Best AM/FM Radio Headphones

The popularity of radio has waned drastically. Now, radio is not as popular as it was some decades ago. The old generation of our forefathers depended on the radio as their primary source of information. Color TV later displaced the radio in news and entertainment delivery.

best am fm radio headphones

Nevertheless, some young people prefer to access local and global radio stations via their mobile and car devices.

Also, those working in remote places still depend on the radio for relaxation and information. Getting the best AM/FM radio headphones won’t only ensure that you don’t miss your favorite entertainment but make it easy to work in a loud environment.

So, ensure that you consider the most essential features when deciding to get yourself a new pair of AM/FM radio headphones by checking the design, the frequency coverage, the level of comfort they give, the quality of their sound and the receiver and if they are perfect in isolating the ears from external noise. The above features are some of the general qualities you should look out for. Meanwhile, we have reviewed the individual pairs of the best AM/FM radio headphones to enable you to choose your favorite one.

Best AM/FM radio headphones in 2021:

1. EARMUFF Radio Headphones

EARMUFF Radio Headphones

In terms of hearing protection, EARMUFF Radio Headphones rank among the best AM/FM radio headphones available out there. Their 31dB noise reduction rating enhances their noise reduction feature. This is one of the most notable qualities of these headphones.

Typical of all hearing protection headphones, EARMUFF headphones come with two modes. One is AM/FM, while the other is AUX – whose cable you can use to connect to several other audio channels.

EARMUFF Radio Headphones are wireless in AM/FM mode. However, they require 2 AA batteries to work efficiently. Their battery should last for at least 200 hours of playtime. AM and FM tuners come only in digital form. You can choose to scan the stations manually or automatically. The headphones have nice sensitivity, especially when in FM mode. Also, they can pick up some clear AM stations. You can learn up to 8 presets by heart. They have an excellent sound quality and a clear, detailed midrange. The bass, though present, is not entirely spectacular while the highs are just moderately bright but not exhausting.

In conclusion, EARMUFF Radio headphones have excellent reception, though we prefer the choice of Howard Leight Elvex or Elvex to EARMUFF.

2. Honeywell Sync Digital Radio Earmuff

Honeywell earmuff

Typical of Honeywell headphones, Honeywell Sync has the same button configuration (4 buttons and LCD and volume dial). While this is not the most inventive button layout, it’s simple and easy to acquaint yourself with.

These headphones feature an NRR 25 rating. They are an excellent pair of AM/FM radio headphones in terms of noise reduction.

There are two different modes to choose from, namely AM/FM and AUX modes. You can use them in a wireless form while in AM/FM mode but with 2 AA batteries. A set of batteries can last for up to 111 hours of playtime. Another amazing feature of Sync Digital is Auto-Off, which automatically turns off the headphones after 4 hours of inactivity.

Honeywell Sync delivers an outstanding AM and FM reception. While the sound is a bit lower in AM mode, the voices are very clear and free of static noise. You can learn up to 10 stations by heart.

Though the sound quality is not excellent, this is nothing to worry about. This is because the primary function of the device is to serve as hearing protection earmuffs. As applicable to other models out there, the bass is not strong enough, and there is too much emphasis on the midrange. Besides, the volume output can’t go beyond 82dBA, a restriction that’s not that good, especially if you enjoy loud music.

3. 3M Worktunes Wireless Headphones

3M WorkTunes

3M Worktunes Wireless Headphones were introduced as an upgrade to the 3M Worktunes. The Bluetooth connectivity is the most notable upgrade in the device. Likewise, the control button layout and the headband design are different. There have been some slight improvements in the design to ensure comfort.

The headband has no padding but contains some small holes that allow air into the ear. There are relatively comfortable. They are somehow tight. This is apparently because, like most other best radio headphones with AM/FM, they must have a seal that will be needed to block external noise.

They have simple controls. While the buttons are not completely intuitive, you can get yourself familiar with the layout in 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can check the manual to read the detailed instructions.

There are two buttons: first, function and source; and 2nd, buttons/knobs for volume and tuning.

Voice prompts (Audio Assist feature) are also one of the ways through which you can control these headphones.

We’ve never encountered any issue about the Bluetooth connectivity with 3M Worktunes wireless headphones. They are indeed compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, and their range is about 25ft.

4. Sony SRFH4 AM/FM Headphones

Sony SRFH4

SRFH4 AM/FM is perfect for AM and FM reception. They come with analog tuners, a feature that most radio lovers always find interesting. However, SRFH4, including all its counterparts in the SRF series is very expensive.

They are very comfortable, so you’ll be pleased with what you paid for. They are light, so you won’t feel exhausted. Their dual adjustable headband also makes them very stable.

They have extremely simple controls. Tuning dial and AM/FM selectors are located on the right cup. A tiny battery compartment is in the left earcup. This needs an AAA battery to use.

The radio mode is the only working model that comes with SRFH4 headphones. You have only two options to choose from– AM and FM. There is no wired option, so they are completely wireless. A single AAA battery can last for up to 60 hours of use.  AM and FM tuners are very sensitive, and you can tune them easily to several AM and FM stations. The reception is indeed amazing. The drawback of analog tuners is the inability to memorize presets. Hence, you’ll have to do a lot of tuning.

5. Retekess FM Stereo Headset


Retekess headphones have an excellent build quality that matches their price. They are wholly plastic, a feature that calls their durability to question. But with such a ridiculous price  ($20), you can’t get a better product in that category. They have moderate weight and are one of the best comfortable AM/FM radio headphones on the market.

They have all their control buttons on the right cup. The buttons, 9 in number, are close to one another and difficult to use.

You must remove the headphones from your head whenever you want to adjust the volume or search for stations. Over time, you’ll familiarize yourself with using the buttons, though it may be difficult at first. You’ll find a 4-digit screen above the position of the buttons.

There are two modes in which Retekess headphones work– AUX and FM. When in FM mode, they are entirely wireless. The left cup contains the battery compartment. Retekess FM uses 2 AA batteries that can last for 30 hours of use.

They have an excellent FM reception. They have an autotune button, and they allow you to save 10 of your favorite stations. You are free to tune the stations manually. However, the AM tuner is unavailable.

They have awesome sound quality. While you are not guaranteed the most pleasant experience, you’ll surely find them loud and bassy while in AUX mode.

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