Best Bass Headphones Under $50

Different headphones come with different capabilities and choosing the right model depends solely on your purpose and expectations. To some, connectivity might be the primary concern. To others, it is all about comfort and padding for hours of games. If you are after some good bass headphones under $50, large speaker drivers should be your primary concern. Obviously, there is more to look for in headphones, but drivers dictate the bass.

Best Bass Headphones Under 50

Choosing the best bass headphones under $50 could be challenging because there are lots of options in commerce. Some of them can easily compete against high-end products, while others are totally worthless. Assuming you know what to look for, here are the top-rated headphones in this segment based on previous buyers’ reviews.

Top 5 Bass Headphones Under $50

1. OneOdio Pro-10

OneOdio has designed a quality headset with good value for money. It is sturdy and well put together, but it also comes in multiple colors, with red being the most popular one. No matter what color you choose, the performance will be the same.

When it comes to the bass, you can count on massive 50mm speaker drivers. This is way above what you can normally find in this price segment. Mixed with neodymium magnets, these drivers guarantee for a deep bass, clear vocals and instruments – regardless of the volume.

Ear cushions are padded and feature premium cushioning for durability. While there is no noise cancellation, you can count on professional noise isolation. Ambient noise is less likely to kick in, even if you are in a noisy environment.

The headband is adjustable for a good fit. At the same time, ear cups swivel to 90 degrees for an even better fit. You also have single ear monitoring, as well as easy storage and transportation. Just like the ear cups, the headband is padded for comfort.

The headset is wired, so there is no Bluetooth connectivity. The wire is pretty long though – almost 10 feet. It can easily reach from any device you connect the headset to. It has two plugs – 3.5 and 6.3, meaning it is compatible with pretty much every device out there.

There are not too many extras coming with this headset. You have a classic in line microphone on the cable, as well as the Shareport technology and a foldable design for easy transportation. Furthermore, the headphones are lightweight – just over half a pound.


  • Large speaker drivers for a good bass
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Lots of padding for comfort
  • Foldable construction
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Might make your ears sweat when worn for too long

2. Betron BN15

Betron’s bass headphones to match the $50 budget come with a super simplistic and sleek design. They are only available in matte black and look great – pretty large ear cups as well and lots of adjustabilities.

The bi-fold design is excellent if you travel a lot. The headset is easy to store, but also to transport. Moreover, this type of design is also suitable if you want a perfect fit, as you have a bit of flexibility. The headband is large and ideal for those with large heads too.

Ear cups have a good layer of cushioning. It is soft for comfort and less pressure on your ears. Despite looking large, the headband is adjustable and can also match small heads. Despite the padding, the headset does not look too bulky.

You can kiss cables goodbye because these headphones have wireless connectivity. They connect over a Bluetooth connection, meaning they work with any device that supports such connectivity. There are no backups for devices that require cables.

The headphones can be recharged over micro USB. When fully charged, they provide up to 12 hours of playtime. The range is pretty good too – around 33 feet. You can move around the house or office without losing the connection.

The sound is powerful due to the 40mm speaker drivers. No matter what you need the headset for, you will have crisp and clear frequencies, vocals and instruments. As for extras, you have a built-in microphone and a few controls on the ear cups.


  • Solid Bluetooth connectivity
  • Crisp and clear audio
  • Suitable for office work, commuting, games, movies and music
  • Great for both small and large heads
  • Built-in microphone and controls


  • Might leak some audio at high volumes

3. Picun Headphones

Picun headphones might qualify among the best under $50 bass headphones, but they certainly look more expensive than that. They feel sturdy as you hold them and the heavy padding adds a bit of bulk – everything for your own comfort.

The headset comes in a couple of different colors – black and brown. They feature an over ear construction – pretty obvious, based on the size of those ear cups. They swivel to 90 degrees for a tighter fit.

Comfort is given by the thick cushioning, which will never put too much pressure on your ears due to its softness. The headband is also padded, but it also ensures a high degree of adjustability. Finding the perfect fit is only a matter of time.

Connectivity is wireless – over Bluetooth. The connection is stable over 33 feet, so you can get to another room or walk around without worrying about it. It works with any device that can take Bluetooth connections – phones, consoles, laptops or TV sets.

Now, if you are worried about the bass, you should know the headphones feature dual speaker drivers. Basically, you have four speakers, as well as a solid EQ bass mode. The bass sound will shake your whole body, but you can also experience clarity at any volume.

When it comes to extras, you should know that a full charge – up to two hours – will give you 40 hours of playtime. During emergencies, you can always throw the cable in and use the headset in a wired mode. You have a built in microphone too, plus ear cup controls.


  • Simple and efficient controls on the earcup
  • Built-in HD microphone
  • Good battery life
  • Four drivers for an exquisite bass
  • Plenty of cushioning


  • Some controls and features are not too intuitive and require the manual – such as switching the EQ mode

4. Betron S2

Betron may not be the most popular name on the market, but its capabilities stand out in the crowd. Its bass headphones for less than $50 focus on things that really make the difference, such as great audio and a perfect fit – no fancy bells and whistles.

There is no frustration with cables, as connectivity is wireless. The Bluetooth connectivity is practical and features a range of 33 feet – pretty standard. You have the freedom to move around or use the headphones with your TV without being stuck to just a few feet away.

The battery will give you about 10 hours of continuous playtime. If you run out of battery without the possibility to charge the headphones, you can also hook up a 3.5 jack cable and rely on wired connectivity. Given the Bluetooth and wired options, the headset is compatible with almost every device on the market.

The bass is exquisite. You have large speaker drivers for a powerful bass that you might feel throughout your whole body. Vocals and instruments are crystal clear too, whether you blast the headphones at the highest volume or a low one.

Taking calls or adjusting the volume is fairly simple and does not involve touching your phone. You have a few controls on one of the ear cups, which is quite convenient. Plus, the microphone is built-in – no need to purchase a separate one.

As for comfort, ear cups move a little, so they are flexible enough for a comfortable fit and little to no pressure. They feature synthetic leather pillows. The headband is both padded and adjustable as well.


  • Well-cushioned headband
  • Built-in microphone
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Superior audio experience
  • Great fit


  • Battery life could have been longer

5. Picun P26

Picun’s best bass headphones under 50 look like they are made of one piece only. They come in a beautiful platinum gray design, yet you can also opt for other colors – black, camo, red, or rose. Performance is the same, regardless of the style.

You have dual large aperture speaker drivers – 40mm. It is a bit more than what you can normally find in this price range. The bass is super clear and deep, as well as the vocals and instruments, whether you play music at the highest or lowest volume.

Connectivity is both wireless and wired. The Bluetooth connectivity gives you 40 hours of playtime on a single charge. You also have a standard 33 foot range.

On the other hand, the wired connectivity comes with a 3.5 jack cable, making these headphones virtually compatible with any device that can play audio.

The headset features cushioned ear pads, as well as padding on the inside of the headband. The headband is adjustable too, so finding the perfect fit is a matter of seconds.

Last, but not least, it is worth mentioning you have a few controls on one of the ear cups, while the microphone is built in.


  • Good connectivity features
  • Good looking design
  • Quality bass
  • Easy to use controls on one of the ear cups
  • Plenty of padding


  • No noise cancellation, but good noise isolation