Sennheiser PC37X Review

The PC37X is the child of Sennheiser’s partnership with the e-commerce company, Drop originally known as Massdrop. The production of the Sennheiser PC37X was aimed at producing a simple and affordable gaming headset that possesses Sennheiser’s powerful sound quality. It comes in an open-back package modeled after most of Sennheiser’s PC gaming headphones with little modifications made. Are these the set of cans you need in your life? Come with us as we walk you through the Sennheiser PC37X review.

Sennheiser PC37X review

sennheiser pc37x

Design and Build

The PC37X is a pair of gaming headsets that spot an open-back and full plastic design. You won’t find the flashy angular design, colored LEDs, or the bright highlights common amongst headphones in the gaming market but it was designed for gamers. Great attention was paid to the comfort in a bid to ensure that users get to enjoy these for long sessions.

They have a wide build and are equipped with velour earpads even in the plastic band, you will find a thick velour cushion. The plastic build makes these headphones lightweight while the open-back design means you don’t need to worry about heat build-up. Everything considered these are comfortable headsets for everyone including glasses wearers.

One would think the PC37X will look cheap and feel a little flimsy due to its plastic build but that is not the case. It is equipped with a flexible headband that possesses a good clamping force which allows it to rest securely and around your head without causing discomfort. The secure fit and the slight bend and twist made to the headphone’s hinges combine to give you a perfect fit. You would have enjoyed excellent sound isolation here if not for the open-back design.

The headphone is pretty simple to use but it functions on PC alone. The Sennheiser PC37X utilizes two 3.5mm connections; one is for the microphone while the other is for the headphones. This is the standard cable application on PC headphones but it isn’t any use on console games.

There are integrated controls on the PC37X headphones. The volume control dial sits unobtrusively on the right headphone and if you desire to mute the microphone, all you have to do is flip the cable into a vertical position. Most of the controls on these headphones are very intuitive. You can simply flip the mic to mute it in a simple and fast motion and you need not second guess the process, an audible click will tell you whether you succeeded.

Sennheiser PC37X Performance and Sound

Users are bound to enjoy a powerful gaming experience with the Sennheiser PC37X. The lightweight and comfortable design make them ideal for long sessions of use. The audio drivers on these headphones are angled to aid the creation of a natural soundscape. The trick is common on gaming headsets. There is no surround sound but with the angled drivers and the open-back design, you won’t even notice.

We tested it with the Overwatch game and the gunfire could be heard clearly. We also found that the surround sound feature built-into the game’s software worked perfectly.

The headphones performed pretty well on voice chats. While the sound output was crisp, there was a little problem with volume. You may need to seek another means of boosting your microphone because gaming headsets do not find it very easy to get power to the incorporated microphone. This is often common with 3.5 mm cable but you could achieve the required boost using such programs as Discord and others. When you get the program, all you need to do is tweak them until you find the right setting.

The sound on the Sennheiser PC37X is very solid. It delivers what is expected of gaming headphones; precise mids and most of the bass sound. You may encounter a slight emphasis around the 4 kHz mark.

When you are using these headphones for gaming, be assured that every sound will be delivered as they are meant to be. You will find that sibilant sounds like f, s, and sh will come through clearly due to a slight rise in the highs around the 6 – 11 kHz mark. This will help voices sound more natural. Some of the explosions won’t be as loud as you’d expect due to a slight de-emphasis at the low-end of the bass range.

Final Thoughts on Sennheiser PC37X

We found the Sennheiser PC37X to be excellent gaming headphones. Great sound, crisp and clear microphone, and excellent comfort. If you are a glasses-wearing gamer, the velour headphone pads make these a good option for you. The quiet mic could be annoying but if you only play discord, you could easily boost the output. If you don’t care about isolation and some other features, go for the PC37X.