Best Headphones with Mic Under $50

Whenever you are working from home and want to make a conference call or just want to start a video catch-up with family or friends,   you need a nice pair of headphones with a mic. These gadgets boost audio quality and amplify every word clearly to enable you to enjoy seamless listening.

At this point, you probably want to know which ones are the best headphones with mic. Ensure that you make a wise decision that will enable you to get the best quality. The latest wireless models are the best options because you can use them hands-free. Besides, many of them have Bluetooth 5.0 features that allow compatibility between audio and video, and also a 40m indoor range (unlike Bluetooth 4.2’s 10m range).

But if you are looking for in-ear headphones with mic, you can go for a pair with long battery life and an in-line remote control to enable you to answer calls. And if you need to make calls in noisy places, you will enjoy the noise-canceling technology that blocks out external sounds like rain, wind, loud conversations, and rumbling trains.

To ensure that you make the best choice, we’ve compiled the list of the best headphones with mic under $50. Keep reading to choose the pair that meets your specifications and fits your budget.

Best headphones with mic under $50 in 2021:

1. Mpow 059

Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

The Mpow 059 headphones are leisure-friendly. They produce a nice set of drivers that give you your favorite playlists plus a convenient microphone to ensure you don’t miss your call even while you are engrossed in the music.

The speaker units, which are neodymium driven, are 40mm in size. Their response is very wide. They produce sound dynamic detail, deep bass, and clean trebles.

Courtesy of their fold-away design, you can easily fold and take them with you anywhere, anytime. Plus, they have a space-saving storage solution.

Mpow 059 set have both wired/wireless features, so they can operate via Bluetooth or direct plug-in through an optional mini-jack or USB cord, an opportunity that saves you from worry about the battery life. Moreover, the battery has just been upgraded to lower consumption to last for as long as 20 hours of use. Besides, it recharges at a fast speed, with a 10-minute charge lasting for hours of play.

Mpow 059 comes with an amazing microphone suitable for a regular set of budget headphones with a microphone, considering the fact that this product is designed to cater for audio reproduction rather than communication.


  • Excellent audio
  • Fold-away design
  • High-quality microphone

What we love about it – Mpow 059 is a powerful comfy set with a high-quality mic. Their space-saving fold-away design makes them portable and convenient to carry anywhere you go. They deliver hands-free communication which can be easily operated using the ear-cup attached touch controls.

2. Mpow 071

Mpow 071 Headphones

Mpow 071 are office-ready on-ear design headsets with an adjustable armed microphone. Plus they are budget-friendly.

They are lightweight and nicely made. They are comfortable to use, as they don’t cause fatigue nor generate excessive heat as an over-ear headphone.

They come with a revamped steel slider-style headband that has decent cushioning. The ear-pads contain memory foam coated with a skin-friendly leather-like cover.

You can connect them to your laptop or computer using an interchangeable 3.5mm jack or a USB connector that plugs directly into the in-line soundbox controls.

The mic is adjustable and uni-directional, as it directs its focus on the wearer’s voice. Its pick-up circumference is excellent, while the soundbox has been enhanced with a noise rejection chip to filter out external sounds, making this pair of headset ideal for communication in a busy office setting.


  • Lightweight on-ear office option
  • Convenient
  • Installed with noise rejection chip
  • Comes with a goose-neck microphone

What we love about it – This is a well-designed pair of headsets with a mic that is exclusively made for chats and related functions. The uni-directional nature of the microphone makes the product more suitable for functions. And lastly, the cancelation is active and very efficient.

3. Micolindun Gaming Headset

Micolindun Gaming Headset

This is another affordable headset for gamers whose budgets are below premium sets. They are rated as one of the best gaming headphones with mic as they have bigger aperture drivers for improved performance.

They weigh 50mm (adding an extra 10), with a circumaural over-head design.

They come with a headband that is nicely cushioned like the cups to guarantee extended raiding sessions.

The recent upgrade made to the microphone enables the set to deliver a quality sound that equals that of more expensive pairs.

Moreover, they are adjustable and can easily be muted just by touching a button. The processing circuitry has a high-quality ANC chip that cancels out background noise and makes lines clear for effective communication.


  • Updated adjustable mic
  • Circumaural gaming headset
  • High-quality noise cancelation chip

What we love about it – These headphones have a strong build and they are also well-cushioned. The microphone as well as the on-board ANC delivers clear lines.

4. AILIHEN C8 Headphones Mic

Ailihen C8

This is a set of folding over-ear headphones that is a close rival to the Mpow set. C8, produced by AILIHEN, is a budget-friendly pair of headsets with a microphone under $50.

These headsets are carefully designed as a folding-mechanic product. They have a flexible hinge that can perfectly fit a wearer’s head.

They are padded for maximum comfort, while the drivers hidden within are suitable for a cheap pair.

They produce rich and balanced audio that emits great bass production. They also have an integrated microphone that enables the wearer to answer calls at the touch of a button that is comfortably located on the cord.

The cord is knitted with cotton to make it strong and more durable.

Though they don’t have active noise-canceling technology, they can passively filter the environment with the mic having a small pick-up, thereby maintaining a clear communication line.

They come in a variety of fashionable colors from which you can choose. They can also adjust to a smaller size to fit younger users.


  • Nice folding concept
  • High-quality microphone
  • Comfortable to wear

What we love about it – These are a leisure-friendly set that comes with a great communication microphone. The folding swings are not only flexible, they are mode durable than many of their counterparts on the market.



If you are looking for a low-price mobile solution that amplifies and boosts the audio quality of your phone, then this model would meet your expectations. PANASONIC ErgoFit works better than the installed speakers and offers you a good microphone for hands-free use.

They are an affordable in-ear conventional earbud-style option that can easily be stored in a pocket when not in use.

Also, they are a wired pair of headsets that come with an extra-long cord that can give a better signal than their Bluetooth counterparts can.

The wires have enhanced entry and exit points that prevent breakage, though you need to look at the likelihood of tangling.

The ErgoFit series features ergonomics as one of its core designs. The earbuds are built at an angle from their compact drivers, which enable them to sit more conveniently in the ear and also furnish the user with a better seal to keep them intact.

The ear tips are designed with Panasonic’s branded ultra-soft composite with 3 sizes.

The microphone’s pick-up is very sound, while it has the same magnets as the speakers. It is a close-distance microphone, which passively rejects external sound, while it can be operated by using easy-reach in-line controls.

The interior and exterior of ErgoFit products are well-designed, while the drivers produce excellent audio definition. They come in a variety of colors that you can choose from and are a great solution for those who are looking for an affordable set.


  • Ergonomic ultra-soft ear tips
  • Installed close-distance mic
  • Excellent audio definition
  • Affordable
  • Pleasing voice

What we love about it – Ergonomic is a great product manufactured by Panasonic. They are comfortable, affordable, and secure as a low-cost set of headphones with mic under $50.

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