Yee – Aww the 52 new fans from Thailand are adorable and it is absolutely amazing that you and Trevor volunteered your time!

Jeremy Applestein – Are you now ok? That is crazy that all that life shit happened and she waited. Fuck she is a keeper. Also the fact you first met at one of ours shows makes me so happy! Fuck you didn’t even need to use #kimsdatingservice

Michaela Kennedy – Next time you guys have to crowd surf together! Tell her I said so!

Samuel Kohler – Well if you do spot us in Brooklyn make sure you say hi!

Joey Mccray – Raining Reese’s peanut butter cups would be a dream!!!

Daniel Lavender – Oh yes I remember you! I mean c’mon the red booty shorts… how can a girl forget! I need to see you get crazy when we come to florida!

Sarah Kiernan – I love that he taught you about the ballet and you taught him about football! Sounds like you also wear the pants in your relationship!

Emilee Aldridge – 30 concerts in one year? That is awesome… also must be very expensive. Our next concert in Columbus resend me your email (to remind me) and that concert is on me!

Kendra Adams – Ha! The licking of the face is so good. It seems like Ethan is a good sport. When we were shooting the Hoodie On video I did that to matt…. He wasn’t such a good sport about it! HA!

Louis Moccaldi – You have to high five her for me! Spreading that matt and kim!!

Suzi – The old wipe powdered sugar on my boobs trick… works everytime!

Ralph and Naya – I love how you two both write about doing well for the other person. I am the type of person who doesn’t care what anyone thinks about me… except for matt . I always want to impress him and make him proud. Sounds just like the two of you!

Niclole Rose Olivas – First off I really hope you bitch slapped that dude that said fix the scar! Second scars are fucking bad ass! And finally that scar helped weed out the bad guys and brought you to Drew. OH and final final you are a fucking champion for helping your brother!!

Alice Tran – oh man we should of made this shirt into onsies. I would make sure the twins were rocking them! Congrats on the babies!

Marie Trujillo – Congrats on the 10 years!

Ryan Gandee – You can never keep up with the Aussies! They know how to party hard! And fuck yeah to tripods!

Cody Heron – Your secret is safe with me!

Marcel Drayton – Wait but did you stay in Alaska or are you doing long distance? Also I am dying to come back and play another show in Alaska!

Alyssa Ramirez- So is boomfarts because his farts are loud as fuck? Had to ask and you can always touch my ass!

Eliziais – I don’t think a lot of couples do that and it makes me so happy that you guys did! I owe you a big hug for that!

Lauren Elizabeth – Damn so she knows everything about you! I bet that while as you put it you are a dirty stay out I bet even though Allison is a librarian she parties… Right? I really like to believe that librarians are secret partiers!

Sydney Files – It sounds like nate and matt have the same humor… we call it dad jokes!

Dana Setting – Rad hair…. This makes me realize that I am so bored with my hair. I need rad hair!

Sarah Smolarek – You are the second person to bring up movie quotes. I really think if you can connect with someone through movie and tv quotes then you are in it for the long haul!

Breanna Luque – I am curous what did you use that looked like vomit? Are we talking runny I’ve been drinking frozen margs all night vomit or I just ate a giant spaghetti dinner vomit?

Emily Rose – I hope we accompany you on those drives to meet up! This story is so super sweet!!

Al Mejia – 18 years… man it must be awesome to think of all the shows you have seen together. Do you have any idea? One day I want to try to figure out how many shows matt and I have played together.

Jeff Scott – I remember the first year of college… I swear it’s the hardest year and it is awesome that you guys have each other to lean on!

Jordan Holmes – Will you teach me how to wrap a perfect burrito? I fucking love burritos! Also what were you going to do with the construction equipment?

Leo and Ashely Ezell – Such a cute family photo… but who broke their arm?

Jenny Deu – Aww that is an amazing story! Crazy and amazing! I am so happy that it worked out and you are happy.

Jordi Lara – Yeah it kinda has to work together.

Alicia Banz – Wait did you make up “our relationship is kinda like whiskey” cause that is fucking good!

Kris – I was going to say when I saw your name in the email I thought…. How do I know that name. I like that you guys moved in together right away. Matt and I also moved in together 3 months after we first started dating. Everyone thought we were crazy! I will say in Brooklyn when he is always sleeping over and we are each paying rent…. Well that is crazy! Its fucking expensive here. HA!

Arely – First off it’s me… you don’t have to be professional. You should see the emails I send out to our record label or publicist…. Very Unprofessional. So I think the honeymoon days go up to a month and a half in… you are past this. Rico will always be “beyond” the man of your dreams!

Jesscica M. – When you go on about paints and pencils it sounds like when matt goes on about tech stuff. I just glaze over and smile at him. You are the matt and Akilah is the kim!

Kate Murray – So as I am reading your email its 9/10 which means you are getting married in like a week. Ahh congrats. Is it getting stressful or do you guys have that shit handled and just counting down the days? Also I don’t know if you are getting married in maine but it is getting cold up there and perfect hoodie weather! I think you should give Sean one hour with his hoodie on! Oh and last thing… it seems like sean is holding two leashes in this photo… did you guys cut the dogs out of the photo? Nooo! I bet they are super cute!

Kelcey Kryzer – Obviously I did it as a rap… and maybe a little booty shake to accompany the rap!

Josh Martinez – I too laugh everytime matt farts!

