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Scream Team models went hard! You guys are looking great in these shirts. This is actually the first time we put a photo on a shirt and I think it is fitting that there is a “Matt” shirt and a “Kim” shirt. Like i said before there were so many amazing stories that just made me feel good. I asked some of the models to share their stories and I hope you find this inspiring, happy, and a good laugh! This is the first batch of stories. We will have some more for you next week! Hope you like the shirts!

big hugs,

P.S. feel free to pass these stories around.

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Matt and Kim,

Where to begin! My name is Anthony. My girlfriends name is Kati. We have been together for 6 years. It has been a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs but we always know how to overcome the hardship together. We do everything together. One of our favorite things to do is to go camping and fishing together. We love the outdoors even if we’re just sitting in the tent talking and playing cards. She is the easiest person to please and finds anything we the funnest thing in the world and she truly knows how to make the best of it. I enjoy cooking for us as does she so we like to cook and listen to music together on our date nights which consists of redbox and whatever food we can concoct out of the fridge . I introduced your music to her and she loves it! She always says how awesome she thinks it is that you guys are happily making music together and sharing your story with the fans. I couldn’t agree more! I think the thing about Kati and I and what we mean to each other is simply this, we know the best damn ways to make each other smile. Even when sometimes we don’t always want too. We appreciate life as it is and try to find the humbling aspects of it. Kati and I tend to live life for the memories instead of the pressure of the future. She is the most hilarious and spontaneous person I know. Our sense of humor combined is a blessing. She has always supported me with my career along with being a volunteer Fire fighter in my community. She has a heart of pure gold and always thinks about others. She’s my best friend and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with her. I truly wish you guys the best of luck with everything! We can’t wait to see you guys in concert soon!





Hello Matt and Kim,

Have to start this by saying as soon as I read this email on my phone I ran to my computer to type out this reply and hit the shit out my knee doing so, but so worth it. This is a fucking amazing idea!! So here is some awesome information about my wife (Serena) and I:

We met each other through work 6 years ago. I saw my future wife and thought…I have to have her in my life…she is beautiful. Jump to a work outing with friends at a bar and we start talking about music and such. At that point in time she had never heard of Matt and Kim (I know crazy right! HAHA) So I told her I was going to make a mix cd of some of the music we were talking about including a couple M&K songs. She was instantly hooked on you guys and that is one of the moments I knew she was the one for me.

I have seen you guys live a couple times before meeting her but couldnt wait to take her to a show. We moved from PA to CA for 1 1/2 years. While we were in CA I got a chance to take her to her first M&K show! What a fucking awesome night. Also while I lived in CA I got to meet you both while I was working at the apple store in LA and she still reminds me constantly of how jealous she is that I got to meet you both and hopes she will get to meet you one day as well.

Since then we have seen you both 4 times together and it is always such an amazing time! (Side note last time we saw you was Fuzzfest in Scranton, PA…you fucking brought the place down). We have also recently got married and I DM’d you the video of us walking out to “Hey Now” for our wedding and you replied that it was awesome, so that made our day. We have even made a music dance video to “Overexposed” back in 2012. I think you have seen that but not sure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuCfmmsrkuE

Hopefully this email isn’t too long, but I wanted you both to see how much of an impact you both have in our lives. We see you both at shows and it makes us want to just live a life that is fun and exciting and awesome. Since the first day my wife and I met, you and your music has acted as a soundtrack to our lives together, so hopefully you can see that we would be awesome for the #RelationshipGoals shirt idea!

Thanks again!
Josh and Serena (@theJoshuaAdam and @ItsSerenaC)



Yo yo tiggity!!!!

My name is Mandey and my man’s name is Mervyn!

There are many different ways to tell our story- one for hoot and hollerin’ gossip, one for tantric cosmic bliss, and one normal love at first site heebly weebly. In fact, the truth is probably a mix of all three.

