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To get the best out of every media experience, great sound quality is just as important as excellent graphics. Dolby 7.1 surround sound is an eight-channel surround sound technology developed to reproduce sound from different directions and distances. The system is made up of several drivers in each ear for different positions, such as front left/right, rear left/right, rest right, center, and bass. DTS and Dolby software also plays a huge role in dishing out the best audio quality.

The market is saturated with all kinds of 7.1 headphones, so most buyers would have a hard time choosing the ideal one to buy. The most important factor to consider when making a choice is compatibility because not all consoles, desktops, and laptops have the right jacks for certain headphones.

best 7.1 headphones

Other important factors to consider include game compatibility, budget, and personal preference. Comfort is just as important though it is often overlooked. You can find the ideal headphones for you in our list of some of the best 7.1 headphones that are right for any budget.

Best 7.1 headphones in 2020:

1. Corsair VOID RGB Elite

Corsair Void RGB Elite

If you’re looking out for a neat design, wireless connectivity, high-end comfort, and great bass delivery in your 7.1 surround headphones, then you should consider going for the Corsair VOID RGB.

These headphones have extralarge ear cups which help to cancel ambient noise, prevent pressure on the head, and deliver a rich, accurate sound. Because the frequency range of the headphones is between 20Hz to 30Hz, the bass definition is impressive and the vocal mid-range is just as great. Corsair VOID soundstage is also defined by crystal clear, crisp high notes.

These headphones are perfect for movie nights and gaming because of the virtual 7.1 surround sound feature. If you want to hear every dialogue in full volume and clarity, then you will not go wrong getting the VOID headphones. You will hear the loudest explosions and not miss the softest environmental noise in your game.

VOID headphones also feature a 2.4GHz connection which provides low-latency audio monitoring. Though the battery life is not great, the headphones are built to handle long gaming sessions. They have a rugged, sturdy build and can withstand being transported to and from gaming events. However, we would recommend you don’t use them during your daily commute because they are not small and lightweight and their active noise cancellation is not impressive.

2. Sennheiser PC 373D

Sennheiser PC 373D

The Sennheiser PC 373D is a cool looking 7.1 surround sound headphone. It has a wide ear cup design and plush velvet padding which combine with the super flexibility to take comfort to the next level.

The headphones come with the proprietary Transducer Technology from Sennheiser which gives the soundstage extreme detail. The sound output is balanced at all frequencies, hence, we recommend these headphones for use for all purposes from music listening to professional gaming.

The headphones also come with the Sennheiser Surround Sound Dongle which gives you the freedom to personalize the sound even further and make specific adjustments for every application.

Another great feature of the PC 373D is the microphone. It is able to cancel out noise effectively, and you would be impressed by its performance in a group chat. The audio quality is further improved by the open back design of these headphones. Open back design also helps to prevent heat retention. If you need headphones that are suitable for use during summertime, the PC 373D is right for you.

The major selling point of these headphones is the professional audio software included in the package. It is what makes the Sennheiser PC 373D stand out from other similar competitive products. It is also the reason why this headphone is only at its best when connected with a PC or Mac and performs less remarkably when used with other devices.

3. Logitech G533

Logitech G533

Logitech G533 wireless 7.1 surround sound headphones have inbuilt high-end Pro G drivers. These drivers are responsible for the superior accuracy of the headphones. There are only a few other devices that can highlight details in environmental effects with such accuracy. The drivers also help enhance directional hearing which is important for positional accuracy and is a major factor in creating realistic and immersive gaming experiences.

The battery life of the headphones is great. You get up to 15 hours of uninterrupted playtime. This is enough time to enjoy your favorite albums, binge watch your favorite TV shows, or play games for as long as you want.

The Bluetooth connection is impressive at about 49 feet. This gives you plenty of freedom and range. The headphones are very lightweight and have excellent build quality.

Asides from being lightweight, Logitech G533 headphones are very comfortable to wear because of the soft padding. It is not too thick and functions well in easing pressure.

Another major feature that makes these headphones a popular choice is the loud volume and minimal distortion. There may be some audible cracking when you listen to high notes at a high volume. Nonetheless, the soundstage is still generally balanced and highly accurate.

4. Razer Nari Ultimate

Razer Nari Ultimate

This is one of the best 7.1 headphones you can find. The virtual surround sound gives you an immersive soundstage when you’re gaming or watching movies. The Razer Nari Ultimate headphone is also great for listening to music, however, we would not suggest a bass freak to settle for it.

These headphones are not that great for listening to bass because the soundstage is way too balanced to meet the need of anyone craving the ultimate bass profile. The main selling point of the headphones is the positional accuracy.

The cooling gel used in the cloth cushion is another nice feature of this device. It provides more comfort, helps to reduce pressure, and also prevents the excessive buildup of heat. You will hardly find headphones that are better than these in terms of comfort in humid conditions. They are ideal for use in a small and crowded gaming room or during the summer. Even more, the cooling gel in the fabric also helps to improve the sound isolation abilities of the Nari Ultimate headphones.

If you want more than just the original 7.1 surround sound feature in your headphones, then you would love the customizable RGB lighting on the Nari Ultimate. You can enjoy this feature further by using the Razer Chroma app to customize the headphones to your own taste.

These headphones are durable and also quite flexible. Since the headband is self-adjusting, you can comfortably slide the headphones on your head.

5. Lenovo Legion H500 PRO

Lenovo Legion H500 PRO

Lenovo accessories are not as popular as the laptops, but that doesn’t mean the Legion H500 PRO headphones should be written off. Though they don’t use any specialized drivers, they have a 7.1 surround sound technology feature.

These headphones can be used with any audio source including computers and the latest gaming consoles. They have an ergonomic design and are built to be light-weighted. Hence, they fit comfortably around the ears and on the head.

One of the most sought after features on these 7.1 surround sound headphones is the self-adjusting headband. It is made with suspension technology which makes the headband more durable and also extends the fitting for a broader range of users.

Another major selling point of the headphones is the preset equalizer. You can find some defined profiles on it that are suitable for all kinds of applications like movies, games, etc.

The ear cups are covered with PU leather which makes them breathable and comfortable. They help prevent the accumulation of heat during warm seasons and reduce ear pressure. They are great in terms of sound delivery but would have been better with a bit more bass definition.

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