• 2013 Secret Santa

Secret Santa Contest!

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So I just finished making my Xmas list for my dad. My family does this every year and then we put them up on his fridge and everyone can see what the others want. It makes it so much easier to shop for someone when you have an idea of what they want. I also find it interesting to see people's lists. My brother always has a weapon on his. I think he's been asking for Samuari swords for the past 20 years. One day David... one day. I also was thinking about how I've never been involved with a secret santa. My family never did it and I never had a job that did it. I like the idea of surprising someone with a gift. So all of this thinking has lead me to the first ever "I'm going to buy you something off your Xmas list secret santa extravaganza!" Yeah, I should think of a shorter name for it. However, this might just have a ring to it.

So here is how it works.

1. You make a bad ass Xmas list. What have you been dying to have all year? Is it a Samurai sword like my brother has for the last 20 years. The longer the list the better. You've been eyeing that new flat screen, huh?… put it down. You've been eyeing a new bike…throw it on there. You want a new Bugatti…. well we aren't doing THAT well so perhaps leave that for next years list.

2. Send us your list! You can either email us or old school style "snail" mail that list to us. Shit, your list could end up on our fridge!!
Email it to: screamteam@mattandkimmusic.com
Physical mail it to: Matt and Kim, 40 Wooster St, 3rd Floor NY, NY 10013
You can even Tweet, Instagram or Facebook it and include the hash tag #MKSecretSanta

Now here is the IMPORTANT PART!! Make sure you get us your Christmas list BEFORE December 6th. On December 10th Matt and I will announce three winners. Those three will get an item that was on their list -AND- a special holiday package that we have personally put together. Guys, I don't want to brag but I am really good at putting together Xmas packages so you'll be stoked on what I picked out.

I can't wait to see what you want and I can't wait to get it for you!

Oh and i also wanted to let everyone on Scream Team know that we're are putting up some new T-shirts on the Scream Team Merch page. We'll also have new Hoodies with speakers in the hood! AND... we are doing autographed vinyl or CDs signed from us to you or if you want to get it for someone else we can put their name on it! We'll be personalizing them! We'll let you know once we get the new items up. You will be able to find them here: http://mattandkimmusic.com/webstore/

I hope you guys are ready for this holiday season!

Big hugs

Also, if you haven't yet, join the Matt And Kim Scream Team!