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#RelationshipGoals part 2

Hey Guys,

I hope the #RelationshipGoals letters we posted a few weeks ago brightened your day. I wanted to share with you the second half of the models and their amazing letters. I love these photos! If you missed out on this but you have some photos of you and your partner in crime with the shirts on then please send them to me. I am always looking on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Also I just wanted to say thank you guys for being so fucking awesome! You all make me happy!


Grab your shirts:



Dear Matt and Kim,

My fiancé and I saw you live for the first time in Tampa, in 2013. 2013 was both an amazing and difficult year for our relationship, but it had started to smooth out around the time we went to the music festival and saw you guys. Seeing both of you, and the happiness you showed on stage, reminded me of why we worked so hard to stay together. It reminded me that that was the happiness that we knew we could bring out and provide to one another.

My fiancé, Amanda, has been more than my rock, she has been the support I needed to be my true self. My name is Adam, but I did not always go by that name. I was born Monica Joellen Schalk, biologically female. It was only after Amanda and I got together, that I felt safe enough to discuss these gender differing feelings that I had had, the self harm I was putting myself through because of them, and abusive family relationships that I was dealing with. She made me feel okay to be the person she met and fell in love with, but also supported me to become the man that we both would see me become.

She too has had her obstacles in life; she had to overcome multiple types of abuse, self harm, addiction, and mental illness, to be where she is today. I watched her struggle and supported her through those dark times, just as she had done for me.

We have gone through so much together in the last five years. We were bullied and outcast by our own families, who told us that we weren’t good enough, that I would never truly be a man, that Amanda wasn’t the “pretty girl” that her sisters were, and that she was sinning against God to love “someone like me”. We went through being homeless, almost dying from carbon monoxide poisoning, many hospitalizations for Amanda’s chronic illness, and so much more. But what kept us going through those times was the love that we share, the friendship that only grew stronger and a bond that could never be broken. At the end of the day we realized how blessed we were, because when we had nothing else, we had each other, we had our love, and that is a lot more than most people can say.

I want to thank you for your time, your music, performances, and videos on youtube for reminding us not only about relationship goals, but the life goal of happiness.


Adam M Schalk



“My boyfriend Zack and I met our freshman year in High School (2008). & in summer 2009, he sent me a link to “Daylight” & after listening to it on repeat for several days, I bought Grand and then Matt & Kim; & I was totally obsessed and knew that you guys were fucking awesome!

We were best friends and dated for a short time, but we broke up and I moved to a different city and a new school. We remained friends and always kept in contact but mostly only with MySpace and text messaging. (We even made up our own emoticon >3 which we still use to this day! We always thought using >3 was cooler than the typical <3). After we graduated high school, we enrolled in the same community college and hung out a couple of times between classes. Every now and then, we tried to hangout and catch a movie or dinner and it was always a good time and I always knew I still had feelings for him. Finally, one day in early January 2015, I saw some Matt & Kim tour dates posted and when I saw one for April 28th at The Fonda Theatre in L.A., I knew I had to go with my "friend" (at the time), Zack because without him, I may not have ever had the pleasure of hearing your guys' music. I immediately sent Zack a screenshot & said “We’re going.” and without hesitation he responded “Fuck yeah!” Finally, the day came! I was so excited to see now my 2nd Matt & Kim show. We had a fucking blast that night and danced our asses off despite having to work early the next morning. I remember you said that you wanted to be everyone’s wing-woman that night so if we were with someone, you wanted us to “Fuck hard all night” after the show. Zack and I just laughed. I’ve honestly never been to a better show in my life! I still have a tiny, red balloon from that night! A couple of weeks later, he invited me down to his place to hang out. We planned to go ice skating that night but when I got to his apartment, he surprised me with a change of plans and cooked me dinner. We talked and watched Silence of the Lambs. That night was a lot of fun and after 7 years, we had our first kiss. Then a couple of months later (June 23rd) he asked me to be his girlfriend and things have been absolutely golden ever since! Although we have only been officially together for a short time, we know everything about each other because of these past 7 years and I know he’s THE ONE. I never imagined being with someone so perfect. He supports me every day. Whether I’m overwhelmed with school, stressed about work, or just being a moody bitch. Zack is without a doubt my best friend, partner in crime, and lover! He knows exactly what to say and do to make me happy and keep me that way! He is my “MATT” 100%!" ============


Mz. Kim:

We might be some of the oldest participants in the Scream Team, but had to “shout out” to you guys for this one!

