• Matt and Kim’s Scream Team Secret Santa!

Matt and Kim’s Scream Team Secret Santa!

Dear Scream Team!

I have finally through tough consideration, tears, and some glitter picked out our Secret Santa recipients. Again you guys know me and I have a hard time of just picking one… so we have a handful of people.

I read about peoples parents, different charities, neighbors, relatives… shit one dude asked for coke for himself. Our manager said we couldn’t help that guy out. I will say his honesty made me laugh and I needed a laugh when going through these letters. They were so absolutely touching and caring. Ok so I am going to admit to you guys at one point I did have a breakdown. I read all the emails in a two day period and there was a tissue needed here and there but overall I was holding it together. Well at the end of the second day it hit me hard and I just started bawling. You know the kind of bawling where all this snot starts coming out your nose and you are confused cause where did all that snot come from. I couldn’t stop so I went upstairs to matt’s studio. He was up there working on a video for us. I walk through the door puffy eyed, snotted faced, and doing that weird grasping for air sound. His face looked so shocked and he didn’t move. Finally he asked, “Who is hurt?” I explained I didn’t really know why I was crying cause it wasn’t just one letter but I think I just reached my point of no return and I couldn’t stop crying. Matt the awesome guy he is gave me a hug and calmed me down by showing me vine videos. If you know me then you know a video of someone getting kicked in the junk usually puts a smile on my face! Wait let me side track here… you know a guy is a keeper if he can see you in that state and still want to do you that night! Ladies don’t forget that.

With the help of our manager Kevin we figured out ways to do a few intimate benefit shows for some of recipients. Kevin is still working on those details and we will post and email the info as soon as they are all worked out.. (Man a benefit show is definitely the spot I need to watch my mouth. I feel like every other sentence I say at a show is inappropriate. Challenge accpepted! Maybe there is a swear jar and every time I say something in true “Kim form” I have to put money in the jar!) At these benefit shows we will have raffles and all the proceeds with go to the person in need or charity.

So I guess you guys are sick of reading and want to know whom I picked. Below are some of the emails and letters from Scream Team members we chose and their Christmas request.


Sarah Dellett - Bike & Build Organization: bikeandbuild.org/rider/7815
Mini Mouse - Baddass Animal Rescue: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/badassanimalrescue
Cass & Con England - PACH: http://www.azpach.org/index.php/donate
Karen Laroche - For Pia, who is fighting leukemia in the Philippines: http://www.gofundme.com/letsfightwithpia
Erika Hinerman - Hospice Of North Central Ohio: http://www.hospiceofnorthcentralohio.org/volunteer-and-donate/memorial-donations
Chris Dolbee - YouCaring Animal Fundraiser: http://www.youcaring.com/help-a-neighbor/lend-a-helping-hand/274208
Tammie Tirres - Livestrong to fight cancer: http://www.livestrong.org/fundraising/runtammierun/
Shira Wild - GoFundMe Vet Care: http://www.gofundme.com/RIPPanthro

There were other smaller donations and people we helped out. And it is still killing me that we couldn’t help everyone. We had a friend visiting who was watching me go through all these letters and separating them in piles and saying to matt “well maybe we could talk to someone at car dealership and get them to help us donate a car etc.” He said matt and I should create a foundation. Where throughout the year we do benefits and collect money for different charities of our choice. I told him it would be so hard to pick one charity and he informed me would could separate it up and give to things we are passionate about. So watch out… we are looking into setting up The Scream Team foundation and this wouldn’t of happened if I didn’t get the letters from everyone pointing out all of the amazing organizations that need some love!

Thank you to everyone who was apart of this. I loved getting your letters and knowing that the people who are part of scream team give a shit about other people and take the time to help! I am so proud of our Scream Team Family and love you mother fuckers to death!!!

Big hugs,


*** This website will go dark on 1/1/15 getting ready to announce some big shit! -k***