Best Passive Noise Canceling Headphones

There are two reasons to acquire noise-canceling headphones; to drown out ambient noise or to get the best possible audio listening experience. When you get your noise-canceling headphones, you can rest assured the two necessities mentioned above are covered.

You will find passive or active noise cancelation systems in most headphones. Some headphones use a single system while others combine both active and passive noise-cancelation.

Passive noise-cancelation, which is also referred to as noise isolation, is a system that utilizes hardware alone to filter the noise. This system could come in the form of heavily-padded ear muffs or headphones built to form a tight covering around the ears to reduce noise to the barest minimum.

best passive noise canceling headphones

Active noise-cancelation, on the other hand, identifies ambient noise and utilizes phase cancelation to ensure your ears do not hear the identified ambient sound with the extra sound at an inverted frequency.

The passive noise-cancelation technology is very proficient at canceling low-frequency background noise (such as the sound of airplane engines) but there are limitations to its abilities. Where active noise cancelation fails is where passive noise cancelation can be helpful. Such things as the rubber tips that form a tight fit in your ear or the large ear cups that encircle your ears are all hardware that aid the reduction of noise transmission.

You will find below a compilation of some of the best passive noise-cancelling headphones available in today’s market.

Best passive noise canceling headphones in 2021:

1. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

Momentum 2.0 takes the vaunted position of our favorite pick for the best passive noise-canceling headphones. These popular headphones are found among a variety of headphone users although they are more popular among individuals who use them for leisure listening and travelling.

Compared to others, Momentum 2.0 is the best at isolating and blocking outside noise at the moment. Its ability to isolate and block outside noise can be traced partly to the technologies incorporated in the over-ear, closed-back design and noise-cancelation. The big diaphragms domiciled in the inner ear can produce a strong bass and ensure clarity of the little details so that you do not miss out on all the nuances of your music.

An In-line remote is incorporated into the design, allowing you to control your volume right on the headphones. It can be synchronized to your wireless mobile device thereby allowing you to take phone calls or change songs.

You can get these headphones in a variety of versions; regular wired, wireless Bluetooth, and iOS friendly. Some other interesting features of the Momentum 2.0 include detachable cables, a foldable stainless steel headband, and premium quality transducers. When you consider the fact that these headphones were built to be worn for long listening periods with padded earcups designed for comfort then you can see why they are the best options when it comes to noise-canceling headphones.


2. Shure SE315-K

Shure SE315-K

Studio headphones used by musicians and music producers often separate the sound they are producing and decrease outside noise coming from the audience. This is done in a bid to ensure that performers are not distracted by the reverberation or by the audience. This way, they focus fully on the music. Shure SE31515-K is designed to serve people who are in the line of work or desire the level of quality defined above.

These understated in-ear headphones come in an over-the-ear design aimed at ensuring you do not have to battle your cables when you are playing music. It also comes with its nozzle angled to help isolate the music in your ear. The perfect system for blocking out ambient noise is in the fit of the earpieces. To ensure that everyone gets the best fit, Shure SE31515-K offers three different options for size.

Besides giving you the best fit, this also helps to ensure flexibility and provide comfort. They slot straight into the ear canal to ensure excellent noise isolation. These headphones are considered as an in-ear monitor. Although the price of the Shure SE31515-K is on the high side, these headphones will provide both noise cancelation and top it all up with excellent sound quality.

For such a price and the quality on offer, the Shure SE31515-K is considered one of the best passive noise-canceling headphones when you talk about in-ear headphones.


3. Westone W30

Westone W30

Before discussing the excellent features domiciled within the W30, it is important to state that these headphones are on the high end when it comes to cost. Of course, the producers of the W30 did not just wake up and slap a hefty price tag on the headphones. You will find everything necessary for the best listening experience of your life when it comes to in-ear headphones.

They are viewed among the best headphones available because it comes with a three-way crossover of the three balanced armature drivers. I am sure you are wondering what three armature drivers are; the drivers empower the headphones to produce a balanced sound with a varying range of frequencies while also picking up the smallest details which you will definitely miss if you use regular headphones.

The W30 has some earpieces designed to ensure comfort during extended listening periods. With the over-ear design, you can be sure that the cables do not pose an inconvenience or distract from the listening experience – you should also know that a microphone is incorporated into the cable to ensure you remain aware of your environment.

These headphones are compact and a favorite of both customers and critics who constantly review them. Yes, we are aware that these headphones selected as one of the best passive noise-canceling headsets are on the high side of the cost spectrum but the W30 can deliver all you need in a listening experience and you won’t be disappointed to acquire these.


4. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphones

Many professionals in the music industry use theses Beyerdynamic headphones and since it serves their purpose perfectly, we can consider them to be among the best passive noise-cancellation headphones. Think about it, how do we expect professional artists and producers to work effectively with poor headphones?

The DT 770 PRO is renowned for its ability to offer accurate reproductions of the different frequency range of music including those low ranges which are often very difficult to hear and those very high ranges which legend says “only a dog can hear”

It comes with a single-sided cable which allows for flexibility in how you wear your ear cups and also ensures that you are not distracted or inconvenienced by the chord like you find in most headphones. These headphones work perfectly with personal music devices and professional mixing devices allowing you to be flexible in meeting your professional and professional needs.

These are high-end headphones designed to serve in music studios with advanced drivers that are much more than what you will find on “traditional” headphones. Even if you do not aim to use these headphones for music, you are bound to appreciate the general listening experience.

The price may be high, but the unbeatable quality of the Beyerdynamic Dt 770 PRO matches its price.


5. MEE Audio M6 PRO

MEE Audio M6 PRO

The M6 PRO are budget-friendly and popularly reviewed in-ear monitors. They are equipped with detachable cables and are designed to serve individuals seeking to acquire affordable passive noise-canceling headphones.

It comes with an updated driver designed to keep the sound isolated without bothering about external noise sneaking in. it also offers clear and accurate sound reproduction. It comes in an over-the-ear design which keeps the detachable cable out of the way. They will serve you well in the time being and you can find replacements or upgrades down the road.

The earpiece is designed to fit almost all ear mold perfectly because of the memory foam utilized in the making of the ear pads which conforms to the personal shape of the user (You will find a few options in the box). These headphones are also sweat resistant while the cables are tangle-resistant and these features help to promote durability. It is budget-friendly and the M6 PRO has proven to be a solid product.