Best Headphones For 1 Year Old

Sometimes, it is hard to choose the best or most suitable gifts for 1 year old. They may not cherish a toy gift. Likewise, they may fast outgrow the clothes that you give them. However, giving kids a pair of the best kid headphones is something that will create an unforgettable moment in their memory.

Meanwhile, note that choosing headphones for a 1-year-old goes beyond cool designs; all kids do not share the same needs and preferences. And above all, the safety and durability of the item should be of utmost concern. There are factors to be considered while going for a pair of kid-friendly headphones. However, picking your preferences can be an overwhelming task. This has prompted us to compile the list of best headphones for 1-year-old kids on the market that you can pick from.

Best headphones for 1 year old kids in 2021 are:

1. Mpow CH6S Headphones

Mpow CH6S Headphones

The Mpow features a volume limiter that is switchable on and off. If your kid loves listening to loud music, make sure you reduce the duration of the listening time. You can adjust the volume limit to 94 dB.

These wired headphones are made in a way that siblings can partake in the listening experience. Mpow CH65’s audio is shareable while the built-in 3.5mm jack is suitable for most headphones. Such a design enables you to enjoy shared music without needing a splitter. These powerful headphones for kids have a balanced sound signature that has an equal weightage of the bass, mids, and treble. This pair of kid-friendly headphones are made for a 1-year-old and above because the sound is less harsh.

Kids often display a sense of curiosity intuitively to know the weaknesses of their toys. We are sure Mpow CH6S– with a nicely built headband–meet children’s needs and expectations. The headphones are very flexible and durable so that kids can’t destroy them so easily.

Another unique feature of Mpow CH65 is that the headband is easily adjustable to fit kids of all ages. Also, the headphones have an incline microphone that children can use to call their friends and teachers.

2. Vogek Kids Headphones

Vogek Kids Headphones

Vogek Kids Headphones are the cheapest on our list. Nevertheless, they have good features that make them compete with other headphones for 1 year olds. This stems from the fact that Vogek Kids Headphones come with features and functions that can meet all your needs and expectations. For example, the earpads are comfy, the sharing function is excellent, while the volume limit protection is strong. All these and more are the attractive qualities of this pair of headphones.

Vogek Kids headphones are great for streaming movies with kids. The sharing feature allows you to use two headphones in a single device. You can achieve this by connecting one side of the headphones to the media device and connecting another headphone to its audio sharing port.

These headphones feature 40mm drivers that give you clear and excellent sound. Such audio quality enables children to understand their online lessons in a better and faster way. Also, the strong bass allows kids to pause their lessons and listen to music to refresh their brains. The headset comes with an in-line microphone to allow your kids to answer calls by just pressing the mic button. This saves them the worry of disconnecting the headphones from their smartphone to answer a call.

Kids– and even adults– find it frustrating to frequently untangle their headphones while going out with the device. Besides, tangling the cords can damage headphones. But the good news is that users of this product needn’t worry about this. The cable is 1 meter long and protected with a special fabric that keeps tangles or snags at bay. Besides, the Vogek Kids Headphones come with a pouch that safeguards the headphones when not in use.

3. CozyPhones Kids Headphones

CozyPhones Kids Headphones

CozyPhones Kids Headphones have nice, colorful designs including different animals and well-known cartoon characters from shows such as Paw Patrol and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All these expose your kids to diverse color combinations, unlike the simple color combinations that come with most brands. As soon as they wear their CozyPhones headphones, kids can transform into a pirate,  unicorn, or bunny.

The fleece used by CozyPhones has improved the comfort level of headphone headbands for 1 year olds. Fleece is simply a warm and comfy material commonly used for different articles of clothing and bedding primarily for babies, toddlers, and children.

The most distinguishing feature of CozyPhones is the comfort of use. This explains why kids have a pleasant experience while using them.

CozyPhones can easily be folded and stored because they use fleece fabric on the headbands of their headphones– a quality that enhances the portability of the device.

You can fold and put CozyPhones in your bag to allow your kids to listen to the iPad or any listening devices whenever they feel like it.

In addition to the above qualities, the fleece headband functions as an eye mask to reduce the brightness of the place so that your kid can have a nap any time of the day. Lastly, the headband is not only washable; it is completely washer-safe.

4. PuroQuiet


Apart from being good for noise canceling, the PuroQuiet helps to reduce the volume to a comfortable level of 85dB. The company ensures that both the function and the design of these headphones for kids are excellent.

The lightweight and soft materials used for these headphones enhance the pleasant listening experience.

Unlike other headphones that have foam only at the bottom of the headband, PuroQuiet is completely covered with foam.

Usually, the major drawback of wireless headphones is the short battery life. However, PuroQuiet can last for about 22 hours of play after a full charge without the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature.  With the ANC, they can play for 16 uninterrupted hours. Hence, this device is excellent for commuting and even traveling with kids on long journeys.

5. LilGadgets Connect+ Pro

LilGadgets Connect+ Pro

LilGadgets Connect+ Pro gives you a healthy feel with outstanding color options. These headphones are suitable for kids of all ages. The high-quality design of Connect+ Pro enables them to survive the ordinary wear and tear that an active child may cause while using the device. Added to this is the outstanding sound quality to enjoy from the product.

The noise isolation of the LilGadgets Connect+ Pro helps children to improve focus while learning remotely. Your kids are free from distractions coming from disturbing noises while they concentrate on their lessons.

Meanwhile, LilGadgets is delighted to announce its pending patent for additional efforts the company has made to improve the comfortability of these headphones. These over-ear headphones for 1 year old kids are not only completely padded but also coated with SoftTouch Fabric. These qualities make your kids more comfortable throughout the day of online classes.

Connect+ Pro headphones are available in 11 different design and color options. With these numerous options to choose from, you’ll surely find the most suitable style for your kids.