We met at the rainbow gathering in South Dakota on July 4th this year. He was shirtless drumming in a drum circle at high noon celebrating and praying for world peace and I was in the center of that circle dancing in a next to nothing green cotton dress. We locked eyes and laughed as we booth air grooved with one another’s pure energy that was flowing so openly and so strongly.

We drummed and danced for hours. Then he came up to me, hugged me, told me how bright and beautiful I was, and left.

It was instant. As soon as he left I had an ache to find him again, I already missed him.

Well fuck yeah to my luck, I kept running into him, and we talked about how fucking incredible we felt when we were near each other. The next morning we both stumbled into the same yoga class- we are still in the woods at this point- and decide to climb up the highest point on the mountain. So we did and tell each other everything about our lives that we could fit in a day, made out hard core and took some pictures. The picture here is us- the first day we met, on top of the mountain.

It started to thunder so we ran down the mountain right after this photo and romped in his tent for the next twelve hours until we had to drive back to our respective towns.

Well we couldn’t stop there. We both have this incredible, out of this world deep soul connection where we just know. So I left Minneapolis and made it to his house in Bloomington for a week. It was, well, perfect. So a couple weeks later, here we are, living together and being in love. And it’s still pretty damn perfect. We each work on our own art projects- he’s off singing and writing and I’m here being a performance artist and painting and writing and we meet in the middle to hug and cook and laugh and watch movies and clean and pet the cats.

We would love to do our own photoshoots for you and your new gear!

We’ve got tripods and cameras and our two in love faces and hearts here for you!

Love love love!




Hey you two!

I’m writing to you to gush about the awesome dude in my life, Sam (the cutie on the left).

Gushing about him comes naturally since I find myself doing it all the time. We actually met on Halloween 4 years ago (my favorite day of the year) and he got my attention by dressing as Shaun from Shaun of the dead – I got his by telling him he had red on him (and by the obnoxiously distracting amount of cleavage I was sporting). We bonded over our love of you guys pretty early on in the night. He had already seen you at a small bar in Brooklyn, and I had seen you on tour with Blink 182 – I was jealous because he got to be so much closer!

Sam is like no one I have ever met. He helped me through a time in my life that I was unwilling to even share with anyone else. He makes me laugh harder than anyone else I’ve ever met – like literally to the point of tears on a daily basis. He even makes me garlic bread when I’m too hungover to function. Our goal is to travel the world together and meet other people we can laugh with and learn from. We are happiest when we are traveling, exploring, learning, and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones. Sam’s proven time and time again that he can make a friend out of any person we pass. I’ve never met anyone else that has been able to connect with so many different types of people as Sam. And every new friend of Sam’s leaves the conversation happier that they’ve met him. I can’t believe I get to be his girlfriend AND his best friend.

We’ve seen you guys together now 3 times and each time has felt like the first all over again! We’re from Jersey and we can’t get through a trip to Brooklyn without joking about when we’re going to run into you somewhere. We’ve stumbled down Grand Street singing your songs. They’ve played on repeat on mini-road trips and they’ve blasted through our speakers at house parties.

Speaking of t-shirts… here are some we made for your show in Montclair!
Bonus Kim dance crowd surfing. Sam’s shirt actually made it all the way up to you guys (might have hit Matt, sorry about that!) and he walked back to the car shirtless. So as you can tell, we need more M&K tshirts in our lives!

It makes me smile just knowing that you’re reading this, and that I’ve gotten to tell two of the people that Sam loves most just how awesome he is! Hope you’re having a kick ass end to your summer.

