Sennheiser RS 135 Review

The Sennheiser RS 135 is a pair of RF wireless headphones that sit comfortably on your ears. They have well-parked earpads that enable you to enjoy your listening session. Unlike their wired counterparts, the RS 135 headphones ensure that you enjoy your favorite music without getting worried about cables. The headphones receive sound from a transmitter when they are connected with a computer system, sound system, or any other analog device.

Here is a Sennheiser RS 135 review where you’ll get detailed information about the product.

Sennheiser RS 135 Review

sennheiser rs135

Design and Build

The Sennheiser RS 135 is lightweight, weighing just 8.1 ounces. Hence, they’ll still be comfortable on your ears even after using them for several hours of a listening session. Besides, you’ll be able to carry them along for commuting or traveling.

The volume and tuning controls lie next to each other on the right ear cup. The proximity sometimes results in static sound when you are trying to adjust the volume.

Using the portable RS 135 allows you to move freely without being encumbered by the weight of cables that comes with using wired headphones. RS 135 has a simple recharging system. As soon as you finish using the headphones, put them on their transmitter base station so that they recharge well before the next use. Setting them up is also an easy task. To do this, plug in the transmitter, then connect the cable with analog output– either a headphone plug or RCA.

The transmitter of Sennheiser RS 135 headphones has a simple on/off circuit. That is, as soon as you activate the audio source, the transmitter turns on without a button or switch. This is indeed a convenient feature. To save power, the transmitter shuts down five minutes after you have turned off your audio source.

With the aid of the three-position channel selector, you can select an interference-free channel to get clear reception, even if there are walls and ceilings in-between.

Sennheiser RS 135 Performance and Sound

These are wireless headphones, so you needn’t worry about the burden associated with using cables. This feat is achieved as a result of Sennheiser’s long-standing professional experience in engineering. This explains why the company’s products are reliable and durable. The package also includes a user-friendly recharging system. RS 135 is powered by AAA Nimh batteries that you can recharge by simply putting the headphones on the transmitter base. With the help of the automatic on/off circuit on the transmitter base, the headphones activate automatically when the connected audio is running. To conserve power and ensure longer battery life, the transmitter shuts down five minutes after the source of audio is turned off. You can use the Sennheiser RS 135 anywhere in your home because they come in a range of 300′. They have an incorporated stereo RCA-plug cable that connects the transmission base and the the audio source’s RCA line-out connections.

The outstanding acoustic design and a comfortable fit enable the Sennheiser RS 135 Wireless Headphones to deliver great bass and balanced sound. These are a portable pair of headphones that produces good wireless range and connection while you can move freely using the device. To charge the battery, dock the headphones gently on the charging stand that comes with the package.

The Sennheiser RS 135 is equipped with an on/off switch along with transmission tuning controls. But there are no controls in the base stations. Whenever you put the headphones on the base of the transmitter, they charge automatically with a LED light signaling the charging status. With the aid of the built-in transmitter, you can tweak the reception; while the volume control enables you to increase or reduce the volume level.

These headphones are compatible with any device that uses analog audio output. Examples of such devices are mobile phones, tablets, television, computers, or any audio equipment that has an RCA audio output jack or 3.5mm or 6.3mm headphone socket.

Final Thoughts on Sennheiser RS 135

The Sennheiser RS 135 is cheaper than previous earlier models. The RS 135 produces a strong transmission range that boosts the sound quality.  The headphones have three RF channels from which you can select any channel of your choice. The Sennheiser RS 135 is also equipped with a cool transmitter base that charges the device when positioned on the stand. The RS 135 prevent you from being tied up to your computer or receiver.