Best Headphones For Autistic Adults

The ability to focus on and process information does not come easy for people living with autism disorder, especially when they are surrounded by a lot of noise. This is why headphones for autistic adults or noise-canceling earmuffs are a must-have, so that background noise can be cut off.

best headphone for autistic adults

Earmuffs are also able to cut down the decibel rate of environmental noise. This should help adults and children living with auditory processing disorder to communicate better.

It has been discovered that noise-canceling headphones for autism can deal with loud noises excellently. The technology helps to manage the noisy situation, allowing people in the spectrum to improve their skills and abilities.

Some people have to deal with sensory disorders, and the presence of noise makes the condition worse. Sudden, sharp sounds also affect the mood and nerves of people living with autism.

To help ease the condition of your family members or friends living with autism, we have made this review to serve as a shopping guide and help you choose the best headphones for autistic adults to buy.

Best headphone for autistic adults in 2021 are:

1. ClearArmor Safety Earmuffs

ClearArmor Safety Earmuffs

The ClearArmour 1410001 Shooters Hearing Protection Safety Earmuffs is a high-end comfortable, lightweight choice for ultrasoft ear protection. Its passive noise reduction rating is at 34 decibels which is sufficient to considerably reduce distracting environmental noise.

It is equipped with SonicSeal, ClearArmour’s patented sound technology which delivers improved protection for the ears.

The earmuff is ergonomically designed with an industrial-grade padded headband that adjusts to suit most head sizes.

The SolidBlocker shell reproduces sound off the ear cups. There are three layers of the noise suppressing foams that work together to absorb various degrees of sound frequencies. Just as well, the layers of foam also help to add more comfort and provide a better seal around the ears.

These earmuffs offer excellent hearing protection to people living with autism. They are protected from excessive noise from traffic, social activities, and fireworks.

Some people, especially adults who have bigger heads might find that the ear cups fit too tightly.

The ClearArmour Safety Earmuffs has ISO 9001 certification which is one widely acclaimed evidence of a quality product or service in every part of the world. The earmuffs are also both CE EN 352.1 and ANSI S3.19 tested.

On a final note, the ClearArmour Safety is the most affordable pair of headphones for autistic adults.


2. 3M Peltor X-Series Earmuffs

3M Peltor X-Series Earmuffs

With a noise reduction rating of 31 decibels, the 3M Peltor X-Series Over-the-Head Earmuffs does a good job of reducing extremely loud noise. It is a perfect blend of both exquisite, comfortable design and passive noise canceling.

It is specifically designed to handle moderate to high industrial noises, which makes it one of the best headphones for autistic people who have to be in places with high noise.

The twin headband is designed to prevent the accumulation of heat and also provide balance and a proper fit.

The ear cups feature specially developed liners, improved foam, and newly fabricated spacers which help to produce high attenuation. The ear cups can also be tilted to provide comfort and a perfect fit. Hence, when these earmuffs are properly worn, they help to reduce the harm that arises from exposure to dangerous levels of noise and loud sounds.

What we like the most is that you don’t have to compromise on comfort in order to keep your ears protected. The cushioned ear cups are soft and wide, giving the earmuffs a solid and comfortable seal around your ears.


3. Peltor Optime 105 Earmuffs


The Peltor Optime 105 earmuffs come with a passive noise reduction rate of 30 decibels. This is a good rate that can handle even the most intensive noise environments where noise levels can go as high as 105 decibels.

Note that there is no sound amplification which means that conversations won’t be as smooth since the earmuffs block out sound completely.

But for adults who want to focus on their work, this pair of headphones for autistic adults is suitable for use in industries like manufacturing, transportation, automotive, and construction.

The build consists of twin ear cups that reduce resonance, which achieves optimum high and low-frequency attenuation.

Besides, the stainless steel headband is durable and resistant to bending and warping. This is great because the weight of the earmuff is evenly distributed for low pressure. The ear cups are large and pivot on a hinge, so you can adjust for the best fit. Extra comfort is provided by the padded steel headband with four-point suspensions.


4. Howard Leight Safety Earmuff

Howard Leight Headphones

The Howard Leight Safety Earmuff comes with an exclusive airflow control technology that lowers sound across all frequencies. It achieves this while maintaining a decent size and weight of the ear cups.

The earmuff has a noise reduction rating of 30 decibels which is the standard recommended rate in sectors like aviation, construction, transportation, manufacturing, sports, and law enforcement.

There is also a patented Air Flow Control technology that enhances maximum attenuation across all frequencies without making the ear cups bigger in size or weight.

Also, there are three attenuation levels for specific attenuation for different kinds of applications. This ensures that the overall noise reduction is consistent for just about all industrial noise environments.

The Howard Leight is one of the best headphones for autistic adults. It is constructed with tough steel which makes it durable and the headband is padded so that there is minimal pressure on the head when is worn for long hours. The ear cushions have a snap-in design which makes them easy to replace and maintain.

A telescopic height adjustment is also included as a bonus feature. This works for all head sizes and helps to add an extra level of comfort.


5. Pro For Sho Earmuffs

Pro For Sho Earmuffs

The Pro For Sho Safety Ear Protection Earmuffs cancels noise by up to 34 decibels. This is a high level of hearing protection that can help shut out the world. Note that there is no audio as this is a protective earmuff that only reduces ambient noise by a considerable amount.

There are adults living with autism disorder who are also part of the workforce and it is important that they are provided with hearing protection. Fortunately, these industrial-grade earmuffs are very effective in keeping loud noise in the workplace away from the ears.

These headphones for autistic adults cannot be overestimated because they have the ability to block out a great deal of noise. At the same time, you will still be able to hear the essential stuff like car horns and airport announcements.

The headphones are pretty solid, yet lightweight at 7.2 Ounces. You can move around freely without feeling like you’re carrying any extra weight. They are great headphones for carrying outside frequently.

The wide ear cups ensure that there is very little pressure on your ears when you wear the headphones for a long period. Unfortunately, the headband is limited in terms of adjustment. Comfort is guaranteed with the abundance of luxurious padding, which is split into equal parts. This implies that all the vital pressure points are sufficiently padded.