Much love,



I used to be alone. Not lonely, just alone. Never looking for anybody to start a relationship with, let alone have goals for it. But then one fortunate night at an Atlanta art exhibit, a mutual friend introduced me to what would become my masterpiece of a #relationshipgoal if you know what I mean 😉 Not only is she stunning on the outside, she is the most beautiful and loving person on the inside. Her intuition and wit is impeccable. I mean she fell in love with me before we even started dating. As strange as that sounds, she was/is not a stalker. She just saw things in me that I didn’t really see for myself and she has been highlighting those things ever since. She is my partner in crime, my ride or die, my best friend, my confidant, my one and only, BAE of a girlfriend, but all those terms don’t even begin to describe what she means to me. She is literally everything. One of the things we did first as a couple is go see you and Matt tear it up here in Atlanta actually. I introduced her to your music and she hasn’t stopped listening. And I haven’t stopped loving her. I never even dreamed I could have such a powerful relationship with someone. I thought it was bullshit, until I fell into it myself. Now I catch myself doing all these little things I would never do or even dream of doing (WILLINGLY) with anyone ever. All that cutesy couple stuff that would make me want to vom. But I totally get it. I like all the photos of people in love because it truly is rare to find the one who will be on your team forever. Most people have fan clubs that flake. But then you find that one groupie who stalks you and really is your “number one fan.” (Side note: Maybe she is a stalker after all!) And that is your fan for life. I have that and I wish that everyone finds “the one” on this planet.

Anyway….I’m going to end this email with a picture of us when we hiked a mountain to get to the waterfall so we could make-out. It is attached. Don’t be afraid…it’s not a nude. #nature #relationshipgoals

Peace and Blessings,

Roni Garbar



I’m gonna spin you a little tune about me and my boyfraaan.
We met in school for animation and we have been dating for 3 years now and we like to go on FSU (Fuck Shit Up) dates. We are both visual/street artists and a solid team.

We truly believe in “teamwork makes the dreamwork”. When we want to get stickers/pastes up on a high sign he passes me a sticker and then he gives me a cheerleading boost to reach great heights. We also do murals/paint gigs together, as well as wheat pastes and we both got our first graffiti charges together. (I swear we are good folks, ha) We travel & paint together and our collab team is called Black and White, inspired by Tekkonkinkreet.

Also, I don’t know if you remember but when you came to play at Stubbs in Austin we were the ones that painted that naked piece of you and Matt. (Roshi_K & Manwithpencil) You guys said you keep it on your tourbus now? We also both held your feet up so you could booty dance on the crowd because we stood in the front center the entire show.

He is my best friend and I also get to get up in them skinny jeans so I know how awesome it feels to have a built in partner in crime. I love his face very much and we would be so down to rock some Matt & Kim jazz. So you say the word and we will take the pics. I included some pics of us and our collabs.( If yall ever need an album cover, holla at us, we got you!)

Roshi K




Hope you and Matt are straight chilling at the beach and I hope there’s copious amounts of wine for you there! Y’all deserve a chill time and I hope you get that I fucking love your #Goals email, it’s such a cute idea. I’m gonna try to keep my story short and spare you all the sappy shit hah

Diego and I met our sophomore year of high school through a mutual friend and started “dating” (kind of lol). We had fun but some shit went down and we ended up not talking for 9 months (typical high school drama), it was pretty awkward since we were both in band together and saw each other EVERYWHERE. Then one day in March 2012, Diego texted me asking to hang out. Being the typical girl that I was, I of course said yes and we went to go see the Lorax with a couple friends, and it was all downhill from there hah. We stayed friends and then decided to skip out on homecoming our senior year to drive up to Austin to see you guys at Stubb’s in October 2012. It was Diego’s first ever concert & we had a fucking blast. I’ll never forget that night because it was the first time we’d both seen you guys and it was also the night that Diego came out to me. At first, I was a little bummed I’m not gonna lie. But I love that boy to death and if he died, I’d die right by his side (that’s cheesy I know, but it’s so true). Becoming best friends with that boy has been one of the biggest blessings, and ever since then, it’s been a fucking party.

