Best Radio Headphones For Lawn Mowing

Are you one of the many homeowners who find satisfaction in their well-trimmed lawns? Are you the kind of person who doesn’t mind mowing the lawn every day to make sure that there is no single straying blade of grass? If your answer is yes, then you should at least be using a pair of radio headphones for lawn mowing.

In this article, you will learn about how the best radio headphones for mowing are important and why you should buy one as soon as possible. The Occupational Safety And Health Administration (OSHA) has warned that workers should not be exposed to noise that is louder than 85 decibels for several hours.

best radio headphones for lawn mowing

If earplugs are not an option for you because you don’t enjoy working in absolute silence, and you feel like you can have a better performance when there is audio playing in the background, then you should go for the noise-canceling headphones for lawn mowing. These will cancel out hazardous noises while also allowing you to listen to your preferred soundtracks at a harmless volume.

If you are new to buying ear protection devices, then you will find this article useful in searching for the best radio headphones for mowing.

Best radio headphones for lawn mowing in 2021 are:

1. 3M WorkTunes Connect

3M WorkTunes

The 3M WorkTunes radio headphones are the first product on our list of the best radio headsets for lawn mowing. They have a noise reduction rating of 24 decibels, which means that they can cut down noise from the environment by 24 decibels. For instance, if the noise from your lawnmower is 90 decibels, these headphones will bring what goes into your ears down to 66 decibels. This is within the acceptable range.

The inbuilt AM/FM radio is one other great feature of the 3M WorkTunes Connect radio headset for mowing. When you’re out in your yard working, it can get boring and also tiring when there is nothing but the sound of your equipment keeping you company. Hence, it is a good thing that the 3M WorkTunes come with an inbuilt radio.

You can tune in to your favorite radio as you tend to your lawn. The headphones let you enjoy the best of both worlds. There is also an Audio Assist feature which lets you save as many as 50 preset radio stations and makes it easy to search through them for what to listen to. The audio assistant can also notify you when the battery level has dropped low.

Another nice thing is that when you can’t find anything suitable to listen to on the radio, you can connect these lawn mowing headphones with your smartphone and listen to your music playlist or audiobooks. Sometimes, audiobooks may be a better choice for listening during handiwork as it helps stimulate the mind.

2. Honeywell AM/FM/MP3 Earmuff

Honeywell earmuff

It’s good to know that these earmuffs come with a digital radio, which is by all standards better than the outdated analog radio. For a start, digital radio is clearer by far. It sounds just like an audio CD playing. Also, the stations do not dwindle into static noises when the signal is too poor.

These lawn mowing headphones with radio will provide you with entertainment as you tend to the grass on your lawn. One interesting feature of this device is the Air Flow Control. Note that this is not a ventilation system to keep your ears aerated. It is a means through which the ear cups can decrease noise for all sound frequencies without getting larger in size or thickness.

There is a clear difference between this product and the other noise-canceling headphones we have tested and this is smaller but still performs well. When you want to listen to something other than radio, you can connect the headphones to your smartphone and play the songs or podcasts that you have on them.

These Honeywell Earmuffs feature an auxiliary input jack and also come with an aux cord, so there will be no need to purchase any extra parts or peripherals. All you have to do is plug in your phone, and you are ready to listen. It is also great that these AM/FM radio headphones for mowing are extremely slim and lightweight.

3. DEWALT DPG15 Hearing Muff

DEWALT dpg15 hearing muff

At first sight, anyone will notice that the DEWALT DPG15 comes with plenty of foam padding. A simple look at it is enough to tell that it’s going to be a very comfortable pair of cans to wear. The headband and the earpads have a thick layer of foam that gives sufficient cushioning without adding more weight to the device.

These headphones for lawn mowing also come with digital AM/FM to make a less boring chore of mowing your lawn or garden. It is better to have a radio than to just wear basic earmuffs. Even the hardest chores become a bit more tolerable when you have music playing in the background.

In addition to the radio, there is an LCD screen that displays what the radio station is on currently. This is quite convenient compared to other headphones where you are left to guess what radio station is tuned in.

The earpads are likely to be the first part of these headphones that will get damaged. It is a good thing that they can be easily replaced. All you have to do is take out the old earpads and then put the new ones in their place. There are no screws involved and there is no other thing that you will have to take out.

4. PROTEAR Digital Earmuff

PROTEAR Digital Earmuff

The ambient noise reduction rate of these earmuffs is 25 decibels. This implies that if you are exposed to the noise of around 90 decibels, which is way above the recommended limit of 85 decibels (the quantity of noise calculated in decibels increases exponentially), the noise will be reduced considerably to 75 decibels.

Since the amount is now in the safe range, using these muffs is advantageous. The headphones have an inbuilt digital radio which is great. The audio quality is superb. Listening to the FM band sounds the same way as listening to a CD. When you are tuned in to the AM stations, they sound similar to the FM stations but with no static.

Still, on the sound quality, the speakers in these headphones are above average. Though they are one of the finest radio headphones for mowing, you shouldn’t expect to get the same kind of audio quality you would expect from $300 headphones. However, they sound just fine as long as you are not an audiophile.

PROTEAR Digital earmuffs also have lightweight and are comfortable to wear. The headband is very wide so that it won’t dig into your head. The ear cups are also thick and padded with soft foam. This serves as a tight seal around the ears for improved noise cancellation.

5. Safety Works Radio Earmuffs

Safety Works Radio Earmuffs

The best thing about these headphones is that for the variety of features that they have, they come cheap. Some headphones in this review of the best radio headsets for mowing the lawn also come with the same features but their price tags are double of the Safety Works Radio Earmuffs.

Another important thing about these headphones is that they have an auxiliary jack. Besides that, a 1m long aux cord is also included in the package. With this, even taller people will have no issues with the cord not being long enough to reach their pockets.

This gives room for the user to play music from their phone or MP3 player if they want. The headphones also contain an inbuilt digital AM/FM radio, which is nice because it is easier to listen to the radio on batteries than it is to play tracks on a phone. The signal reception of this device is decent even when you’re indoors.

The audio quality is quite acceptable too, even though the sound gets somewhat distorted at deep bass levels. However, this is not surprising since these are not Hi-fi headphones.

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