Best Over Ear Headphones Under $30

So, you are looking for some middle-range top over-ear headphones under $30 that will deliver a rich sound and even bring in some quality extras, but you do not want to spend a fortune. It may sound complicated, as you are more likely to find quality in high-end headphones. Luckily, you do have some good options too, but you need some research.

Best Over Ear Headphones Under $30

Choosing the best over-ear headphones under 30 involves doing your homework. There are, indeed, a few good options on the market. All in all, here are the top-rated headphones in commerce based on previous buyers’ reviews.

Top 5 Over-Ear Headphones Under $30

1. Mpow H7

Mpow’s headset can easily make it on the under $30 headphones list, whether you count the design or the quality standards. The unit has a simplistic design, with black being the most popular option. You can also buy these headphones in pink, blue or light gray.

Performance is great – 40mm drivers, which are pretty standard for this price range. They provide exquisite sound, great bass and rich sounds. Furthermore, the noise cancellation technology clears out the ambient noise.

The connectivity is wireless. Practically, these headphones are compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity. When fully charged, you get an autonomy of 25 hours – even more, if you keep the volume low.

In case of an emergency, you can also use the wired connectivity – the 3.5 jack works with any device, including old devices that cannot support Bluetooth. The cable is pretty long and thick, so it will not tangle.

The design is a classic – soft headband that can be adjusted, as well as swiveling ear cups for a better fit. They are well cushioned for extra comfort – the memory foam helps as well. A built-in microphone comes in to complete a perfect headset.

Just like the actual headphones, the microphone has a decent ambient noise cancellation feature. A few controls on the ear cups help as well.


  • Good value for money
  • High-quality drivers
  • Rich audio
  • Noise cancellation for both the headphones and the microphone
  • Both wired and wireless connectivity


  • Heavier than other headphones in this segment


2. Letscom Over Ear Headphones

A sleek design and simplicity are the first things that will draw your attention when looking at Letscom’s headphones for less than $30. However, the manufacturer has brought in more than just a good looking headset – the performance is just as impressive.

You have both wired and wireless technology. The wireless technology goes over Bluetooth. A full charge can provide up to 100 hours of playtime – no other headset in this range can beat that. Charge the headset for three hours a day and you will have over a month of total usage.

The wired connectivity comes with a 3.5mm jack, which is compatible with everything out there. Whether you use the Bluetooth connectivity or the cable, you can pair these headphones with virtually any type of device. The cable is pretty long and provides a bit of moving freedom as well.

The headphones feature 40mm large-aperture drivers. Simply put, this is a bit more than average. You will get an incredible bass power, but also clarity and crisp mids. You can hear lyrics, vocals, and instruments – even at low volumes.

In terms of comfort, the headband is quite comfy, while the ear cups feature lots of soft cushioning. They cover your ears without putting too much pressure on them. Adjustability is part of the game too, while the manufacturer has also included a carry bag for your headset, which also folds for portability and storage.

In terms of extras, you have a built-in microphone too.


  • Available in more colors
  • Incredible bass
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Comfortable ear cups
  • Folding design and a carry bag in the package


  • Microphone only works in the wireless mode


3. Blaro Over-Ear Headphones

Blaro may not be the most popular name on the market, but its headphones for a $30 budget can certainly impress and compete against more expensive alternatives. The design is pretty sleek and attractive – you have more colors to choose from as well, including black and rose gold.

The design is foldable as well. You can easily fold up these headphones, which is great for storage and transportation – no risks to break or bend the headband. Talking about the headband, it is fully adjustable. It is great for small, medium and slightly large heads – a bit tight on very large heads. Moreover, Blaro has also included a carry bag in the package.

The headband features some padding on the inside, so it is comfortable on top of your head. You have memory foam in the ear cups, so they adjust to the shape of your ears. As for the protein leather, it feels comfy and less likely to put pressure on your ears. You can basically find the ideal fit straight away.

The performance will not disappoint you either. You have 40mm drivers, which deliver a rich bass. The sound is crisp and clear – great for vocals, instruments and lyrics. While there is no noise cancellation in the headset, the noise isolation pads will easily block lots of ambient noise.

Connectivity is both wired and wireless. The wireless connectivity goes over Bluetooth. A full battery will give you up to 53 hours of usage at the maximum volume. Reduce the volume and you could get twice as much. The wired connectivity goes over a 3.5 jack wire, which is compatible with any audio device, from tablets to TV sets.

Curious about extras? The Bluetooth range goes up to 33 feet. You also get a built in microphone with noise reduction – another microphone is included in the cable for the wired connectivity.


  • Two separate microphones
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Good looking design
  • Super comfortable
  • High adjustability


  • No actual noise cancellation technology, but there is a similar feature that helps


4. Zihnic Over Ear Headphones

Zihnic headphones are excellent if you are after value for money. The design will impress you the first time you see this headset – it looks like the headset is made of one piece only. It is sleek and matte, but also available in more color combinations.

Moving on to things that really matter, you have superior drivers, a rich sound that will shake your internal organs and a crisp sound – vocals, lyrics, and so on. You can hear every detail even if you turn the volume down a little.

The Bluetooth connection is seamless – nothing to complain about it. You also have a 3.5mm jack cable for wired connectivity. No matter what device you want to pair the headset with, it will work – one way or the other. You can pair the headset with TV sets, smartphones, computers or laptops, among others.

You will get about 14 hours of continuous usage on a single charge. Turn the volume down and you could go up to 20 hours. It takes less than three hours to fully recharge the headphones. You get a good Bluetooth range as well – 33 feet.

When it comes to comfort, the headband is quite soft and widely adjustable. The ear cups feel good as you touch them. Memory foam adapts to the shape of your ears. Ear cups also swivel for a more comfortable fit.

As for extras, you have a microphone with a noise reduction technology and a protective case for storage and transportation.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable and soft materials
  • Great fit
  • Lots of adjustability
  • Wired and wireless connectivity


  • Battery life could have been better


5. Rumixi Over Ear Headphones

Rumixi has designed the best over ear headphones under 30 if you want professionalism. The headset looks like it has just landed from the future – not necessarily the best option for gym, but excellent for games, music and conferences.

You have 7.1 surround sound, which is quite rare in this price range. You also have 50mm drivers – way above average in this segment. No matter what the volume is, you will have a rich experience and can hear every single detail – especially while gaming.

Compatibility is flawless – you have wired connectivity, which means your headphones will go with any device that has a 3.5mm jack slot, including old devices. It is also compatible with most gaming consoles. Some of them may need an adapter though.

If you get this headset for games, you will love the LED lights that provide a unique atmosphere. They add to the overall experience without feeling disturbing or ruining your view. Other than that, the headband is easy to adjust for a perfect fit.

You can literally play games or music for hours. The ear cups are durable and the cushioning is super soft. Despite being bulky, the headset is quite lightweight. You will not feel any discomfort at all. Controls on the headset ease your experience.

Finally, the microphone rotates to 120 degrees and provides a smooth application.


  • Excellent for home uses
  • Bulky, but lightweight and comfortable
  • LED lights for a good gaming experience
  • High sensitivity microphone
  • Superior overall performance


  • No Bluetooth connectivity