Wireless Headphones for Kindle Fire

Do you desire a fresh pair of headphones for your kindle fire? If you do, this page is for you. While you can continue to use your usual headphones for kindle fire, you should know that the usual headphones will not provide that immersive listening experience full of robust vocals and excellent noise isolation. It is important to note that all Kindle Fire does not come with a traditional headphone jack, ergo, we have made wireless headphones our major focus in this article. If you wish to get the best out of your kindle fire, you should purchase headphones that complement the audio output of the Fire tablet.

Wireless Headphones for Kindle Fire

You can use these headphones to enjoy both audiobooks and music. The best headphones for Kindle Fire are those that offer great sound quality while remaining very comfortable so that you can wear them for long periods, our selection has taken those two factors into consideration. Besides the features above, we have ensured that we picked only wireless headphones for Kindle Fire that ensure premium CD-like sound by minimizing the loss of quality during transmission.

Wireless Headphones for Kindle Fire in 2020:

1. Dolby Dimension Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear

These Dolby Dimension Headphones are Kindle Fire wireless headphones that come with the Dolby Lifemiix and Virtualization to help it provide a surround sound effect.  These headphones also offer head-tracking, a feature that allows you to enjoy an immersive movie-watching experience by making the sound emanating from the headphones respond to the movement of your head.

These headphones are best suited to serve the needs of movie buffs who are planning to binge-watch their favorite movies and shows with a grand audio effect that looks exactly like what you get at movie theaters.

With these headphones, you can easily switch from one Bluetooth enabled device to another with the simple touch of a button. To prevent audio lagging, these headphones are equipped with APTx Low Latency technology. The design is an audacious and stylish black physique with easy-to-use touch controls built into the right ear cup.

Another notable feature of these headphones is the noise cancellation feature. It is active in keeping out external noise while also ensuring that stuttering/crackling does not ruin your phone calls.  The battery can be quickly charged in 20 minutes and gives you 15 hours playback time. A charging dock is included in the Dolby Dimension to make life a little easier for you.


2. Sony – H900N

These elegant and fashionable headphones from Sony are designed to provide the high-resolution sound for which Sony is known. Although it doesn’t offer much bass, you get impeccable clarity and near-zero distortion in the high frequencies.

The H900N is equipped with advanced DSEE HX technology for loss-less Bluetooth transmission which makes it a great headphone for Kindle Fire. Besides that, it aids the provision of high-resolution audio thus ensuring you get a sound close to the quality at which it was recorded at the studio.

One of the best features of these headphones is noise cancellation. It muffles the low frequencies around you ensuring that you are still able to know what is going on around you even when you are in a crowded place. It allows you to focus more on your tasks by keeping the background noise to the barest minimum when you are in such places as the office, coffee shops, or at home.

Sony-H900N has a durable design. Its earcups are well-padded and soundproof and a touch sensor control is built into the right earcup. We can safely say that these headphones are designed to suit individuals with large head size.


3. Microsoft Surface Headphones

In our search for the best Kindle Headphones, these Kindle Fire HD Bluetooth headphones are the lightest and most comfortable pair of headphones we encountered in our search.

It can be grouped amongst the best noise-canceling wireless headphones for Kindle Fire because;

It utilizes advanced adjustable active noise cancelation tech to help you fine-tune your audio experience to fit the environment you are in.

With this, you can completely control the amount of external noise that gets into your ears. You can make such noisy places like the airport and subway completely silent as you allow yourself to get lost in a world of your own. The controls are built into the earcups for your convenience and can also be adjusted easily. With these headphones, you have 15 hours of battery power and a quick charge function to ensure you can easily get it charged up. Besides the Bluetooth connectivity, you can use this in wire mode if you turn the ANC off.

Mids and highs are lacking in the sound output but you can make some nice adjustments on EQ to achieve a better experience.


4. iJoy Matte Finish Premium Rechargeable Wireless Headphones

The iJoy Bluetooth headphones for Kindle Fire has a modern design and is one of the most affordable headphones on this list. The price shouldn’t lead you to think it inferior in any way, it stands up well in comparison with other headphones on the list.

It has great bass emanating from the built-in speakers. It also offers reasonable background noise isolation when you are in a noisy place like the office or café. If you want to lose yourself to the music or an interesting podcast, these headphones are available for you.

Comfort is assured by the memory protein lining on the earmuffs. The memory protein lining ensures you don’t feel any undue pressure on your ears. If you are one of those that cannot stand large and heavy headphones, you should definitely check out this collection.

The only negative is the poor battery which doesn’t last for more than 6-7 hours. This is where the compromise happened and for such a prize, this isn’t much of a surprise.


5. GRADO GW100 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

These open-back headphones give you the excellent feeling of being in a live concert. It offers you a wide soundstage which makes for an immersive listening experience especially when you want to unwind on your porch or a nice little hideaway far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The quality of the sound output is excellent with well-defined bass, detailed mids, and neat highs. These headphones aren’t well-suited for use in the library or daily commute because they don’t have the best sound isolation and allows sound to leak out.

Transmission is achieved with the aid of aptX technology. This technology means only a small quality is lost during Bluetooth transfer. You can wear these headphones for long hours on end without feeling the slightest discomfort because these headphones are lightweight.

It has a sturdy design which means a few falls won’t destroy it. You get between 12 – 15 hours of battery life depending on your settings. When your battery runs out, you can use these headphones on wire mode and this is one of the best features of these wireless headphones for Kindle Fire.