Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 50

We all need and appreciate a silent environment sometimes. Taking in noise perpetually can cause a gradual increase in stress level with time. This is one of the reasons noise cancelling headphones are an essential item. Travelers in airplanes or motor cars appreciate noise cancelling headphones because they cut out the humming sounds that the vehicles produce. They help block outside noise, giving you ample opportunity to relax.

Noise cancelling headphones generally are pricey. Not a lot of noise cancelling headphones below $50 are worth buying. There are active noises cancelling headphones, along with a few models that are passive noise cancelling.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 50

You could be having a hard time buying a set because you know little about noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones or because you don’t think the ones that fit your budget will do a good job. We have created this guide to get you acquainted with the best noise cancelling headphones under $50.

Best noise cancelling headphones under 50 in 2021:

1. Sony MDRZX110NC


This one is surely worth considering if you need a cheap and minimalistic pair of noise cancelling headphones under $50.  When you buy these, you get nothing but the headphones, hence the low price. They are foldable and very convenient for traveling. They don’t come along with a storing case though so when traveling, you have to keep them safe.

A single AAA battery powers the earphones. When it runs out, you can plug-in and recharge. To manage costs well for heavy users, we recommend you buy a charger and an extra set of rechargeable batteries.

The good thing about the Sony MDRZX110NC is that they are on-ear. They are a great option for people who wear glasses and people who do not like to wear bulky headphones. They are also very comfortable to use for a long time stretch, for instance, when on long flights.

The noise cancelling feature and the sound quality of these headphones cannot be compared to that of Bose or other more expensive models of earphones. Still, they are very good. For its price, the Sony MDRZX110NC is a good earphone choice that does a good job.

2. Koss QZ-99 Noise Reduction Headphones

Koss QZ-99

One of the passive noise reduction headphones on this list, the Koss QZ-99 offers very reasonable noise reduction. The initial design of these headphones was for use with radio scanners and metal detectors. This is why they are able to withstand harsh conditions in indoor and outdoor use. With time, people saw that they could be used for cutting out background noises in everyday life. The Koss headphones actually feature one 3.5mm and one 6.4mm plug which connects with radios and scanners. They are also designed with volume control buttons that let you adjust the sound levels easily.

For the greatest comfort, the headphones come with Pneumalite ear cushions, and also a secure seal headband so they do not fall off during use. The seal is also responsible for blocking outside noise.

It is very important to note that Koss QZ-99 headphones offer only passive and not active noise cancellation. We have included them on this list because, for this price range, they are a good alternative. Note also that like most other headphones that passively block outside noises, these are quite bulky and cause pressure around the head.

Consider the Koss QZ-99 if you need affordable earphones to use in a noisy environment. They are a good set of noise cancelling headphones selling for under $50.

3. Bluedio T4 ANC Over-ear Headphones

Bluedio T4

These are another budget-friendly wireless noise cancelling headphones selling for less than $50. You get an aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, ear latched, and Bluetooth-enabled device without putting a big hole in your pocket. They also come in red and white colours, not just the usual black. They are not Sennheiser level headphones but they do the job of noise cancellation very well, leaving you with active and quality sound to enjoy.

There is no carrying case included in the package with Bluedio T4 so you’d have to get one when you want to travel with it. You can rotate the ear cups to fold flat and store your headphones while on the go. The ear cups also feature a wide array of buttons that lets you adjust the music you’re listening to and the headphones sound. You can also take calls with the Bluedio T4 because it has an in-built microphone.

Bluedio T4’s battery is charged by the regular USB charger. A cable comes with the package. The device’s in-built battery powers Bluetooth and ANC for up to 10 hours.

Users review that there when in Bluetooth mode, there is an audio delay. It is not a problem when listening to music, but when playing movies, the delay becomes very obvious. Hence, the Bluedio T4 is not a good headphone for watching videos.

4. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23

Audio Technica is not as well-recognized as Sony or Bose but their QuietPoint series headphones will be worthy of mention among cheap noise cancelling headphones. Despite being seemingly unsophisticated as compared to higher-end headphones, they do well in cancelling a reasonable 90% of outside noises.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive set of noise cancelling headphones, you really should check out the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23. The control box houses all the components that produce the noise-wave that blocks the outside noises. Audio Technica uses 1 AAA battery. They come with the package and fit in the control box. The batteries are very vital to the noise cancellation feature. When they are dead, the noise cancellation is gone but the headphones still work.

Like other noise cancellation headphones, the Audio Technica cancels outside noise that gets to the microphone by producing an out of phase sound of 180 degrees. They do their best work in environments where the noise elements are regular. They are not very effective in cancelling high-pitched or sudden noise.

For anyone who needs great earphones suitable for traveling, the Audio Technica ATH-ANC23 is a very nice option among less than $50 noise cancelling headphones. For the price, it offers reasonable noise cancelling abilities, while remaining portable and lightweight.

5. Mpow H12

Mpow H12

Mpow H12 does more than your typical headphones. Its batteries last up to 30 hours, which is way more than regular Bluetooth headphones batteries last. This makes it a favorite for traveling. While on an international flight for long hours, you can keep calling and listening.

Unlike the SonyMDRZX110NC, these come with an auxiliary cable that folds up conveniently in the package so you can plug-in your headphones when the battery runs low. Also included is a carrying case for storing and securing your device when on the go.

Mpow H12’s Bluetooth range is up to 33 feet. Its deep bass and rich Hi-Fi sound are a catch for the price. With a CVC 6.0 noise cancelling microphone and aperture drivers of size 50mm, it is one of the best noise cancelling headphones under $50 suitable for gaming and phone calls.

Though the Mpow H12 is not as powerful as the other headphones that are costlier, it does a satisfactory job. It cancels outside noise and lets you concentrate on your podcasts and music at the coffee shop or home. There is no means to customize the ANC levels/stages, however, there is an on/off switch feature on the left ear cup.