• New Glow

Spotify/iTunes Glitch

As some have noticed, most of our albums disappeared from Spotify, iTunes, Rhapsody etc. This is some sort of glitch that is driving everyone in our team crazy… And an army of people are working around the clock to fix it (well it’s probably just one dude, but he better be working up a sweat.)

I believe all the albums are now back up on iTunes!

Also on Spotify and iTunes it says a song we released years ago just came out??

We had no intention of taking the albums down, we want our music to be wherever you want to listen to it. It’s also not the fault of Spotify or iTunes, it’s all very confusing.

I have confidence that that one sweaty dude is gonna get it worked out in the next day or so.

Hope all is awesome

P.S. All the album ratings/reviews for GRAND, SIDEWALKS, and LIGHTNING have been wiped out on iTunes, so if you get a minute stop over there and give us some love!