Best Beyerdynamic Headphones for Gaming

Beyerdynamic is a popular manufacturer of headphones. It is an old audio company with vast experience in sound and gaming. The company is a little less than a century old. It specializes in the manufacturing of headphones, microphones, speakers, and more. And it boasts of some of the greatest audio electronics in the world. Now, we have compiled the list of the 5 best Beyerdynamic gaming headphones for you to compare and choose the one that meets your preference.

best beyerdynamic headphones for gaming

Beyerdynamic ranks high in the industry because it stands shoulder to shoulder with its competitors. Hence, it has introduced to the market, various popular models. Today, though the universal headphone design hasn’t witnessed a substantial change, the rapid development of knowledge and technology has prompted innovation in the gaming industry. Below are some of the best Beyerdynamic headphones for gaming.

Best Beyerdynamic headphones for gaming in 2021:

1. DT 990 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

The DT 990 Pro remains one of the greatest Beyerdynamic headphones for gaming. Individuals and professionals, including experts such as Ninja and Fortnite streamers, are proud to have used these headphones for gaming. The DT 990 Pro has several features that are identical to that of the DT 1990 Pro. For example, both of them have an open-back design that enables them to reach the height of their soundstage and imaging.

While the DT 770 Pro and the DT 990 Pro have different models, the DT 1770 Pro and the DT 990 Pro don’t. The DT 990 Pro has 32 ohms, 80 ohms, and 250 ohms. Though it is not as neutral as the higher-end DT 1990 Pro, the sound that the DT 990 Pro delivers is pleasurable for casual use and detailed enough for professional use. In essence, the DT 990 pro and the DT 1990 Pro have different treble peaks.

All in all, the DR 990 pro has a nice design and amazing sound quality. It is accurate and has a build and sound quality. These are the qualities that distinguish it from its competitors. The various models of DT 990 Pro enable users who have no amplifier to still enjoy it. This pair of headphones is suitable for all, including gamers, professionals as well as casual listeners.


2. Custom One Pro

Custom One Pro

The Custom One Pro is another of Beyerdynamic’s closed-back headphones model suitable for use in various applications. It is the main rival to V Moda Crossfade and Audio Technica. The Custom One Pro is good for gaming headphones, studio monitors, or even casual listening. Typical of most DT series headphones, the Custom Pro has an amazing design and awesome build, with few additional features.

This pair has a replaceable faceplate– a quality that makes it “custom” because it enables you to personalize the features to your needs. You are free to swap the headband padding and the earpads to your preferred color or material.

The tunable bass settings are a very amazing custom feature of this pair of headphones. With the aid of four bass modes, the Custom One Pro has been enhanced from slightly neutral to a fun sound. The lowest setting also enables these headphones to achieve additional reference sound for professional work.

All in all, the Custom One Pro ranks as one of Beyerdynamic’s best gaming headphones. Apart from being versatile, the pair has various amounts of bass that you can experiment with.


3. MMX 300

MMX 300

The MMX 300 is built on the features of the more popular DT 770 Pro 80-ohm version. The choice of the 80-ohm is superb, partly because it caters to the needs of gamers who don’t have DAC/Amps or headphone amplifiers. You can power MMX 300 with a gaming console or any PC that features a 3.5mm jack.

The DT 770 Pro has detailed highs, a great bass response, and a vast soundstage suitable for a closed-back pair of headphones.

The above features make the MMX 300 a perfect option for gaming. The quality features of the MMX 300 make it perfect for use by both casual gamers who want to enjoy the deep sound design of games. The pair comes with a non-detachable microphone; hence, the device cannot be used as a portable unit because the mic sticks out and looks unattractive.

MMX 300 has a detachable cable, making it future-proof. This feature is however absent in DT 770 Pro.

It also has a great microphone that can be used for voice chat, live streaming, and team comms. In conclusion, though the design is somehow dull, the MMX 300 is a great pair of gaming headphones by Beyerdynamic. Like the popular DT 770 Pro, MMX 300 beats its counterpart in the price category.


4. Custom Game

Custom Game

When it comes to the best Beyerdynamic headsets for gaming, the Custom Game is a very popular option. The model, as the name suggests, is based on the Custom one Pro. Though the design looks unattractive, this headset has amazing features. It seems to be a better option for gamers than the MMX 300 in terms of quality sound delivery. There is a lot of similarities between the Custom Game and the Custom One Pro.

Their sturdy build is superior to that of any other gaming headset. In essence, you can customize their parts like the headband, ear pads, Facelets, and the cable. You can as well detach and replace the MMX 300’s microphone with that of another product. You can use either the Custom One Pro or the Custom Game in a portable setting because they are both detachable headphones.

In conclusion, while the Custom Game is unique for its versatility, the MMX 300 is a preferred choice for those who crave a detailed sound. Either of them is, however, a great pair of headphones that will give you value for money.


5. T1 2nd Generation

T1 2nd Generation

As one of the best headphones for gamers in Beyerdynamic’s lineup, T1 2nd Generation remains the flagship of the company. The pair appears to rival the popular Sennheiser HD800s. However, both models have the same analytical signature while the T1 holds the downsides of the HD800s.

The T1 2nd Generation has the most neutral sound signature in the entire product range.

The T1  also ranks first, followed by the DT 1990, as the most detailed headset. Like the HD 800s, the T1 has high accuracy and detail retrieval. The above features make this headset the preferred choice of producers, mixing, and mastering engineers.

The T1 and the HD800s share the same treble peaks. However, the treble peaks often cause a long listening session with T1 to be boring and uninspiring. This headset is also too cold, flat, or lifeless for some listeners due to its excessive detail and accuracy.

Nevertheless, this model remains Beyerdynamic’s best offer, and it reflects the overall innovations made by Beyerdynamic in recent time. So, you can try this product to enjoy the immense value it offers.


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