My old man & I met during a blind-double date 20 years ago & through all the ups & all the downs, we have been happily (mostly) Mr & Mrs since 2002. We have gone through schools, jobs, accidents, deaths, moves, break-ups, make-ups & all the rest & in the end no matter where we are (rural NC mountain towns or the balmy beaches of Belize) we are “us” & that is everything…he is my best friend & is the only man I have ever wanted to “get’ with” … well at least since 1995 😉

We’d be perfect “models” for your shirts because we may be “oldies, but we are goodies” & that’s always HOT!

Wishing you both the best & I think you & Matt are super role-models for #RelationshipGoals & you are among good company!
We hope to catch you while we are sailing 1/2 way around the Americas this winter (SW Florida & back to Central America OR beyond!)

Smooth sailing xoxoJo



Hey Matt and Kim,

We are Chris and Lily and have been together for 6 years as boyfriend and girlfriend. We met our freshman year of college at UW Madison, dressed up at freak fest on State St. We were confronted with many challenges through our first three years together, but ultimately they all brought us closer together as a couple. Fortunately our relationship was solid enough to get us through what was probably the hardest day of our lives.

July 4th, 2012 I (Chris) broke my neck diving into a lake. Consequently, I lost all movement and feeling from my chest down and use a wheelchair. Of course this was hard for me physically and mentally, but it also strained our relationship. Luckily I have the greatest girlfriend in the world who never left my side for a minute. I went through six months of intense physical therapy, then Lily and I moved back to Madison together to finish our last year of school. Although I can’t do all the things I used to enjoy, we were able to find new exciting activities. We could also adapt to ones we still wanted to do, including attending your concert at Summerfest in 2013 (almost exactly a year post-injury), which was amazing of course 🙂

Your relationship and music have always inspired us to be adventurous and opportunistic in all aspects of our lives. Since graduation we have traveled a lot including spending a year in Dallas and just recently settling down in the Chicago area. We can’t wait to see you guys in concert again at the Goose Island 312 block party in a few weeks!! Many of our specific #RelationshipGoals vary from other couples because of our unique situation, but we strive for a strong and encouraging foundation just like you guys have. We’d love to be your T-shirt models and hope to hear from you soon.

Happy Friday!
-Chris and Lily




I’ve always wanted to share a bit about our tale, but I’ve never had a proper venue, until now.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 4.31.45 PM

The fresh pair pictured above is us. He’s Eric and I’m Lisa. Our story began 17 years ago, when we were 11. Eric and I met in middle school and immediately became best friends. Both our friendship and relationship came about due to a shared interest in punk, ska, folk, reggae, and all things good in music. We’d go to local shows together almost every weekend, and when the music wasn’t playing, we loitered around the city like any self-respecting teen would. Fast forward through tons of shows and 3 hour phone calls about absolutely nothing to roughly 6 years later. This is when we mutually realized, “Hey, you’re pretty spectacular!” and began dating.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 4.39.23 PM

I’ll spare you the details by simply stating we dated for 6 fun filled years, surviving both high school and college, before finally saying, “Fuck it! Let’s get hitched!” So, we got married in a DIY carnival themed wedding (Because why not, right? What else do you do when you don’t want a gaudy pre-packaged wedding?) at which point we promptly did what any responsible pair of adults would do: piss away our money on epic trips and awesome music festivals! Aw yeeaaaah! This includes every single time you and Matt have graced South Florida with your presence. (Thanks for coming back to the Fillmore after that cancelled show, guys!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 4.39.39 PM

Most recently this dude joined our band of merriment: Kai Archer, one of the youngest, kickass members of the Scream Team. He’s pretty spectacular and is partial to your Hey Now dance routine, Kim.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 4.39.48 PM

I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve had my best friend glued to my side for 17 years now. We’ve traveled all over the place and now we have this guy to perpetuate our awesomeness. We live our lives with zero regrets and knowing that every wicked memory that either of us has were made together. Does it really get any better than that?

That’s it in the tersest form! Wasn’t sure how long this was supposed to be, but I decided to keep it short seeing as though you’re bound to receive a shit ton of messages. Anyhow, thanks for reading! I hope you’ve found our story to your liking!

‘til next time, yeah?




IMG_2592 IMG_2643

Hey Matt and Kim!!

Me and my lovely girlfriend Katie Hazard (such a dope last name) of 3 years have been listening to your guys music forever! We have seen you guys play so many times that we are definitely super huge fans of you guys! we’ve been listening to your stuff since your first album came out years ago! I meet Katie Hazard when we auditioned for the TV show Americas Best Dance Crew back in 2012 and we have been together ever since! We both share the same passion of dance and are part of a dance company out in the wonderful city of Los Angeles! We have also done a lot of side work together through Reebok and other big companies! But the industry is hard and we really help each other through all the rejection! I think it’s cool you and Matt share the same passion for music and I feel like me and Katie can relate because we share the same passion for dance and the arts! Here is a bougie picture of us haha! I think that is all I have to say! You guys are the bomb!



