Best Clip-On Headphones

The best clip-on headphones? If you had mentioned that five decades ago, you would have people stare at you incredulously. Headphones have become an integral part of our lives that they seem to have always been in existence from time memorial. Of course, they haven’t. Although they have been around for over a century, they only recently became a consumer product.

best clip-on headphones

The term “headphone for all seasons” is very recent. No one would have thought that it would be possible to use headphones to take into the water, but now it is prevalent that even anybody could do that.

Clip-on headphones are compact and also have ear-loops to help keep them in place, just like earbuds. However, rather than in-ear tips, they usually come with a comfortable foam on-ear pad. This makes them more convenient to move around with and also more comfortable than earbuds.

If you are into athletics or commute often, then you should take a look at clip-on headphones. After all, nobody would like it if an Airpod flies out of their ear while doing strenuous physical activities. We have compiled some of our preferred clip-on headphones. So, let us peruse the specialized market and see which of the best clip-on headphones are readily obtainable.

Best clip-on headphones in 2021 are:

1. Sony MDR-Q55SL

Sony MDR-Q55SL

Sony is a very popular name in the headphone market. It has been noted that the brand’s MDR-Q55SL headset is another sensation that has been turning the heads of headphones enthusiasts, particularly those who prefer clip-on headphones and find them more comfortable.

These open-air dynamic headphones make sure that the user is cognizant of the ambient noise but can still enjoy some pleasant listening experiences. This feature comes in handy because the majority of headphones users make use of their headphones on the road.

The fit and feel of the distinct ear clip design are impressive. Besides, although these are clip-on headphones, they are considered over-the-ear in terms of the headphones’ drivers.

The cord is tangle-free and also comes with an adjustable slider. The cord is made of fabric-like material rather than the conventional rubber and this is to ensure that it is more durable and can compete with the most durable headphones on the market.

The sound quality of the Sony MDR-Q55SL is not extraordinary. Nevertheless, the bass is better than several other clip-on headphones on our list. You will definitely enjoy these headphones if you are a bass fan.

2. Moffo Sport Stereo Earbuds

Moffo Sport Stereo Earbuds

The Moffo Sport Stereo in-Ear Earbuds are considered as a great deal in the line of best clip-on headphones.

This headset is just like other wireless entries on this list which also have Bluetooth 4.1 functionality. The connectivity is outstanding and the design is quite sleek with a touch of acoustic shades.

The headset is supported by the most recent technologies and software configurations as it is an upgraded version. The material used in designing the earbuds is waterproof and the entire headset is sweat proof as well.

Moffo Sport Stereo has 3 additional sets of comfortable buds that can be used to replace the original buds in case it feels too big or small for your ears. Furthermore, the earbuds have noise-canceling. All these features are combined to ensure that the Moffo Sport Stereo In-Ear Earbuds are a great choice for running and workout sessions. You don’t have to worry about sweats or the noise of the treadmill bothering your ears. Now, isn’t that wonderful?

The battery capacity has also been modernized to give users 8 hours of working time, which is the average battery life supported by the majority of headphones today.

Remarkably, there have been next to little complaints concerning these earbuds because several of the customers who have been able to use them only gave encouraging reviews.

3. Levin Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones

Levin Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones

Levin Bluetooth 4.1 has been dubbed as one of the finest Bluetooth clip-on headphones and this is because of their simple design as well as their specifications.

As the name implies, the headphones are compatible with Bluetooth 4.1, which is an innovative chipset that offers you faster transmission speed and reduced latency. Another interesting feature of this version of Bluetooth is the wireless range, which provides a mild range of almost 33 feet.

The headset is quite light and doesn’t take up too much space. Additionally, it is sweat proof and can be made use of while performing extensive workout sessions. As Levin Bluetooth 4.1 is a wireless headset, it is imperative to observe the battery life of this gadget. The clip-on headphones make use of a lithium-polymer battery that allows it almost 12 hours of music playtime once it has been charged for 2.5 hours.

Several users have given a review complaining that the headsets are not fit for people with large heads. Also, a few cases of the microphone not identifying the user’s voice have been reported. Regardless of these, Levin Bluetooth 4.1 has gotten wonderful overall reviews from existing customers, particularly concerning its ease of use and movability.

4. Audio Technica ATH-EQ300M BK

Audio Technica ATH-EQ300M BK

Although Audio Technica ATH-EQ300M BK has a simple design that can make it easily overlooked, it is presently one of the best clip-on headphones for running on the market. Given that one cord is longer than the other, you can easily loop it behind your neck for it to get to the other ear. Generally, the design is quite cool.

The features of the headset are absolutely amazing. From a fit housing that improves the comfort of the headphones and also a lightweight and easily movable design, the very essence of Audio Technica ATH-EQ300M is incredible. Our experts only had positive things to say concerning its fitting and comfortability, even after wearing the headsets uninterruptedly for several hours.

The sound quality is good and won’t hurt your ears even when the volume is at the highest. However, the headset does not have the noise-cancelation feature and that makes you conscious of what is going on in the background.

The general performance is long-lasting and impressive. Although, it is important to note that the clips can be easily damaged and be easily pulled out if not handled with care.

On the whole, the design is appropriate for both exercising and casual-wear with some hints of delicateness here and there.

5. Koss KSC75

Koss KSC75

The Koss KSC75 headphones are simply breathtaking, particularly for sports fans. They have this sporty design that makes them outstanding amongst other clip-on headphones on the market while they still function accordingly.

The cord is 4 feet long and it also has a 3.5 mm plug. This means that no wireless connectivity is needed likewise charging of the headphones. The drivers are coated with titanium and they deliver precise sound and performance. The headphones fit the ears so firmly that our experts found it fascinating and remarkable, especially during the workout sessions. They are exceptionally comfortable and lightweight.

Generally, the Koss KSC75 sounds well balanced and neutral. As a matter of fact, the headphones replicate all kinds of music impressively. Another thing worthy of mention is the great instrument separation and sound-stage. The sound is a good bargain for the price, also, the mids and highs offer more clarity than most of the top clip-on headphones on the market.