Best Over Ear Headphones under $150

When we talk about the best headphone style for the ultimate comfort, sound quality, and soundstage, then over-ear designs remain the best of the bunch. Some people may think the earbuds currently available on the market offer better convenience but when we are talking about critical listening, you will find unmatched advantages when you grab a pair of headphones that cover your ears fully.

Besides the aforementioned advantages, over-ear headphones also ensure better ear health than in-ear headphone designs. This is because there is a lot more distance between your eardrums and those loud tracks you enjoy. If you desire to protect your hearing while not compromising on sound quality, then you have one more reason to get yourself over ear headphones for under $150.

best over ear headphones under 150

The sound quality on the best over-ear headphones is not easily matched by anything you can find out there. You get excellent sound quality because the best over ear headphones under $150 available in the current market are equipped with the biggest drivers. The sound quality is also improved because they come in both closed-back and open-back variations – the closed-back design gives your favorite music a concert hall vibe which is the closest you may get to a live concert atmosphere.

Best over ear headphones under $150 in 2021 are:

1. Cowin E7 Pro

Cowin E7 Pro

You no longer have to break the bank to acquire excellent headphones that incorporate the high-tech features you desire so much, the latest advancement in technology, and luxurious sound quality.

The Cowin E7 Pro is the perfect example of the bold statement above. It offers 7 different appealing colors and provides a crisp and clear sound for all ears to enjoy. They are also equipped with active noise-cancellation which cuts off all ambient sound and allows you to enjoy your music without interference from the noise in your environment. Comfort is provided by soft ear cushions which are there to ensure you can enjoy long listening periods without any discomfort.

The hardware responsible for the excellent sound quality on these headphones is the 45-mm large aperture-drivers which provide thumping bass lines. These headphones are designed for both wired and wireless usage which makes them well suited for whatever type of usage that is most convenient for you at any point. You will be able to enjoy a full 30 hours of battery life if you opt for wireless use.

With the excellent sound quality and long lasting-battery on the Cowin E7 Pro, you have to agree that this particular headphone provides great quality at such a low price. For the aforementioned qualities and pricing, we are confident to name these the best budget headphones. They definitely belong at the top as one of the best over-ear headphones below $150.


2. Jabra Elite 85h

Jabra Elite 85h

The Jabra Elite 85h has a lot of things going for it; a spontaneous design, comfortable fit, and excellent battery life. All of these make it the go-to choice when you desire a convenient and long-lasting wireless listening experience.

These headphones provide excellent sound right out of the box and also allows you to tweak the EQ to suit your taste using the Jabra Sound+ app. With the active noise-cancelation feature turned on, you will get 36 hours of battery life out of these headphones. Quick charging is another nifty feature, it can give you about 5 hours of listening time with a 15 minutes charge time.

The Jabra Elite 85h works perfectly with Apple, Google, and Amazon’s digital assistants. The quality of the microphone on this headphone is perfect for phone call clarity. While some people may find the buttons on other headphones to be confusing, causing them to initiate the wrong task, the buttons on the Jabra Elite 85h are quite straightforward and easy to use.

These headphones allow for easy pairing with all devices. It comes with a mild active noise cancellation feature which reduces low frequencies but does not expel them completely. This mild ANC works best for those who are uncomfortable with intense ANC.

As mentioned earlier, the only drawback to these headphones is the mild ANC which only dims low frequencies. This isn’t really a big deal since there are individuals who do not make active noise cancelation a priority. Because the Jabra Elite 85h has several important features, we can all sweep this minor flaw aside.


3. Mixcder E9 Wireless

Mixcder E9 Wireless

These headphones remain one of the best over-ear headphones under $150 which we tested in the course of our research. These headphones are comfortable and are designed to offer a versatile performance that can serve the listening pleasures of several individuals with different tastes. They also offer over 18 hours of battery life making them the best choice when you want to get on the road.

Generally speaking, their default sound profile is neutral and well-balanced. The nature of their sound makes them the best option for listening to diverse music genres. It comes equipped with active noise cancelation which is excellent at cutting off ambient sound including such bass-heavy sounds as engine sounds and sharper sounds like human voices and the hum of AC units. With such ANC, you will be sure of enjoying your favorite music without interference of noise from your commutes or noisy work environment.

The drawback is in the plasticky design although these headphones aren’t as cheap as others on the list. They do not allow personalization of sound which means you cannot tweak the sound to suit your tastes. Besides these drawbacks, these headphones are classed among the best less than $150 over-ear headphones available out there.


4. Plantronics BackBeat Go 810 Wireless

Plantronics BackBeat Go 810 Wireless

The Go 810 headphones are the best over-ear headphones in the budget category. They offer decent comfort and a stable fit that makes them suited for workouts. You can enjoy long listening sessions on the go because of the 24 hours battery life on offer.

The sound profile on these headphones is well-balanced and neutral which makes them perfect for enjoying all kinds of music. You will find a bright EQ preset in the BackBeat App and with this, you have a little bit of control over the sound output. Don’t be afraid to raise the volume as high as you like, these headphones don’t leak any sound so the loud volume will not bother the people around you.

These headphones come with active noise cancelation but they do not effectively block out ambient noise like those encountered in your commute and around the office. You won’t get a lot of sound customization on these headphones either and the pouch doesn’t protect them from being affected in a major fall. Despite these drawbacks, individuals on a budget can get good use out of these over ear headphones that cost less than $150.


5. Audio-Technica ATH-M40X

Audio-Technica ATHM40x

While we have listed some excellent options above, it is also very easy to recommend you purchase the Audio Technica ATH-M40X. The ATH-M50X headphones are popular on the internet but they also emphasize the low-end. If you are looking for exaggerated bass, go for those but if not, the ATH-M40X is your best bet.

It comes in a pliable, slim build which doesn’t draw so much attention when you are out in public. Due to the closed-back style, you can enjoy using these headphones in public because they block out noise passively. They may not work as well as headphones with active noise-cancellation features but they will offer you some excellent services.

Although they come with a detachable cable, the disadvantage of this cable is that it is a proprietary product made by Audio-Technica. This means that when one breaks or gets lost, you can’t get a replacement from anywhere else except the company.

On the plus side, the original package includes two cables; one is a straight 1.2-meter cable to serve you on-the-go while the other is a 3-meter coiled cable to serve you at your desk or in a studio. The ATH-M40X is an excellent over ear headphone under $150 which can serve a lot of people perfectly especially when the budget-friendly price is considered.