Baby Headphones for Concerts

The auditory system of newborns and young kids are extremely delicate, any damage done then cannot be undone.

There are specific baby headphones designed to protect infant ears from damage. It also has the dual function of helping to calm them and keep them content in a loud or noisy environment which would have been overwhelming for the parent and the infant if the baby headphones weren’t there to help.

This is a trick you should learn; if you will be taking your child to a noisy sporting event or concert, you should definitely spend some money on baby headphones for concerts. The difficulty is often in locating the best type for you.

best baby headphones for concerts

The best headphones for babies and young children are over-the-ear muffs and concert headphones because of the kid’s tiny ears and ear canals.

Despite the obvious choices stated above, choosing the best product for your child’s protection and full comfort is not the easiest thing to do. With this in mind, we have cataloged a few of the best-rated infant headphones for concerts below.

Best baby headphones for concerts in 2020:

1. Fnova Earmuffs

Fnova Earmuffs

When counting the best baby hearing protection headphones for concerts, be sure to count with Fnova. These are professional grade and are equipped with an NRR of 34 decibels. For babies attending their first concerts, this degree of protection might be the best choice.

A bit of style is added with the colored accent on the ear cups. Although some toddlers usually cringe at anything that makes them feel like babies, this design trick will make them feel trendy instead.

When it comes to performance, these headphones have a solid build. It has two layers of noise-dampening foam and an outer shell made of hard plastic.

You can easily adjust these earmuffs to find a perfect fit for a growing child, expect them to expand all the way as the child grows into adulthood. You do not have to worry about the head being squeezed because there are swivel cups and a padded headband in the design.

You can carry them about due to their flexibility and portable nature. The fact that they have a sturdy build means they can last for a considerable time. It comes with a 60-day warranty, giving you all the time you need to check them out for possible issues.


  • Appealing design
  • High NRR
  • Lightweight build
  • It is sturdy and can stand the test of time.


    • You need additional earplugs (Although included) to enjoy the full NRR of 34 decibels
    • According to users, these headphones are not a good fit for average-sized heads.


2. Baby Banz Earmuffs

Baby Banz Earmuffs

This is an excellent choice for your child. It has a slim and lightweight build which removes unnecessary bulk from the child.

Mothers already log a ton of stuff wherever they go so throwing these lightweight earmuffs into your diaper bag shouldn’t be an extra hassle. They are very compact and will fit into the smallest of spaces.

There are multiple safety certifications for these headphones. It also comes with an NRR of 31 decibels which is quite substantial. If you can ensure that the cups fit snugly, then these headphones will provide excellent ear protection.

They are designed to serve your child in all types of noisy environments including playgrounds, concerts, watching fireworks, movies, rodeo, thunderstorms, and airplanes. Wherever the noise is, you can rest assured that your child’s hearing is in safe hands because what you have here is an excellent pair of toddler headphones for concerts.

To ensure full comfort, the headband is designed with soft feel material while the cups are cushioned and allows lots of room for growing ears. With such comfort guaranteed, your child is not likely to take them off for as long as it needs to be worn.


  • Zero interference when sleeping.
  • Feedbacks from parents show that these are a great fit even for smaller than average babies.
  • The design which allows the padded headband to sit directly on the head and how the cushioned ear cups cover the ears fully are features loved by mothers.


    • It doesn’t fit babies younger than three months old.


3. HearTek Kids Earmuffs

HearTek Kids Earmuffs

If you don’t want to take a lot of time scouring the market for the perfect product, HearTek kid’s earmuffs are an excellent option for you. These earmuffs come in a variety of colors and patterns designed to meet your child’s preferences.

Comfort was a priority during production with mounted ear cups aiding the even distribution of the weight and pressure of the earmuffs. They are padded too, making it easy for the earmuffs to be worn for longer periods. The cups on these headphones are self-adjusting and provides a great seal for ear protection.

Another excellent feature is the collapsible design which allows for easy packing. Whenever you need ear protection, you find that you are always away from home, this collapsible package makes traveling with it a lot easier. You need not worry about bags, they come with their own.

With these earmuffs, there is a perfect balance between ear protection and allowing the wearer to hear everything occurring in the immediate environment. If you are afraid to try out ear protection muffs because you are afraid you or your kid might miss out on all the fun activities, then you don’t have to fear anymore.

They will serve you well for noisy activities like concerts, parades, and sporting events. It comes equipped with an NRR of 27 decibels and a certified ANSI S3.19. HearTek Kids Earmuffs can be considered the best budget baby headphones for concerts.


  • Appealing and comfortable.
  • Collapsible and easy to carry everywhere.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Safety tested and approved.


    • You cannot adjust the width.


4. MPOW Kids Headphones

MPOW Kids Headphones

These headphones from MPOW can be considered the best noise-canceling concert headphones for babies. They are fun and appealing for your child and beyond that, you get volume capping at a safe degree of 85 decibels. With these, you are never bothered about your child ramping up the volume louder than necessary.

This is a wired one-ear type of headphone. The cables are durable and designed to ensure it can bear the abuse it is expected to get in the hands of a child. They are flexible, bending, and twisting easily.

If your kids are always fighting over the use of the iPad, these headphones come with a shared audio jack which will put an end to any arguments. The volume control can be accessed and used with ease. The kids can enjoy their favorite shows together while you enjoy some precious alone time.

These headphones are compatible with a wide range of tech platforms like cell phones, tablets, and computers.


  • It has an FC-approved volume control.
  • You get an 18-month, worry-free guarantee.
  • It is built with food-grade materials.


    • The sizes run smaller than average.
    • There aren’t enough color variants.


5. Vanderfields Earmuffs

Vanderfields Earmuffs

If you are looking for lightweight and compact earmuffs for the road and your favorite concerts, go for Vanderfields Earmuffs. They are your best bet considering that space is at a premium and carry-on items are limited when it comes to air travels.

They have an NRR of 26 decibels meaning they can reduce the noise level enough to allow your child to enjoy undisturbed sleep.

For Comfort, they have padded earcups to promote long hours of use and a lined headband. They can be adjusted for a better fit.

Children, teens, and smaller adults can use these earmuffs and you can get them in a variety of funky colors which will definitely please the kids.

They provide enough noise-dampening to take the edge off but they do not block out sound completely in a bid to keep the user aware of their surroundings. With these, the child will hear when you call to them.


  • Light duty hearing protection
  • Appealing design
  • Compact
  • You get a 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Some moms felt they weren’t a good fit for larger heads.



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