Best Surround Sound Headphones for Gaming

When users hear about gaming headsets, worse still, when they hear of gaming headsets offering surround sound capabilities, most users scoff because they have always known them to be simple marketing gimmicks. Those who thought along those lines were mostly right, the surround sound headphones available in the market a few years ago were just about the worst headphones anyone could get for gaming.

Over the past few years, you find that virtual surround sound headsets are slowly taking over the scene. They use dedicated software to replicate the surround sound experience which offers a useful advantage, especially in high-octane competitive multiplayer games.

best surround sound headphones for gaming

Of course, you always could locate and take down your opponents with some precision using most of the other headsets. But we speak of the leaders in the current headphone market that are worth their salt in terms of offering that surround sound gaming experience on a headset. If you intend to get yourself one of these in the near future, here are the top five best surround sound headphones for gaming that will satisfy your gaming needs.

Best surround sound headphones for gaming in 2021:

1. Sennheiser PC 373D Headset

Sennheiser PC 373D

Sennheiser remains a leading brand in the audio industry and many audiophiles choose their headphones over others for studio monitoring purposes. One of the world’s most expensive headphones, going for $65000 comes from the stable of Sennheiser. Currently, they may not rank so highly when it comes to the production of gaming headsets but Sennheiser still produces some of the best surround sound headsets for gaming in the market. Here is Sennheiser’s flagship gaming headset, the PC 373D.

The PC 373D comes with an in-line control to trigger Dolby 7.1 virtual surround sound with the brand’s transducer technology which ensures that you never miss the tiniest detail in the game. This headset uses the Sennheiser surround dongle software for the 7.1 profile. It is equipped with plush velvet earcups which ensures a premium level of comfort. Your ears won’t sweat and you won’t experience any discomfort through long hours of gaming.

It comes with a noise-canceling microphone that delivers clear sound and performs much better than most of the other gaming headsets in the current market. Besides these, the PC 373D offers a reliable design, much like all Sennheiser products. It sells for about $240 which is on the high side especially since these are wired headphones. But if you can afford them and love Sennheiser’s quality that much, then these are worth having.

2. Logitech G933 Wireless Headset

Logitech G933

These affordable headsets give the bigger brands a good run for their money. Most people consider them one of the best surround sound gaming headphones offering a close representation of surround sound experience. It is equipped with DTS headphone X and Dolby virtual surround sound while remaining affordable. Some games like Battlefield 1 have an exclusive sound profile for the Logitech surround sound headsets which users can enjoy.

It has a ‘plasticky’ design which may come as a disappointment to many but this was probably a practical choice to keep the headset lightweight. It has neatly arranged RGB lighting on the back which might be something for the younger gamers to enjoy. Comfort for long gaming sessions is guaranteed by the memory foam on the inside.

It offers you about 12 hours of battery life on a single charge with the RGB lighting off, it reduces to about 8 hours with the lighting on. There is a retractable boom microphone on the headset which offers clearer sound than most of the other headsets in the same price range. These headphones offer a deep, punchy bass making it the best for the bass crazy gamers.

The G933 is designed for use on PCs but they can be used on consoles as well but without the surround sound because the headphone requires the Logitech Gaming Software to replicate surround sound.

3. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud II

This is just about the best headset you can acquire for less than a hundred bucks. The name is apt as the HyperX Cloud II “Feels like a cloud” on your ears. These are unquestionably the most comfortable surround sound headphones for gaming on this list and if you enjoy long gaming sessions, this headset is bound to provide you with the most comfort.

The Cloud II has a solid and sturdy aluminum frame which sets it apart as one of the best-designed gaming headphones in the current market. This headphone comes with a wired design different from the wireless design of some of the other headphones we have discussed so far. Because it is wired, you won’t have to wait for your headphone to get charged or have a need to replace your batteries.

The HyperX Cloud II is equipped with 7.1 surround sound. This is made possible by the USB audio control box which is part of the headset package. You can enjoy these headphones on several devices including PCs, Consoles, and smartphones.

It comes with a detachable microphone which has a pop filter. This offers you the advantage of listening to music in public without appearing awkward, all you have to do is remove the microphone. The quality of the microphone is one the average side just like most gaming headsets. The HyperX Cloud II goes for less than a hundred dollars and will definitely be a good choice for anyone.

4. Steel Series Arctis Pro

SteelSeries Arctis Pro

The Brand, SteelSeries is notable for producing premium and affordable headsets. The Artis Pro from their stables is poised to give the flagship 7.1 surround sound headsets a good run for their money.

The biggest selling point of these gaming headsets with surround sound is the excellent design quality blended with a remarkable sound profile. When you consider the above and then consider the lossless high fidelity audio then you are convinced that these headsets are designed to help you face your opponents in an powerful Battle Royale gameplay or a fast-paced racing game.

Besides the aforementioned advantages, the Arctis Pro allows customization of audio with many EQ presets and sound modes available. As a gamer who enjoys experimenting with exciting new presets while destroying my opponents in a bid to keep things interesting, we are happy that the Arctis Pro offers some EQ presets.

You get about 20 hours of battery life to kill all the zombies you want or enjoy all the favorite music on your playlist without worrying about power. Generally speaking, the Arctis Pro is the headset you need to improve your gaming experience.

5. Mpow Iron

Mpow Iron

If you are looking for the cheapest 7.1 surround sound headset for gaming, this piece from Mpow looks like the best option for many reasons. First, it offers excellent sound quality due to its 50mm audio drivers. The quality of its sound will always make you feel like you are right in the thick of the gaming without missing the smallest bit of action.

It is also a universally compatible piece of audio equipment. It comes with a 3.5mm audio jack alongside a useful USB port, it is designed to work with many devices including Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch,  PSP, Xbox One, Windows PC, Mac, tablets, and Smartphones. With this headset, you will never meet a device that isn’t compatible.

The build quality is very good, maybe even fashionable. It has over-ear pads which are comfortable to wear. With the comfortable ear pads, you can enjoy a long gaming period without feeling any discomfort.

It has a completely adjustable headband which you can adjust to fit your head shape. A flexible microphone is included in the package to give you a clear voice–pick during gameplay. The excellent features on this headset make the Mpow Iron a steal at $50.