Klipsch SW-450 Review

One of the most affordable categories from this brand is the Klipsch SW-450 wherein it uses a 10-inch composite fiber, a down-firing subwoofer that is operated by the 45 watts Class D level digital amplifier wherein it is fitted in the enclosure that is rear ported.

This model also comes with high-level inputs, through the gold plated 5-way binding posts and its low-level inputs, through the stereo RCA jacks, wherein one of them can be utilized for the LFE signal. However, there is no output for the high pass crossover. This subwoofer also offers control for the low-pass crossover between 40Hz and 150Hz, phase control, and volume control.

Klipsch SW-450 Review

With all the small speakers or with the need for matching the subwoofer to the speakers of the system, it will need to use the crossover of the processor, which is an external crossover. Or it can also be better to use the controls of the SW-450 in order to fine-tune the response of the bass into the speakers of the system.

Klipsch SW-450 Subwoofer Design Review

Measuring 17in x 14in x 19.5 inches with a total weight of 35.5 pounds, just seeing the SW-450 is not too big when it comes with the limit placement options, not to mention it comes with a lot of heft.

This also employs some of those nice feet with the style of a claw which aids with moving the unit around. Its black vinyl finish really looks amazing, and the construction quality with its parts is just right up the competition.

Sound performance reviewed

When using it with games and movies, this model sounds really good. It won’t run out of the needed power unlike other subwoofers out there and it provides amazing extension, weight and punch all at the same time.

On selected movies its bass output was very meaty and strong that it really seemed a lot bigger than it was in the system. The weight and extension of the SW-450 was even very impressive. For music, the SW-450 comes with its own limits, mainly around the aspects of speed, accuracy and definition.

It sounded better when you play electronic and rock tracks than with acoustic, jazz and classical ones. Another issue that you will notice is the overall lack of high-pass crossover and even the inclusion of bypass for the low-pass crossover.

The high-pass crossover could be made as a deciding factor among systems that lack the adjustment control over the bass, while the low-pass crossover could aid with the performance of the bass in certain systems by taking out the needless crossover. Take note as well that this subwoofer also offers phase control. But this all depends entirely on user demands, material, system, etc.

Final Verdict on Klipsch SW-450

It was able to provide more than enough weight and output, but there is not enough control and speed that will cover all the nuances that exist with the music material.

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