• XMAS 2014

XMAS 2014

Hey guys,

I have been thinking about how to top last years “I’m going to buy you something off your Xmas list secret santa extravaganza!” For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about I’ll give you a quick breakdown: Last year around this time I asked the Scream Team to send me their Xmas list either by regular mail, email, tweet or Facebook. I received a shit ton of Xmas lists and I was supposed to pick one person and buy someone something from their list for them. Well the letters were out of control. I couldn’t believe how many Matt and I received. All the letters were awesome and tons of them were so touching that Matt kept catching me crying a lot. I kept telling him I had something in my eye and then I’d hit him to remind him how tough I am. Well I couldn’t give just one gift. We gave a ton of things away. Some small and some big. It was really such a sweet experience.

I don’t want to do the same thing this year. C’mon guys you know me… I like to keep shit fresh. But something that kept coming back to me from last year was how many people didn’t want something for themselves but they wanted something for someone else. These were usually the messages that made me cry like a lil’ baby. So this year I want to do something like that. I want to get letters, emails, tweets. facebook messages, instagram photos… however you can get in touch with me and let me know about that one person or charity or foundation who needs something. It could be a roommate who needs money to buy books for next semester… It could be a family member who is going through some hard times and needs their car fixed…. It could be a charity you feel strongly about… It could be a cable bill that is overdo for another month…. it could be someone who needs a hug. Yes sometimes something as small as a hug could makes someone's day so much better. They don’t need to be a Scream Team member. Shit they don’t even have to know who Matt and I are but I just want it to be someone who you feel needs a little love in their life.

So from now till December 14th You can send me a letter at: (40 Wooster Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10013) (I love getting letters so I think this is the best way) (oh but one thing… give a girl a heads up if you are going to throw glitter in the envelope. Last year I got covered a few times in unexpected glitter and you know that shit is the herpes of the craft world. I swear I am still finding little flakes of glitter on our couch) (oh and one more thing… I also really like postcards so feel free to do that too!). You can also reply to this email, tweet me a message, post on our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram. Man we still don’t have a snapchat so don't do that. The Matt and Kim up there isn’t us.

But yes get at me. Let’s make this year the year we give a little more of ourselves and make life easier for someone else. Like I said in the last message I have such good feelings for 2015. So lets send out 2014 in the best possible way and turn this shit up for 2015.

big hugs