Best Closed Back Headphones Under $500

The best Closed-back headphones under $500 come with an innovation that will make the difference – they are closed at the back, so they prevent ambient noise from kicking in. In other words, they are excellent if you get a headset without noise cancellation technologies – good value for money. However, upgrading to a high-end model requires a bit of attention. You are about to spend some good money, so you want to ensure a good value.

Best Closed Back Headphones Under 500

Deciding on the best closed-back headphones under 500 could be tricky if you are not sure what to look for. Moreover, it pays off learning from others’ past experiences. You want a headset from a high-quality manufacturer with great reviews. Luckily, you do have a few good choices out there. Here are the best-reviewed headsets on the market.

Top 5 Closed Back Headphones Under 500

1. Focal Listen

Focal’s closed-back headphones in the $500 budget are less likely to disappoint. You get a beautiful headset that looks impressive – a few metallic elements add to the luxurious status of these headphones, especially the chrome plating and manual brushing. Moreover, as you hold the headphones, they feel sturdy and heavy, meaning they are well put together for exquisite durability.

Comfort will surprise you. There is lots of padding. Even the headband is cushioned to ensure there is no pain involved on top of your head. The ear cups are large and cover your whole ear. They feel just like skin, not to mention the swiveling profile – in other words, the fit is comfortable.

The ear cups are fitted to the headband through some durable hinges. Furthermore, the headband can be adjusted. Adjustability goes on a few different levels. It makes no difference how small or large your head is – this headset will go easily on it.

Given the closed-back design, superior noise cancellation technologies are not really necessary – they would only add to the price. However, in order to ensure good audio quality, these headphones come with high isolation features.

In terms of performance, you have large speaker drivers for a clear sound and a good bass. Other than that, Focal has implemented a unique diaphragm technology, which inevitably makes the sound clearer and crispier.

Finally, connectivity is wired. You have a 3.5mm jack that works on any device with such a slot – from smartphones and computers to TV sets and gaming consoles.


  • High quality build
  • Manual design for a superior look
  • Good sound performance
  • Comfortable ear cups
  • Padded headband


    • No wireless connectivity


2. Monolith M1060C

Monolith might have designed the ideal headphones under $500 if you want a unique design and value for money. The design stands out in the crowd – slightly vintage, but luxurious. The headband looks industrial, while the ear cup covers are made of wood and fitted with screws.

The actual design is not the only aspect to impress though. The headset is just as comfortable. It has been engineered to provide long listening sessions, whether you are into games, music while you commute or office work.

The ear cups are padded and covered in faux leather. Despite looking rugged, the headband has padding on the inside for a more comfortable experience. Earcups swivel slightly, so you can come up with a good fit without too much hassle.

The headband has good adjustability and the closed-back design keeps ambient noise out of your ears, regardless of how loud the environment is. These headphones can prevent airplane noise, loud office noise, or the music in your gym.

The planar driver in this headset has been engineered to provide an exquisite experience. Furthermore, you have a symmetrical magnet structure that you cannot find in other headsets. Combined with the over-ear design, you have a beautiful bass and super crisp vocals and instruments.

Connectivity is wired – the classic 3.5mm jack that works with almost every device out there. The microphone is built in.


  • Good noise isolation microphone
  • Stunning design and appearance
  • High quality materials and durable
  • Unique technologies for incredible sound
  • Almost no audio leakage


    • Heavier than other headsets in this price range


3. Shure SRH1540

Shure definitely knows what quality is about. For under $500, you will get a well put together headset, durable materials, lots of adjustability and good value overall. The design is classic, but the performance is what makes the difference. This headset is only available in one color – black.

Performance is flawless. You have 40mm neodymium drivers – quite standard for this price range. The acoustic performance will surprise you. You have a deep, yet warm bass that will shake your chest. Sounds are clear – vocals or instruments, even if the volume is really low or super high.

The over-ear headphones feature a closed-back design. While there is no noise cancellation technology, you have a superior noise isolation one, which is just as good. You could be in an airplane, a bus, or a busy office – external noise will never leak through.

The headband features a double frame. It is padded to reduce discomfort on top of your head, but it also comes with great adjustability. The same goes for the ear cups, which feature lots of cushioning. As for the materials, expect heavy duty stuff, such as aircraft grade aluminum alloy and carbon fiber.

If you are after small details, you should know Shure has come up with a steel driver frame. The center pole piece is vented. Such a construction adds to the linearity, but it also clears resonance out – excellent performance at any listening level.

Finally, you have wired connectivity and a 3.5 jack that works with most devices out there. The cable is six feet in length – way above average for some extra freedom of movement. You also get a carry case for storage and transportation.


  • Superior carry case included in the package
  • Attention to small details
  • Superior performance and improvements
  • Super comfortable to wear
  • Long cable


    • Sound may feel a bit different when compared to other headsets in this price range


4. Sennheiser HD 598 Cs

Sennheiser‘s less than $500 headphones are built with quality in mind and it shows. Grab the headphones and hold them – they feel sturdy and durable. Look around and you can feel those heavy ear cups as well. They are only available in one color though – black.

The headset may look like it has been designed for small heads – the band is quite small compared to the ear cups. This is only an illusion. The headband is heavily adjustable for large heads too. Plus, the ear cups are naturally bigger than others in this price range.

The headphones come with massive driver speakers for a unique sound. You will feel the bass throughout your whole body, but without sounding distorted – even at the highest volume. You will have a crispy sound and a clear understanding of vocals and lyrics at low volumes as well.

There is no noise cancellation, but noise isolation is part of the game. Throw the closed back design in and ambient noise will never go through. It makes no difference what kind of environment you are in – an airplane, a loud gym or a busy office.

If you are more after numbers and small details, you will not be disappointed. The sound pressure level is set to 115dB. The impedance is set at 23 ohms, while the frequency response goes between 10Hz and 28,000Hz.

Finally, you have wired connectivity – 6.3mm jack and 3.5mm jack. There are two long cables for freedom. As for comfort, both the ear cups and the headband are well cushioned.


  • Good noise isolation capability
  • Super comfortable
  • Compatible with virtually every device on the market
  • Sturdy and well put together
  • Super clear sound at any volume


    • Difficult to transport because they do not fold


5. Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro Studio

Beyerdynamic might have created the best closed-back headphones under 500 if you are after a studio experience. Practically, this headset works wonders in professional environments – it will obviously feel even better if you need it for your office work, games or music.

The design is simple and attractive – only available in black. You have soft and replaceable ear pads, as well as a padded headband that can be adjusted.

Although there is no noise cancellation, you have noise isolation instead. Plus, the closed design is ideal to keep ambient noise away – ideal for mastering, recording, mixing, and so on.

The German technology brings in some impressive numbers too – 250 ohms and a frequency response between 5Hz and 40,000Hz. The nominal sound pressure is set at 102dB.

The dynamic Tesla neodymium drivers measure 45mm – a bit more than average. It is pointless to mention the bass, vocals and instruments are incredibly clear.

Other than that, you have two cables – about 10 feet long, great compatibility with most devices out there and a premium carry case for storage and transportation.


  • Superior product for studio capabilities
  • Super large drivers for a crisp sound
  • Comfortable to wear for hours
  • Two cables in the package
  • Premium carry case included


  • Heavier than other similar headphones