Noise Cancelling Headphones For Shooting

Shooting enthusiasts know that using the best headphones for shooting is very important, to keep the eardrums completely safe. Otherwise, this activity can cause prolonged or permanent damage to the ears. This is especially true when your shooting is within an indoor range.

The maximum sound exposure threshold is 85 decibels and you should take that into consideration if you happen to feel that you don’t need to use hearing protection. A regular conversation is 60 decibels; the peak range of a loud musical concert is 100 decibels, and you are exposed to noise of about 140 decibels when you shoot a firearm. It is obvious that neglecting ear protection can lead to serious damage to your hearing over a period of time.

noise cancelling headphones for shooting

This buyer’s guide on noise cancelling headphones for shooting is for you if you are new to using protective headphones. The list will help you choose the best earmuffs that will give you proper protection from noise that can cause serious long term and short term damage to your ears, or hearing loss.

Having tested the best products in the market, we have narrowed it down to five models of shooting headphones. They are all very adjustable, easy to use, and highly versatile.

Best noise cancelling headphones for shooting in 2021:

1. Awesafe Electronic Shooting Headphones

Awesafe Electronic Shooting Headphones

These headphones have a low profile build and are designed to be used in firearm stock clearance. They have an adjustable headband to give better fitting, and a 3.5mm AUX input connection for compatibility with MP3 players, mobile phones, and external radios. They also have an omnidirectional microphone that amplifies voices when environmental noise is over 82 decibels.

This device works with two AAA batteries. It is designed specifically for shooting in the range or on the field. It is designed to be foldable, hence, easy to carry around. Since the snap-in ear cushions are replaceable, the earmuffs have a prolonged life span. It also has an auto shut-off feature. The function of this is to shut down the headphones when they have not been in use for four hours.

These long-lasting, adjustable headphones for shooting are very comfy to wear and will give you adequate hearing protection when you’re on the field or at the shooting range. They fit so comfortably that the wearer is encouraged to use them consistently and for long periods. These electronic shooting headphones by Awesafe are a great choice if you want the best hearing protection.


2. PROHEAR 036 Digital Electronic Shooting Earmuffs

These electronic headphones have an NRR of twenty-three decibels, can reduce noise over 82 decibels, and have a 0.5 milliseconds reaction time. PROHEAR 036 electronic noise cancelling shooting headphones are designed to be used indoors. Their ear cups have a low profile design, complete with cutouts to improve clarity. These headphones are the ideal choice for use in very noisy environments. It is convenient to carry them around because they have a compact, foldable design.

Also, they can amplify commands, conversations, and other kinds of noise in the environment because they have a built-in mic that amplifies low-level sounds and reduces them to 82 decibels which is a safe level. When the noise is over 82 decibels, the mic blocks it out completely. This ensures smoother communication during hunting and other shooting activities.

The manufacturer has improvised on the earpads by using gel ear seals to isolate sound and enhance user comfort, instead of the usual standard foam ear pads. Gel ear seals work better in reducing tension on the sides of the head, preventing headaches which are a norm with other kinds of earmuffs. Besides being a top-notch headphone in terms of comfort, PROHEAR 036 also ranks high for its adjustability, auto shut off feature, and long battery life.


3. Mpow HP094A Electronic Shooting Headphones

Mpow HP094A Electronic Shooting Headphones

These headphones provide an auto shut off for sounds that are above 94 decibels and excellent noise reduction otherwise.

The auto shut off feature is activated within 0.012 seconds. These headphones have a padded headband and ultra-soft ear cups, thus, they are very comfortable to keep on.

With an adjustable telescopic rod feature, the earmuffs are made to be used by both adults and kids. They are also equipped with an external audio jack with which you can listen to music.

The ambient sound control system features a recessed mic for hearing protection. The mic amplifies environmental sound up to a rate of 1.2 × 1.5, providing you with an improved listening experience and enhancing smooth communication with your friends in the gathering, in a noisy environment.

These headsets for shooting are highly durable and very portable. When they are not in use, you can fold them into a smaller size and store or carry them around easily. They are a versatile pair that you can use for listening to music, communicating with other people in a gathering, even in very noisy places, and the muffs give your ears excellent protection during target practice, hunting, sports events, and other similar activities.


4. Caldwell E-Max Hearing Protection

Caldwell E-Max Hearing Protection

With a twenty-three noise reduction rating, these noise cancelling shooting headphones protect your ears and give you stereo sound with great quality. You can adjust the headband and padded ear cups to get the best fit for good hearing protection and noise cancellation. These headphones with their sleek design and low-profile earcups sit snugly and close to your cheek, offering you a better shooting experience.

Each ear has a mic that amplifies sounds below 85 decibels, giving you directional clarity. The headphones are foldable, making them compact and easy to store and carry around without the earcups or headband getting damaged.

This product is built to be used all day long. It has a 23 noise reduction rating and delivers superior hearing protection in very loud environments like at a shooting range, a baseball game, or on a hunting trip.

The dual mic design produces high-quality stereo sound, enabling you to have conversations with your friends while you’re at the shooting range. They are sturdy headphones that are comfortable and designed to be worn all day. They are ideal muffs to be worn for hearing protection in any noisy situation.


5. Walker’s GWP-RSEMPAT-FDE Headphones

Walker’s GWP-RSEMPAT-FDE Headphones

These headphones offer a remarkable noise cancellation rating of twenty-three. They have an adjustable headband that is built to give you comfort all day. The manufacturer of this product was focused on designing noise cancelling shooting headmuffs with the lowest possible profile.

Equipped with two dynamic range speakers and omnidirectional microphones, this headphone gives you a balanced, clean, natural sound, and flexible volume control. The earcups have an ultra-low-profile design, improving comfort for the wearer and reducing pressure on the temples and sides of the head.

According to the review of some users, the sound quality of this device is not excellent. Though they offer excellent hearing protection, they don’t provide the kind of clear audio quality that the manufacturer claims they have. They have a volume control that can be easily handled with gloves on.

These headphones fit properly on users thanks to the omnidirectional mics, raised ridges, and a slim profile. They are designed to be foldable and compact. They are earmuffs that give great hearing protection if that is what you’re looking for. However, they are not the best option for you if you’re looking for earmuffs that also dish out clear, excellent audio quality when listening to music.