Best Headphones For Bass Guitar

Nothing screams power better than a bass guitar. You have a deep bass that will shake everyone’s chests, but you also have the authentic noise of a quality guitar. However, becoming a good musician involves practice and practice can be a nightmare sometimes. It is not worth spending money on a studio when you can do it at home, but how about neighbors and your family? Finding the best headphones for bass guitar could be tricky, but you have to go there.

Best Headphones For Bass Guitar

You need to understand how to choose the best bass guitar headphones for some quiet practice at home. Many headphones can get it done, but some of them do it better than others. In today’s time where every brand promises you the world, choosing the best option could be challenging. Luckily, there are people who have already tested the market. Some products are better rated than others and come with a better reputation. This is what you have to focus on. Now, which headphones dominate the market and what kind of features make them stand out?

Top 5 Headphones For Bass Guitar

1. Bopmen Y71

Bopmen Y71

You will not run into Bopmen too often. The brand is mostly associated with professional studios and musicians. The Y71 model is among the more affordable headsets though. It comes in a black design only, as well as a sturdy and well put together style. In terms of looks, it has a sleek and smooth appearance.

The sound quality makes the difference – no doubts about it. The speaker drivers are massive – you can tell by looking at the ear cups. Furthermore, you have neodymium magnets. In other words, the bass is super deep and clear at any volume, while vocals, treble and highs are crisp and crystal clear.

The connectivity is wired. While having a wire everywhere around you could be annoying, compatibility is excellent. Nothing beats this option. You have a 3.5mm jack cable and another 6.3 jack one. Literally, every audio playing product in the world uses one of these standards, so your headset is universally compatible with everything.

The headband is super flexible and durable. Joints by the ear cups are sturdy and allow some flexibility too. You can adjust the headband over more levels – just a matter of seconds. Plus, the ear cups move a little, so finding the perfect fit should take less than a minute. Once on, you can keep the headphones for hours without any discomfort.

The headband has thick padding to prevent scratches or issues on top of your head. Ear cups cover the whole ear. Cushions are soft and ensure a very tight seal. There are no active noise cancellation technologies, but you do not need them anyway – the cups ensure audio will never leak out.

When it comes to extras, there are a few small things to make your life easier. The headphones are foldable – super simple storage and transportation. You also have a microphone, which is ideal if you use them with other purposes too – such as office work or games with your mates.


2. Sopownic Professional DJ Headphones


You cannot really go wrong with Sopownic’s headphones designed for bass guitar. They are suitable for music professionals, such as DJs, so chances are they will fulfill your music requirements as well. They feature a simplistic design and feel sturdy as you hold them.

Ear pads come with memory foam cushioning, which grabs the shape of your ears for maximum comfort. They are covered in protein leather. It feels like skin, so you can literally wear these headphones for hours without worrying about discomfort.

No matter how small or large your head is, these headphones will go with no problems at all. The headband is widely adjustable and can accommodate heads of all sizes. The ear cups swivel a little too, so it is fairly simple to find a good fit.

The stereo sound is impressive. You have 50mm speaker drivers for a deep audio – from the bass to the actual vocals. Neodymium magnets kick it for a wider range and extra accuracy. Your practice sessions will sound better than without headphones.

Connectivity is wired. You have a cable with two jacks – 3.5 and 6.3, meaning the headphones are compatible with most devices on the market. The cable is over 6.5 feet long, so you also get a bit of freedom to move around.

When it comes to convenience, you should know the headphones are foldable. The ear cups rotate to 90 degrees, so storage and transportation will never be an issue.


3. Sony MDR7506

Sony MDR7506

Sony’s headphones suitable for bass guitar are designed with comfort in mind. You can tell by just looking at them. There is lots of padding, yet the actual frame is simple and aerated – no pressure or weight on your neck.

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to the fit. The ear cups rotate and the headband is adjustable on a few levels. You have some large over ear cups that will trap the audio in and ensure it goes straight to your ears.

There is lots of padding. You will notice the ear cups feel a little bulky. Covered in leather, the headband ensures a comfy experience. Other than that, the headset is foldable for easy storage and transportation. There is no noise cancellation, but the closed ear design and the large ear cups are pretty good at noise isolation.

Connectivity is wired. You get the classic 3.5 jack that works with almost every device out there, as well as a 6.3 adapter for a few exceptions – such as some music instruments or gaming consoles.

The headphones come with a large diaphragm and massive 40mm speaker drivers. The bass from your guitar is so strong that you can feel it in your chest. Any other note, sound or vocal will be super crisp and clear, regardless of the volume.

Finally, you should know that the cable is not detachable. It measures 10 feet, so it gives you a bit of freedom if you need to move around.


4. LyxPro HAS-30

LyxPro HAS-30

When not sure how to choose the best bass guitar headphones, you will notice lots of reviews go towards LyxPro. The brand is known for its specific products aimed at music professionals – from music players to DJs and studio workers.

This headset will let you hear notes and details that you have never even thought about. You have large speaker drivers for a unique bass experience – super deep and clear, whether the volume is low or high. Other audio is crisp and well detailed.

The headphones only come in black. The headband is highly adjustable and the ear cups rotate a little, meaning you should be able to find the perfect fit within a minute. Ear cups are replaceable and super large to cover the whole ear.

The padding will surprise you. Ear cups are super wide and feature soft cushioning. The headband is well padded too, but also covered in premium leather. Basically, you will dive in comfort. You can wear these headphones for hours with no problems whatsoever.

The design is foldable – the type of headphones a DJ can use. You can store and transport them without risking to break the joints. Other than that, there are two removable cables in the package – 3.5 and 6.3 – for maximum compatibility.

Although there is no noise cancellation, the closed back design and the thick ear pads ensure great noise isolation.


5. Status Audio CB-1

Status Audio CB-1

These might be the best headphones for bass guitar if you are after studio and professional performance. Even if you are just starting to play the guitar, these headphones will enhance your experience and help you reach higher stages much faster.

The brand is known for its high performance, as well as the minimalist designs. The headset looks beautiful and the brand is not massively written all over it. If you want a bit of fashion too, you simply cannot go wrong there.

Headphones are foldable and compact – ideal for storage and transportation without risking to break them. Ear cups are large and can easily cover your ears, but they also come with extra padding. They might feel bulky, but they are comfortable.

The same rule applies to the headband. It is adjustable, but without having any metallic bands coming out of it. Plus, the inside of the headband is also cushioned for more comfort. You can use the headset for hours with no pressure at all.

In terms of performance, you get large 50mm speaker drivers – wide and expansive audio. You can hear the music like a professional. The bass is incredibly deep and every note you do will feel super clear. Plus, you get passive noise cancellation.

The package includes two cables – over nine feet in length each. One of them is straight and the other one is coiled. You have the classic 3.5 jack that is compatible with almost everything and the 6.3 adapter for the few exceptions out there.