Brittany “effing” Duncan – I like your middle name is similar to mine… Kim “mother fucking” Schifino. HA. Ok so I was reading your email and then I saw Marvin in the photo and I thought… Man I remember another scream team member having a super adorable dog and I think that dogs name was marvin. I realized your man wrote too. Did you guys see what each other wrote. Did you guys know that you both wrote. What I think this means is the next time we are in fort worth you have to bring Marvin out to get coffee with us! It is the rules of scream team. Ha who am I kidding Scream team has no fucking rules! But fuck maybe that should be the only scream team rule. If you have a dog you have to introduce that dog to matt and kim.

Julie Rivera – I love that you have been pretty boozy every night. That is just like tour. Oh and your mans name is Frank! That is my dad’s name so he must be a kick ass guy. Oh and I know you must get this all the time but I just need to say it. Thank you and thank frank for kicking ass for us! Matt and I keep telling our booking agent that we want to go overseas and play for the troops. The more shit you see and read in the news lately of all the fucked up shit going on and the fact that you guys put yourself in danger to not only protect the U.S. but to protect other people who are being treated wrong is just so fucking awesome of you!

Amy Laster – I am not suppose to say this but we are going to be very close to you soon. Just can’t announce it yet.

Coley Lind – Wait is your creative work for the baseball team that we played in their ball park and chilled in their locker room? Also I don’t really follow sports so I don’t know if ball park is the right term!

Max Paver – Awww I don’t think it is cheesy at all. When is the next time you guys are going to see each other. Man could you imagine what long distance was like before face time?

Erin Coventry – I feel like you skipped a huge part of the story? Why did she say her name was Mary and how long were you calling her mary? Id fuck with her and keep calling her Mary.

Danielle Lieberman – At first I was reading this thinking man how can they talk till the sun comes up if they are total opposites but then as you ended the email I was like Oh fuck yeah. You will learn so much from each other. That is awesome!

Cierra – Hell yeah doing ballsy moves always works. I feel like I never want to regret anything in life so I just fucking go for it. You did and now you are celebrating 4 years! Congrats!

Parker McClure – Shit you are doing some fun ass stuff. The stolen raft is the perfect date! Make sure she knows that! I can only imagine the ways you are going to surprise her while away at school. I think you need to give matt some date pointers. HA

Janice Recinos – That is so amazing that you stayed connected and then rekindled the relationship. I really hope you have a photo from when you were 15 and you should recreate the pose now!

Sandy Wood – Yes on paper sounds like it could have been a disaster but the crazy recipes are the sweetest! We need to come back to DC and I will make your husband crowd surf!

Miriam Meller – Ok who was typing when they said Dave has a very large penis. I like that you didn’t go straight large but you added the very to it! I laughed hard at that part… awww no pun intended!

Kimberly Kugler – You guys will be away partying when we will need to get all this done but I love that you are a matt and kim. Now remember when at Oktoberfest to drink spacers… that way you can party till the sun comes up and then do it all over again the next day!

Lauren Greeene Martin – Lauren I totally agree with you… I dated (ha yeah dated) many guys before matt and while there were some that I thought ok I could do this for a long time…. I realized I was fooling myself cause when I met matt that is when I realized what a mother fucking kick ass relationship was! You need that person who fits perfectly with you!

Apope1996 – Sorry I had to put your email cause I don’t know your name. Has she read this email you sent cause if she does I know you will definitely get some “good” sex tonight!

David Stoked – Oh fuck… tell your wife I need to use that line. Shit every lady needs to hear this cause it is so fitting!

Eva Weidenfeld – That is fate. Also I love me some Panera. That is our go to healthy fast food spot!

Nick Kruger – Nick that was pretty fucking creative. Love it! Also I like how much you referred to doing it!

Cydney Dunn – Cyd it makes me so happy that through it all matt and I have been with you guys in a tiny way. That makes me so happy and I feel honored!

Alexandria Washburn – You guys need to buy those ex-boyfriends a drink! That is amazing!

Christina Lammey – So wait was it his beach bod that brought you around? What made you wait 2 ½ years?

Marcus Chavez – I like that you can make her laugh (most of the time) to be honest if guys only knew that girls think funny is super sexy!

Melissa Iraheta – I wish you gave me the long version cause I am dying to know how you had penises drawn on you!

Tori Swanson – Damn that is a crazy story. You both went through so much and it is amazing that you have each other. Also fuck that dude who roughed her up! That shit pisses me off!

Stephanie Dudley – Aww that is adorable about you each playing our songs. How can I see this??

Gina Kertis – Ahh you guys have matching septum rings. Super cute! I use to have my septum pierced many many years ago.

Lara Burkhart – I totally agree with the climbing trees part. I was trying to find a picture of matt and I climbing trees in Amsterdam. I can’t find…. It is always nice when you can find someone who helps you sometimes forget you are an adult with adult problems!

Cody Muller – Congrats on the finally moving in together part. I am going to give you some advice… matt and I have an agreement that the last one out of bed has to make it. Matt always sleeps in so he always has to make the bed. He does an awful job at it and usually at some point in the day I redo it. But that doesn’t matter. I just love the fact that he tries and when I am remaking the bed it makes me smile!

Allison Banasiak – I mean I am down with this rule. We have one that is no pants whenever we are in the house! Fuck pants!

Monique Myers – Oh I totally get the tall part. Matt is my step stool and still kissable!

Ashely Grindley – It sounds like you guys are going to make long distance work and from what I hear from a lot of people doing long distance is that when you meet back up the sex is incredible.

Nancy Coleman – So how have you thanked Emily? You and nick should send her an edible arrangement! And I am so happy we were there for your first date! So I am going to pretend that Emily and I wing manned it!

Jessica G- I laughed hard at “look at this nerd. He giggles like a girl” You are not an ass you are cracking me up!

Kasey Swisher – Is he behind the curtain? This is a great idea and obiously you can end it with a sweet 1 dollar hot dog at the end!