This is AWESOME. I’ve actually been guilty of calling the two of you #RelationshipGoals, but in a way I’d say we’re our own personal #RelationshipGoals, too! People are too awesome and fun together to be wishing to be another couple, right?

Even if this email doesn’t get picked, what an awesome task it is to be asked to take a few minutes out of your day to think about your relationship with someone else.

Jaime and Eric’s most awesome milestones and memories:

. We used to work together, and pretending that “nothing was going on” when we passed each other in the kitchen was exciting. They found out eventually, when we were caught eating chicken nuggets at lunch that we’d made together the night before. YOU HAVE TO BE ROMANTICALLY INVOLVED TO MAKE PIZZA FLAVORED CHICKEN NUGGETS TOGETHER, apparently.

. First time doing long distance, when I left Austin, Texas and took a job in Portland, Oregon. He visited several times and told me with confidence he’d move there if I stayed! We hiked and drank delicious beer and that summer I was pretty confidence I’d want him to stick around for…a long, long time.

. Moving to NYC together. I ended up leaving Portland and moved to NYC almost a year ago. He left his Texas roots (they were dug very deeply) and joined me just five months later, in the middle of February. Being young in New York in itself is probably one of the craziest adventures we’ll ever have. We learned the Subway routes together. He freaked out with me when I saw you guys shooting “Hey Now” in DUMBO on my lunch break together (super exciting!!!). He cheered me on at the Brooklyn Half Marathon (it was my first, I was nearly in tears). We slept cuddling ice packs in his tiny apartment when we had no air conditioning in August. Just last month, he sprinted to come hug me after I had witnessed someone jumping off of a building in Chinatown. We both got brand new jobs that we love.

Eric is truly one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. We’ve never given each other flowers and neither of us even remember when our anniversary was, which confuses a lot of people. But he shows his love in other ways, like moving across the country to a place that I love but still makes him very anxious and uncomfortable. Or going out of his way to assimilate to my crazy Chinese family (he is doing a GREAT job). We’re complete opposites and my personality, goals and general life choices have forced him to uproot himself and thrash himself around very hard walls in order to support me. It’s something I’ll never take for granted, and never forget!



Katie & Matt


I love this idea, so awesome (just like you guys!).

I have my own Matt, and we met senior year of high school and started out as best friends. That only lasted about 6 months, until we stopped pretending there wasn’t more there between us. We’ve been together for 16 years, and married for 10 of those. So we’ve seen each other through pretty much every major event of our adult lives – college, grad school, about 8 moving adventures, family members dying / others being born, succeeding in our careers and trips across this country and through a couple of others!

Even after 16 years, we still love each other and also LIKE each other! I feel like the fact that we spent 24 hrs a day together for 10 days in a row, on a recent anniversary trip to Europe, and never get sick of each other, is a pretty good sign that we’re doing great. 🙂

Lastly, I don’t think we have ever had an actual fight (raised voice, anger or slamming / throwing things – all stuff we’ve seen go on with our friends in relationships). Not that we never disagree, but I don’t know, I guess we just try not to be assholes to each other! We just tend to logically work stuff out instead.

And just a side note, while I used to be the M&K fan between us, he’s finally come around and now we share that too!

Have an awesome day!

Katie Cavell




Love this e-mail! Love to see people – i.e. you and Matt – embracing the wonderful impact they have on others and finding ways to spread it even further!

While I am in a happy relationship with someone (he’s great, really!), I’d say that my TRUE partner in crime is my friend, Katie. When I first read this e-mail, I wondered if this was the kind of relationship you had in mind. Then I thought, of-fucking-course it is!

Katie and I met doing improv comedy in our current town of residence, Washington, D.C. Since then, we’ve gone on many crazy adventures and are always, strangely, on the same wave length. We’ve done a three hour long global float silent disco dance party around the national monuments, gone to a “speakeasy” at 3 am and received twerking lessons, have had a crazy dance party in a pizza shop, etc.! In addition to being game for all sorts of fun crazy things, she is also on the same page when it comes to the calmer things in life. If we have plans and I’m tired and kind of want to bail, she always says the same thing! It’s CRAZY how it happens! Never any guilt from either party! This past spring, we were in a March Madness style improv tournament and all of the teams pick music that they want to come out to. We were on a team with our pal Chris, and without question, we chose “Hey Now”. That song set us up to slay in the tournament.

We are also the perfect party partners. We’ll go out not knowing anyone but ourselves, and divide and conquer a room. It’s always so nice to have a fun and wonderful person as home base when you go somewhere. When I first moved to D.C., I hardly knew anyone! I felt pretty isolated, and wasn’t sure how to change it. I would see folks out and about and having fun with each other and wonder:

a) how they got to that level of comfort/happiness with each other in this city
b) if I’d ever find a community like that
c) where would I even start looking?

