Best Sennheiser Headphones For Gaming


Are you thinking of shopping around for a Sennheiser headphone for gaming? This is a good move, especially if you’re looking for some high-quality gaming audio. A replica of Sennheiser’s premium audio heritage and long history in quality sound, Sennheiser gaming headphones are among the qualified to be classified as superior gaming audio devices. Hence, you will find that some of the models we have on this list are also among the best headphones for gaming.

Though there are flashier and more feature-packed products on the market, a Sennheiser gaming headset is for audiophiles who want gaming audio performance rivaled by none. The design and build quality are also great, after all, a great sound experience should be complemented by the comfort of the headset.

Due to the premium nature of the headsets, they also come with a premium price tag. But if there are any headphones that justify their price, it is the best Sennheiser gaming headsets. They serve you long with their solid design and build. Their audio quality never wears and with some great wireless options alongside wired multi-device headsets, you have a large range to choose from.

  1. Sennheiser GSP 370

This device is the overall best Sennheiser gaming headset. The quality of the Sennheiser GSP 370 is overwhelming and truly aligns with the ‘headset factor’ stars. The Sennheiser GSP 370 gaming headset contains every element that makes up a premium device.

The sound quality of this device is a trademark of Sennheiser, clear, detailed, rich, and multi-leveled. The design and build quality are solid, robust, and lightweight, which is great for a wireless headset that will be worn for several hours at once. The ear cups have a perfect fit and are actually designed to block out environmental noise. The Bluetooth connectivity is strong and reliable. The battery life is also really impressive. The only downside of this headset is that it is only compatible with PC, Mac, and PS 4.

The headphones are of course in the high-end price category which means you might have to save up to buy them. However, it is normal to find premium headphones selling above three figures. The Sennheiser GSP 370 completely justifies its price range in every way and you can never go wrong by choosing to buy it. As a matter of fact, if you are looking to buy one of the best Sennheiser headphones for gaming by any standards, then the GSP 370 is a perfect choice.

  1. Sennheiser GSP 300 Headphones

Sennheiser GSP 300 are the most comfortable Sennheiser headphones for gaming. They are a great device, to begin with for anyone new to using Sennheiser gaming headsets. Note that this takes nothing from the quality and value that the GSP 300 has to offer. Buying a Sennheiser quality headset like this, for this price tag and with the versatility of this device is a great deal for and we will not hesitate to recommend it.

Hence, if you are really interested in adding some Sennheiser standard audio quality to your setup and you can’t afford the bigger price tags of the higher-end headsets, then you will not go wrong with the GSP 300. It is compatible with every device, which is an advantage. It also doesn’t compromise on the audio excellence of Sennheiser (detailed sound, great surround/directional accuracy, and excellent overall richness). The microphone is also pretty decent, though since it is not detachable, it is not the best for mobile players or commuting. It is also not great for constant commuting because the design is a little shaky. The wobbly design is a disadvantage on the headset generally as it actually feels a little shaky on the hands.

Ideally, it would be better if there were more features added but this headset is in the entry to mid-range category. Nevertheless, it gives undeniably great value for money.

  1. Sennheiser GSP 500

Though the GSP 500 has a lot of similarities with the GSP above, it does have some unique distinctiveness in some major areas. First, the microphone quality is superb. Really superb. Your teammates will notice and comment on the clarity and quality immediately you start talking through it.

On the same note, the delivery of your teammates’ vocals is also superb on the GSP 500 and better than the GSP 300. Even though it can be difficult for gaming headsets to master voices, the GSP 500 is one of the best Sennheiser gaming headsets in this area.

The design is not different from the GSP 300 but the build quality is really solid and justifies the price tag. It is impressively sturdy, robust, and fastens comfortably and securely on your head and ears. The ear cups are covered with suede-like material which feels nice on the ears. And in addition to that, you also get the superior audio quality of Sennheiser to complement it.

One disadvantage of this device is that it is a bit lacking in the bass output. However, it makes up for this in the quality of other areas. The GSP 500 is a premium pair of Sennheiser gaming headphones with a best-in-class mic. You are free to adapt, personalize, and improve the GSP 500 when you use it in combination with any of the external sound cards available. There is the GSX 1200 Pro and the new EPOS | Sennheiser GSX 300 (both compatible with only MAC and PC).

  1. Sennheiser Game Zero

The Sennheiser Game Zero headset is a perfect balance between the GSP 300 and GSP 370. It is another amazing headphone in the mid-range price category for anyone willing to spend a little more money on a wired, traditional headset. The headphones have the same impressive over-ear closed-back design, but with a bit more classic-gamer aesthetics in general. A little touch of red is used instead of the usual matte black finish. The headphones still maintain the Sennheiser signature design and hence look ready for the part.

The Sennheiser Game Zero headphones let you engage in long gaming sessions thanks to their well-padded and well-spaced ear cups. They have a general look that is sturdy and will definitely serve you long.

In terms of performance, the Game Zero delivers excellent sound quality. The closed-back design offers impressive passive noise isolation and the mic is almost flawless as well. However, some people might find the headphones a bit deficient on the bass side, which could be a deal-breaker for anyone who needs them to be that multi-purpose, gaming plus music headset.

That said, the Game Zero remains one of the best Sennheiser headphones for gaming. It is simply a really superb gaming headset.

  1. Sennheiser Game One

You will not be surprised that the Game One headset was released by a company with headphones in music studios all over the world. Sennheiser is well recognized for producing impressively well-balanced headsets that can reproduce audio just the way it is supposed to be heard. This Sennheiser gaming headset does not disappoint.

From lively soundtracks to the richly detailed soundscapes of wide-open spaces, the audio output through their really comfortable velour ear cups is crystal clear and accurate for all frequency ranges. Hence, the Sennheiser Game One is ideal for anyone who needs superior audio quality in their games and music. Note that the headphones offer no form of noise cancellation, which is a bit disappointing. The mic is also very basic and maybe upsetting considering how much money you spent buying these.

The stripped-back design does provide an enhanced audio quality, a design custom that also reflects on the physical build of the headset itself. This headset has no fancy RGB effects, or futuristic shapes and effects. It is just a simple open back headset with a brilliant red, almost chrome streak running through it. It does have a minimalistic look, but is something that non-gamers will also feel comfortable to wear outside of their homes.

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