Headphones for Babies on Planes

Traveling along with a baby can be very strenuous, especially when traveling on a plane. Parents have a lot of concerns, one of which is that the loud noise that airplanes produce may cause some damage to their baby’s fragile and developing ear canals. This is why every parent should consider searching for the best headphones for babies on planes.

As a matter of fact, newborn babies and those under age 2 are at a developmental stage and during this critical period, their ears are just beginning to develop. They need headphones that are able to effectively cut out harmful external noise that they are exposed to so that there will be no adverse effects on their developing ears.

Headphones for Babies on Planes

There are many toddler headphones in the markets and it may be confusing to choose which one to buy for your child. But not to worry, we have a guide here for you to the best baby headphones for planes.

Best Headphones for Babies on Planes in 2021:

1. LilGadgets Untangled Children’s Headphones

LilGadgets Untangled

This product was well-thought-out with consideration for children’s active movements. It is a strong set, manufactured with high-quality stainless steel and polycarbonate. These materials ensure that the headphones can endure bending and shock without falling apart. The headband is also flexible and can be adjusted easily.

LilGadgets uses the Soft touch, its own mesh material to cushion the earpads and the headband. This is one of the features that put this device on our list of the toddler headphones for airplane use. It also has a passive noise reduction feature and gives additional protection to the ears of your baby. Its NRR rating is 93dB, which is regarded as a safe hearing level for kids.

The SharePort is one other notable attribute of this device. This feature allows the pairing of multiple headphones with one device. It also works with Bluetooth, and the audio cable is detachable. This reduces the problem of the baby tugging at the cable constantly and tangling of the wires.

The battery life of these headphones is impressive. It has a standby time of 180 hours and a listening time of 12 hours. Since 12 hours of listening time in a day is too much for a baby or toddler, you don’t need to recharge the battery all the time. It will likely take some days before you need to worry about recharging the device. This means these headphones very suitable for traveling with.

2. Baby Banz Infant Earmuffs

Baby Banz Earmuffs

The Baby Banz brand specializes in making original ear protection for babies and toddlers. We have included them on this list of headphones for toddlers on planes based on our review.

To start with, their noise reduction rate is NRR 31dB, which is an impressive number. Hence, they are effective in blocking out the noise that is risky to the ears of your baby. They offer satisfying protection for your baby’s ears.

Secondly, these headphones are designed specifically for babies. They are very light weighted and have a soft padded cushion. Being light and soft, they will not cause any discomfort. This means that your baby can wear them continuously for long periods and not try to take them off during a flight.

Baby Banz Infant Earmuffs are also convenient to travel around with. It is compact, hence, you can easily fold and carry it along anywhere. It takes up only very space in your baby bag.

The Baby Banz Earmuffs is built to last. It is made with materials of very high quality. You don’t need to worry about replacing them in a short time. The headband is adjustable, increasing its function. As your baby grows, you are able to adjust the band to fit his/her increasing head circumference and get more value for your money.

3. Mpow 068 Kids Ear Protection

Mpow 068

The noise reduction rating in these headphones is 25dB, which is reasonable enough to cut out loud and risky noises. This keeps the ears of your baby adequately protected while at indoor or outdoor events where there are loud and unavoidable noises.

These headphones for toddlers are made with materials that are soft and breathable. Hence, the skin around your baby’s ears is able to breathe and stay free from rashes.

You can adjust the headband easily to fit your baby’s head properly. It is adjustable and fully encased. Thus, the ear protectors are securely kept in place, and the headphones can stay stable without having to be adjusted frequently.

Mpow 068 also has a foldable design that makes it compact and convenient for you to carry around in your baby bag.

4. Vanderfields Earmuffs for Kids

Vanderfields Earmuffs

Next on our list of headphones for babies on planes is the Vanderfields earmuffs. This device is aesthetically pleasing and functions satisfactorily.

It is designed in such a way that your kids look good wearing them while it also protects their ears well. Specifically, it has a double shell design that works for noise reduction, especially the reduction of ambient noise from the environment. It also has a memory foam padding that makes it comfortable to wear.

You can adjust the earmuffs to fit well on your child’s head, so it doesn’t always fall off. Vanderfields earmuffs are foldable which makes it easy to carry them around.

5. Dr. Meter Earmuffs for Kids

Dr. Meter Earmuffs

This is another product that deserves to be on our list of baby headphones for airplane use. It is a noise reduction earmuff which provides a baby’s ears with effective and efficient protection and blocks out noise.

It is produced with soft PU leather. These earmuffs provide extra comfort and protection due to the effect of the high-density sponge and the soft PU leather that is wrapped around it.

A nice feature of this product is that the cups are 360 degrees rotatable. Because of this, the earmuffs can be folded into a smaller size. It is therefore convenient to travel along with. Another feature is that the earmuffs are designed to dissipate heat which keeps your baby’s discomfort level low. They wouldn’t have to remove the headphones because they have become irritated and sweaty around the ears.