After I signed up for improv classes, all of those questions were, thankfully, answered and now I’ve found the most wonderful group of people to call my friends. Katie is the pinnacle example of this bunch! It’s like she’s the left to my right hand.

Anyway, we both really love you and Matt. I mean, REALLY LOVE YOU GUYS. (Not creepy, totally not creepy…) We’ve been mega fans of yours for some time now, and we would love to be a part of this project with you! I’m sure you’re being inundated with e-mails from other super awesome pairs, so I’ll try to keep it brief!

Looking forward to seeing you guys on tour again in the future and to many more fun Scream Team e-mails!! All the very, very best!




Hey Kim!!!

First, you and Matt are making the best music right now. I am totally in love with this album!!!

My partner in crime and I have been kicking ass for over 16 years now. We met in grad school and I got him on my softball team knowing he would lead us to league victory!! We then kicked some more ass by running our first marathon together I Chicago.

We left grad school and moved out to Cali for some awesome opportunities. He supported me through law school, and before I graduated at the top of my class we had our first baby and he had invented some awesome medical devices.

He supports me and I support him. We’ve had a rough 2015, and I write this while waiting to board a plane for a critical job interview we could really use to provide for our family (four kids now!). He’s always been our leader, and it’s now time for me to step it up and I totally plan to.

This February he turned 40. I wanted to bring in a great chef to cook for us at home. The chef declined by phone, but I changed his mind when I went in to ask in person. Alt Nation was helping me out: “Get It”s debut playing came on right as I got to the restaurant, and I was super pumped and inspired to make that dinner happen. It was an incredible night and you are partially responsible!!

Thanks for all that you do, you are the best. We will wear your shirts proudly!!

Your #1 fan,

Megan Lyman





Hello Kim,
I thought I’d tell you a little about my partner in crime. When I was in the military in the early 1980’s she was going to college in North Carolina. We met through some mutual friends and have been together since. Married for a total of 29 years and if you count dating, 31 years. We have two fantastic children who unlike the typical children in out area gravitated towards music instead of sports. Some years back my daughter and son turned me onto to you and Matt’s music and the rest is history. We live in Maryland and anytime you come to the area my kids and I go see you. We saw you this past year when you came to the 9:30 Club in Washington DC. We had a blast and really enjoyed your show. I would like to volunteer my wife and I to pose in your new tee shirts for your add. So if you would like a couple of older people, 51 year olds, then please consider us.

Thank you for your time,


Rick Halverson



Tom & Katie

Dearest Matt & Kim,

I’m slated to get married to the best woman I could ever ask for in October. She does everything she can to support me as I go back to school for my MBA. She pushes me to get to the gym and get in better shape. We cook and clean together, as a team, nightly (except when we’re lazy and then we order takeout, as a team).

She is my concert buddy, my confidant, my everything and I don’t know what I would do without her.

She is the rock that keeps me balanced. She is the voice of reason when I overfill our calendar with social outings. She is the reason why I am so confident in social situations and loving when we are alone. Without her, I would be nothing.

In the same fashion, I push her to find more calming ways to handle work/wedding stress. I work with her to find trips out of town to visit friends all over the northeast. I rub her shoulders when she is tried and help get her to sleep.

I love her and she loves me and really that is all that matters in life. We’ve found happiness and we exemplify that emotion through our actions.

Tom Goergen & Katie Lyle
Combined – We are Gergyle



Hi Kim and Matt,

I met the love of my life and partner crime, in a yoga class, two years ago and have been enchanted every since. It was love… and lust, at first sight!

His name is Toma Mengebier. He is this beautiful French man with this intoxicating energy who radiates kindness, happiness, and love. Toma makes me feel things I have NEVER felt and breaks down my walls like no one else. I feel lucky to have found him… Oh, and did I mention, he speaks fluent French because he lived half his life in France! Oh la la!

We have #relationshipgoals of traveling around the world, eating lots of delicious food, spreading love, doing as much yoga as possible, crazy sex in random places, enjoying the moment, and building a tree home together.

My best friend Kaylee gave us a nickname: yogamos! Or homos who love yoga… together… preferably in minimal clothing and with a happy ending! 😉

And we LOVE you Matt and Kim! We have seen you 3 times in concert in the New England area, met Matt outside the House of Blues, and you, Kim, picked out Toma at your Somerville show for his energy on the balcony! And you threw him your drum stick too which he still has on his desk! And when we were 1,500 miles apart for 3 weeks in July and August, we listened to your music to keep us connected!


Michael Gagliardi