• Secret Santa 2013 Winners!

Secret Santa 2013 Winners!

I can't even begin to explain how blown away i was by everyone who sent a list.  I read every single one… which is why we are announcing this a bit later than we expected cause it took me so much longer than i thought to read through all of them.  I know i mentioned before on instagram and twitter that some were so touching i started crying and some so funny that i did the weird snort laugh i sometimes do.  It's not a pretty laugh.  And so many people put so much time into their lists.  Others put a lot of glitter in and on their lists.  I kept questioning if matt and i have been to a strip club cause i keep finding glitter on us.  So yes it was really hard to decide but we have picked three winners.   Sorry guys i am rambling again… i know you are thinking shut the fuck up kim...who won.  Ok so…..

Congratulations to our three Secret Santa winners: April Beatson, Jane Ludwig and Jesse Grubbs. Please read the letters attached below.

April will be receiving a Nikon D7100DSLR Camera. Jane, her husband and kids will be receiving a trip to NYC. Jesse will be receiving a bass guitar for his girlfriend.

Along with their main gifts April, Jane and Jesse will receive a matt & kim stocking filled with surprises. Chocolate from our favorite chocolate dudes at Mast Brothers, Butterfly Knife Bottle Opener,  Create Your Own Music Box, Original Gyro Scope (I play with ours for hours while working on music), Lego Storage Box, Matt & Kim Script Tank Top, Lightning Pillowcase, Lightning Blanket, Lightning bolt earrings, Lightning mug, Sidewalk disposable camera, and Matt and Kim earbuds!

But guys i couldn't stop there because so many of these lists made me stoked.  I just wanted to get everyone everything.  So we kept going through the lists and seeing what we could do.  There was one list where Talaematafi just wanted to give her mom and aunt a massage because they were dealing with a loss in the family and the stress weighing on them.  Another letter was a friend asking for splints for her friend who has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.These splints will make day to day living a bit easier. Zoe just wanted a full bottle of water signed by us because her friend caught a empty bottle. I will say we decided to each take a sip out of that bottle so now you have our DNA!  Some people wanted signed sticks so i went to our practice space and grabbed a bunch of my sticks…..Some people wanted us to donate to a charity of their choice…. some wanted… gummy bears you know i can do that!  It just went on and we kept going.  I wish we could of hit everyone of you back because again i can't believe how many of you participated in this. Just know though that as we keep doing these scream team things i will do my best to make sure everyone get something in do time! We were so excited to be able to give people at least a little something they wanted.  Fuck yea!!!

Finally, don't forget to visit http://mattandkimmusic.com/webstore/ where we've added a bunch of new items that will be up throughout the new year!  We really appreciate you guys reppin' our stuff and i hope you like the new designs and items we came up with!  Oh and if i see you on the street wearing one of our shirts i will most likely tackle you.  I just wanted to give you a heads up.  I will try to restrain myself cause now thinking about it if someone randomly tackled me on the street i am pretty sure i would start swinging real quick.  Maybe i'll just high five you… ok ok a high five and a butt slap!!

Guys have a fucking sweet ass holiday.  Try to remember to not let any holiday stress get you down. Just have a sweet fucking time and also remember to give back a little if you can.  That could be giving your friend your last beer or maybe giving a few singles to someone who could really use it or just hugging someone. Sometimes a hug goes a long way!

Big hugs,