We’ve been best friends for 4ish years now and we are always having a good time. We went to prom together, took an 8 day long camping trip in Colorado together, we were camp counselors together, we’ve been arrested together (that’s another story for another day hah) and there’s no one else I’d rather stir up trouble with. Diego’s my shoulder to cry on, the dumbass that can make me laugh no matter what, and the best damn pal to have adventures with. Sometimes our parents worry cause we hang so much hah. We saw y’all in Austin earlier this year in April and it was another fucking blast. I remember when we were waiting outside Stubb’s after the concert, all I could think was “If I meet Matt & Kim with my best friend that introduced me to them 5 years ago, I might fucking cry.” I didn’t cry when we met you (thank God), but I remember Diego & I were both freaking out cause your music has been such a huge part of our friendship over the years. When New Glow came out, we joked that you guys wrote Hey Now about us 

But for real, thanks for taking the time to read this long ass email, you’re the best. You and Matt have some of the biggest hearts in the music industry, I hope y’all know that. I’ve been to a few concerts over the years, and you & Matt are one of the few groups I’ve seen that look like you are genuinely having the best time of your lives up on stage and there’s nothing else that you’d rather be doing. Thanks for making such kick ass music for me and Diego to always jam to, no matter what kind of trouble we’re getting into.

Big hugs from Texas!
xx, Sarah



Shawn & Taylor

Shawn & Taylor

Hey Kim and Matt!

First off thanks and I appreciate the attitude you guys both take towards your community, it never goes unappreciated.
So, my P.I.C is everything. She’s my party mate, my editor, my collaborator, she wears many hats, but most of all, she’s my best friend.
It’s actually kind of hard to explain because it’s so simple, I’m sure you feel this way with Matt. Things are just so easy, we work well together and we have so much fun that nothing ever feels like work.

She is my biggest supporter in an unstable “career” and I am her biggest fan. We constantly push each other not only to do new things but to do the things we are currently doing, better. And currently we are kicking so much ass. I couldn’t be happier and couldn’t have a better partner in crime.

I teach improv comedy and so many of the guidelines there apply to life. “Make the other person look good”, “Support the shit out of them”, “Listen”, and “Have fun”.

I have been writing a lot more because of her, which is something I have striven for for years, she is helping me become the person I want to be. She is taking my improv classes which is also great. We’re looking to do a show together in the near future. She makes me laugh, which is incredible. Fucking. Funny.

This is going to be short and sweet. That is one of the things I have learned from her; “Say the things you mean”. That might be a quote from Michael Scott…

In summation, I don’t feel like I need to look for acceptance anywhere because I know how she feels about me and I know how I feel about my self. And I think that’s all that really matters, we make each other happy in the best way.

I am thankful and I wish you guys the best.
Thanks for reading,

Shawn Frambach



Dear Kim and Matt,

Let me start off by saying I love you guys and your music. I just wanted to share with you a bit about my partner in crime. She is my 15 yr old daughter and her name in Jianna. We both have a great love for music and we both have an understanding about live music, the feelings you get with live music just cannot be compared to anything. I’ve been taking her to concerts and festivals since she was little and she grew up with music always playing in the house.She is one of my best concert buddies, ever! As a parent, I strive to give her the best that I can, be supportive of her hopes and dreams, while still allowing her to grow and bloom into the young adult she is becoming. It’s been a rough road at times as she has had to deal with anxiety and depression, but she always pushes through it. Now about #relationshipgoals I’ve done the best that I can to parent my daughter, and now she is turning into my best friend. It was a struggle in the early teen years, but overall a learning experience for both of us. She aspires to be a photography, someday a lawyer, and when she turns 18, a merch girl. Yep, you read that right, she wants to travel on tour with a band, see the country all while selling merch. I support her in whatever she wants to do, as long as she is safe. She is an amazing young lady and I am proud to be her mom. I know you’ll have many emails to read through, but thanks for considering “us” for your tshirt representation.

Lots of love,
Evie (Yvonne) and Jianna Moore


Eric & Shawna


Randy & Sam